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Idukki is the most beautiful hill station I have visited in Kerala, being a traveler in India Kerala is my favorite tourist place with all the natural elements. It was on the 2nd of August I visited Idukki for the first time, the place was covered with mountains and hills and a cool breeze blowing all over the place creating a romantic ambience. I reached Idukki on the 2nd of August by around 11 am, after checking in the hotel and refreshing I had my breakfast and headed to my first destination, the hill view park in Idukki. I reached the place by 11.45, the hill view park is a place rich with natural beauty filled with plants animals and birds and a diversity of rare plants and animals. The place provides a picturesque view of the Cheruthoni and Idukki Dams which is a feast for the eyes. The place also serves as a very famous tourist destination of the land and a major attraction for tourists. Different Kerala holiday packages for family are organized to Idukki for its artistic view and rich availability of natural beauty and natural elements.

Road to Gavi Kerala

After spending a while in the lap of nature I headed to the next destination Gavi, the place gained great popularity after the release of the Malayalam film ordinary which depicted the place as a well-known tourist destination. The film completely explored the natural beauty and all the natural elements to its best. I reached the very beautiful place called Gavi by 1.30; the place is 14 km away from the Idukki town. The small village is sandwiched in between the lush green tea estates and dense forest which doubles the beauty of the place carpeted in green. The Eco-tourism project of the Kerala Forest Development Corporation made Gavi a git tourist destination with a lot of travelers and tourists visiting the place every year.By the time I finished the tour of the place the clock showed the time, 3.30 it was then that I realised that I had not yet had my lunch. So I decided to have the lunch and then head to my last destination for the day. While walking in search of a hotel a board written homely food suddenly caught my eyes. Without wasting much time I entered the house like shop and ordered the special puttu and Kadala curry. The taste and flavor of the food were beyond word, the blend of coconut with the Masala curry gave out a different and unique taste of the land.


After having food I headed to my next destination the Idukki arch dam which was constructed by the Britishers before the time of independence. This historical dam is built across the Kuravan and Kurathi hills at a height of 550 feet. The construction of the dam with the natural beauty surrounding the dam is breath taking and refreshing. Different Kerala tour packages from Bangalore and other parts of India are offered to the land. The arch dam is the main source of tidal energy in the state and the main source of fresh water which is used for irrigation purposes by both Kerala and Tamil Nadu. By the time I enjoyed and took a tour of the dam the time were around 6.30, so I decided to end the tour for the day and head back to the hotel before it is too dark. I reached the hotel by 8.30 pm and after refreshing headed to the dining to have my dinner. After dinner, I headed to my room and without wasting time I slept so as to have a fresh start the next day.

Kulamavu Dam

Next day morning I woke up at 9 and dressed to continue my trip, after having my breakfast I headed to my first destination of the day, Kulamavu Dam. The place is said to be a natural wonder for all the visitors. I reached the place by 10.30 and I was spell bound. The place with its surrounding and natural beauty is beyond words to explain. The place is a well-known destination for trekking, and I was not to miss the fun. The trekking gave me a great experience of the hills and mountains. The fun loving activities and adventures made my day, trekking gave me great experience of life and the world around me. The feeling you get when you climb the mountains accompanied with the cold wind and fresh air is beyond words. After the trekking, I reached back to the base by 12.00 and decide to have my lunch from the nearby restaurant. It was my last day in Kerala and I had to head back to the hotel to check out and then reach back to my airport to get back home. After trekking and having my lunch I decided to move on to my next destination Thommenkuttu Falls. I reached the place by 1.30; Thommenkuttu Falls is a beautiful place with a great harmony of nature with the waters and a perfect destination for the couples. Some of the activities that were arranged in the place where rock climbing, fishing, and housing. I decided not to go trekking again as I was already exhausted from the rock climbing. From Thommenkuttu, I reached back at the hotel by 3 and checked out after refreshing. On my way to reach back to the airport, I happened to notice a pull over called Painavu.


Painavu is a small stop over on the way from or to Idukki, the place is mostly a shopper’s paradise with products like handicrafts, silk materials and local clothes that attracts a lot of tourists, the beauty of these things available in the place are remarkable which are made with completely natural products. I bought some clothes that looked traditional and some art crafts to gift to my friends and family. Kerala is a land with a number of hill stations other than Idukki, Munnar is a perfect destination for couples and people who wish to spend their time in the company of different tea plantations. There are many romantic Munnar honeymoon packages that offer the couples the best st

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