The 3 fascinating recreational parks in Ernakulum

There are many places in the world to rejuvenate the tiring soul and to warm up the stressed minds. It is not the expenses of the travel packages that prevent travellers from enjoying the beauty of the serene nature. But it is the stressed lifestyle and tight schedules that hinders people to find out time for their dear ones. There was a time in history […]

Let us Traverse Through Aripa Forest and Explore its Nearby Noteworthy Places

Are you put up with your daily chaos? Are your professional goals pressurising you? Do you like to tune your life into a different mode? If so, don’t waste your time to visit the surreal nature of the south Indian state called Kerala and soak yourself in her virgin beauty. Words are insufficient to describe the alluring beauty of the captivating tourist state. Strolling through […]

The 2 stellar islands of Mahatma Gandhi National Park in Andaman

Famously known as ‘island of adventures’ the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a haven for enthralling activities. The aqua venture sports of the island enables people to learn the unique and mesmerising lifestyle of the aquatic organisms residing beneath the water. Hundreds of people make frequent visits to the iconic destination only to become part of the untouched nature. Most of the people think that […]

The 2 Eye-Catching Attractions of Rangat Island

Situated next to the Bay of Bengal the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the fascinating islands in the world. They mesmerise each traveller with its eternal beauty. The island attracts the globetrotters by offering infinite options to explore the underlying marine world. The island is being decorated with shimmering waters, cerulean seas, soft sand beds, and many more. The popular destinations of Andaman […]

Explore the scintillating Nedumkkayam rainforest in Malappuram

Does anybody know why we are always in search of faraway destinations? It is because the solitude the distant places give could not be found anywhere else. The serene places that are located at faraway regions will lure your hearts and wipe all the unwanted stresses and tensions from your mind. Even though our country is numerously enriched with mind-blowing destinations people always like to […]

My First Solo Trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The sapphire crystal waters, pristine beaches, soft and lovely landscapes, excellent collection of animals and birds, densely populated forest areas and generous people and many more makes the Andaman Nicobar Island the perfect destination for enjoying mini holidays. From childhood onwards, it was my dream to visit the unexplored destination on my own. Understanding the limitations of a girl I always prepare myself to overcome […]

Factors that made Kerala tourism so popular in the world

It would really be a difficult task for me if someone asks me which factor that propels the tourist from various corners of the world to visit the southernmost state of India, Kerala. For me, there would be only a few factors but for them, it would be infinite. The foremost factor that attracts each and very non-Keralite is the scenic nature and calm ambience. […]

Alfred Caves and the Lovely Swiftlet Bird’s Edible Nests

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of the most beautiful islands situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal. The island also serves an exquisite location for archaeologists to learn the shreds of history with spectacular shreds of evidence obtained either from deep seas or from the various places in the island. The island is home to various species of exotic animals and plants. Hundreds […]