Make your Romantic Days Awesome at Urakkuzhi Waterfalls

Famously known as ‘god’s own country’, Kerala is known to carry many mind-blowing natural resources. There was a time when the state was completely endowed with densely populated trees and various species of flora. But things have now changed completely the state has now taken several measures to promote its natural and virgin beauty. Due to its undistinguished characteristics, Kerala is always known as a haven for travel lovers and photography enthusiasts. The serene beauty and calm nature attract many newly married couples to enjoy their blissful romantic days. One among the 14 districts Calicut has always played a significant role in flourishing the unique culture and tradition of Kerala. The ancient explorers and traders placed their footprints for the first time in the lands of Calicut. Well-renowned as Kozhikode, Calicut has witnessed many historic battles. To establish a good trade relationship with Kerala, eminent traders from Arab nations, China, Portugal, Europe, and so on gush to the southern state of India. The reason for the rapid increase of the businessmen and traders was the spices and rare species of medicinal plants and herbs. Words are insufficient to describe the beguiling charm of Kerala. Even if you travel the whole nation, Kerala would be the only place where you can catch the astounding beauty of the emerald environment. There are many stupendous places in the district that grabs the minds of many romantic couples. If you are a newly married couple avail of honeymoon packages to Calicut to enjoy its amusing beauty.

Urakkuzhi waterfalls

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Urakkuzhi waterfalls situated in the hearts of Calicut district is known to carry the best views of nature. Hundreds of travel lovers lure to the state to enjoy its beauty. Waters cascading from great altitudes will truly inspire your hearts and refresh your mind and also help to induce some sorts of romance. Located near to Kakkayam dam the waterfalls will definitely help you to rejoice and rejuvenate. The exploration of the waterfalls is a combination of both adventure and excitement. Before exploring the scintillating beauty of you are supposed to seek the prior permission from the concerned authorities. When you have decided to discover the charm do not forget to carry a high-resolution camera and binocular to capture the alluring beauty of nature from a long distance. It is really mesmerizing to view the crystal clear waters plunging down from well-polished rocks at the top into the basin made up of mortar. And this is how the waterfalls got the name, Urakkuazhi waterfalls. As the waterfall is situated in the midst of the richly populated forest, the exploration would be cent percent intriguing and thrilling. When you get ready for the adventure trip it would be good if you carry a torch or mobile with a torch. I am sure you would be thinking that I am kidding. But the fact is the region is completely dark in appearance it is because the major parts of the forest comprise of tall trees and the branches are crisscrossed. And therefore it hinders the sun rays to fall down. It would be good for you to avail of the guidance from the experienced professional guide or from any local person who knows the nook and corners of the lush green forest. When traversing the lanes of the forest, there are chances to encounter wild animals, therefore, be careful. To enjoy the stunning views of nature, stroll through the ancient bridge built across the lofty rocks. Standing on the bridge you can catch the unseen and incredible views of the classy green nature and its resources. The bridge also serves as a perfect platform to click some of your romantic photographs. Nature will surely act as an exquisite backdrop for the same. From the hanging bridge, you can catch the thrilling shiver. It is said Urakkuzhi receives the first rainfall followed to terrifying thunders and roars.

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If you are truly an adventure lover, you can opt for a boat safari at Neeratkayal. Boat safaris are the best way to witness the alluring glow of the unseen nature. Neeratkayal is the place where wild and ferocious animals especially elephants come down to quench their thirst. During heavy downpours, boat safaris are not encouraged. As the region is located in the inner parts of the district, it lacks many good restaurants and snacks corner. To satiate your hunger and quench your thirst carry all the necessary food items with you when you get ready for the exploration. To weave sweet and lovely moments to your married life, grab the treehouse packages. Spending a lovely night in the midst of the tall trees will definitely make your honeymoon tour into a remarkable one. All these features will be usually incorporated with all the packages. But if the expense of the packages hinders you from enjoying the trip, grab the excellent tour services from the prominent tour operators such as Dream Holidays. They are the one who frames the mind-blowing honeymoon packages with airfares. This feature really makes them extraordinary when compared with other tour operators.

Kerala honeymoon packages

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