Wonder at the Unique Attractions and the Spookiness of Wayanad

Filled with great history and a number of spooky stories Wayanad is one of the best and most explored wildlife destinations in Kerala. Apart from being a know wildlife destination, the place is also referred to as the honeymooner’s paradise as the place is mostly explored by newlywed couples. Not just a honeymooner paradise, Wayanad is also known or is referred is a number of […]

The Less Explored Tourist Destination in Kerala

Kerala is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations which attract many tourists throughout the year. There are many variations of the natural beauty in Kerala that will make you fall in love with its charm. The hill stations, backwaters, etc. are some of the reflections of the scenic beauty with which Kerala can welcome you. You will not be disappointed by visiting the place.  Lovely […]

Make Your Marriage Memories More Awesome With the Best Honeymoon Experience

A honeymoon is one of the most special time for you and the one you love to celebrate your marriage together in the most exciting and exotic ways. Apart from the activities, the destination you choose to explore is one of the main elements which would influence your honeymoon experience. Kerala to the southernmost tip would be one of the best destinations you could choose […]

6 Plus One Places to Visit in Ernakulam

     Kerala is truly one of the most beautiful destinations in India. It was proved to me when I toured the tiny coastal state in the South of India. Lush greenery to soothe your eyes, a light breeze to stroke your hair, the rippling backwaters to provide a rhythm to your tours and the lofty hills that remind you to stay grounded; everything in […]

Things to Keep in Mind While Tripping to Explore the Traveler’s Paradise to the South

It was exactly after a month of spending a freaky break from the dazzling trip to Sikkim, I was organizing another trip to spend my December break at some mystic land. After exploring the snowy land this time I was looking for a place which was hot, green, that is located close to the tropical region and is filled with rivers, waterfalls, lagoons, wildlife, aromatic […]