Explore the astounding beauty of Thrissur with your family

There would be no one in the world who hasn’t heard about the beguiling beauty of the southernmost state of India called Kerala. As any nature lover, it was my lifetime dream to explore the astounding beauty of the bottommost state of India. But each time when I express my wish of visiting Kerala either my family or my office schedules will refrain me from it. Last year unexpectedly I got an opportunity to enchant the alluring beauty of Kerala. And it was because of my close friend, Neha. She was my friend since pre-primary school days. There is nothing between us that we haven’t shared till now. From school days till our college we were together in the same class. But it is the job placement that departed us. She was posted in Bangalore and I was a place in Hyderabad, my hometown. Even though we were not able to meet like before but we tried our best to maintain our friendship via the internet. Thrice in a month, we used to do video calls and so on. Two months ago she called me and invited me to her brother’s marriage. Even though she and her family reside in Bangalore, her ancestors still live in Kerala. Therefore they decided to conduct her brother’s wedding rituals with her family’s blessings in Kerala. As I aforementioned it was my dream to visit Kerala when I conveyed her invitation to my family members without thinking for a moment they agreed to accompany me to the function. As it is for the first time we are visiting the state we thought of spending two to three days there and enchant the virgin beauty of the state. Hence we decided to purchase the tour packages from Gogeo holidays. The name of the travel planner was suggested by one of the colleagues. She availed of their package at cheap price and was extremely pleased with their service. Through online mode, I purchased the packages.

Kerala family tour packages

As she was residing in Thrissur- the cultural capital of Kerala, we boarded our flight to Cochin International Airport. Like any other travellers we did not have to wait for a long time in the airport for the cab, the moment we came out from the airport the staff of Gogeo holidays were eagerly waiting for us by carrying our names in the placards. After placing our luggage in the cab we started our journey. The journey from the airport to Thrissur was truly intriguing. The route encompassed both natural and man-made wonders. It was very difficult for us to check the name boards of the shops to know whether we had entered Thrissur. Looking at the temple and church festivals itself we understood we entered the cultural capital. From Neha, I came to know that the district is gained fame for festivals and celebrations. At first, we went to the hotel and refreshed for a while. By evening we visited her house and attended her brother’s wedding celebrations. It was for the first time I am attending a south Indian wedding and trust me it was really a mind-blowing experience for me and my family. As the culture of Kerala, I and my mother wore silk saree with jasmine flowers on hair and my father and brother wore shirt and dhoti or ‘mundu’ commonly called in colloquial language. We savoured the traditional feast on a plantain leaf. Spending a night in her house, the very next day we started our sightseeing. With the help of our cab driver cum tourist guide we explored a few major tourist destinations in the district. We first entered the three famous temples in Thrissur namely Vadakumnathan, Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi respectively. Followed to it we visited the archaeological museum and gained some vital knowledge of ancient historical events. After savouring scrumptious lunch from the well-reputed hotel we moved to least visited tourist destination called Marottichal waterfalls. Situated 20 km from the main town of Thrissur Marottichal waterfalls attracts hundreds of travel enthusiast through its fabulous beauty. Our generous tour guide shared some valuable information regarding the place. When compared to any other tourist destination Marottichal does not experience many travellers due to the presence of wild and ferocious animals. Marottichal waterfall is actually a fusion of two splendid waterfalls namely Illinjipara waterfalls and Olakkayam waterfalls. Apart from its resplendent beauty Marottichal is famous for true chess lovers and it could be seen in every nook and corners. When you traverse through the lanes you could see a few intelligent players forming a group and playing chess. The villagers over there are very crazed towards chess. Their dedication and affection towards chess urged a filmmaker to create a movie on them and named it as ‘August club’. As aforementioned the waterfalls shelter dangerous and venomous animals and reptiles hence forest did not allow us to conduct solo adventure trips. As parents are too aged they were not able to trek with us. I and my brother became upset. But luck was with us, we saw a group of youngsters preparing themselves for the trip. I and my brother asked whether they won’t have any difficulty in including us in their group. They happily accepted in their team. It took nearly 4 hrs to trek the waterfalls. From the top of the waterfall, we enjoyed the panoramic view of the mind-blowing surroundings. After spending nearly 1 hr we descended and proceeded to one of the most prominent shopping mall called Shobha mall. We collected some souvenirs for us and our friends. After spending a day in Thrissur, the very next day we boarded the flight back to our hometown. Without any hesitation, we could truly say the hospitality services Gogeo Holidays provided was really fabulous. If you really want to explore Kerala with your family grab the tour packages from them. So don’t be late grab it as soon as possible.

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