Some Eerie Facts About Viper Chain Gang Jail in Andaman That You Had Never Heard Before

One would get astonished even with the name of the place right from the very first thought. That applies to both the terms ‘Viper’ and ‘Chain Gang’, and there are some weird reasons to be called so that will be discussed later in the article. Located in the lush green backdrop of Viper Island adjacent to the Port Blair, at present the historical monument looks exotic and outlandish. Yet they had got many creepy facts revolving around it, which makes them even more mysterious. The dilapidated structures were, in fact, the reminiscent of the cruel and emotionless dominance of British over the Indians, especially to the ones who stood against.

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The following are some of the eerie facts associated with the Viper Chain Gang Jail of Andaman that could be incredible for you.

There is a thought-provoking cause for such a nomenclature

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As mentioned before the reason for such a nomenclature may sound weird to you, yet that is directly linked to the mishaps suffered by the inmates of the jails. When they were imprisoned in the late 19th century, the prisoners with a group of 5 or 6 were chained together in a single long chain at nights, rather than individual handcuffs. Each of those groups was labelled as separate gangs and was locked very ruthlessly on cramped spaces of the jail and they were even made to work. You may note that it is very peculiar to name a monument solely with the sort of cruel act imposed on the political prisoners and convicts of a jail.

The jail was built as strikingly one of the most beautiful structures seen in the Andaman Islands

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Very strikingly painted in deep red shade, the two-storied structure would not look like as a normal prison. It can be said so as they are surprisingly beautiful especially when gazed from the backdrop of lush greenery atmosphere. There are around 6 large circular openings at both front and back sides, including the major entrance of the jail that is bordered with large stone paving. Apart from that, you could find a large dome-like structure in the centre of the structure. However, as the years had passed on, some of its parts had been dilapidated providing them with a spooky appearance.

Even the royals were brutally hanged here      

There was neither difference between the royals and the commoners in the jail. Every inmate of the jail was equally tortured in the four walls enclosed in the jail. Even the Monarch of Puri dynasty, Brij Kishore Singh Deo was imprisoned here and was made to suffer just like any inmate. He too was hanged in the gallows atop the hills of Viper Island in the year of 1879. For the revenge of killing Lord Mayo who was the Viceroy of India then, Sher Ali Afridi was hanged in the infamous gallows of the Viper Chain Gang Jail in 1872. He was a Pathan convict from the North-Western Frontier state of British India.

Thick shrubs around the jail could bluff you

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Now they had become ruined in many of its parts and are almost left abandoned by the authorities of Andaman. Moreover, the premises around the old ruins are almost with naturally grown thick grasses, giving them a haunted look. If you are not accompanied by any travel guides, you will be finding it difficult to search your path back to the boat jetty of Viper Island.  Nevertheless, everyday travelers on tour would drop in the Viper Island once boarding ferries from the Phoenix Bay Jetty of Port Blair. However, only a few tour companies would have packages that had included the historic spot in their travel itinerary.


Gallows were established at the summit of a hill

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The gallows of the infamous prison was built at the hilltop of the Viper Island. As mentioned before, several freedom fighters had breathed their last in at this particular spooky pinnacle. Once they were hanged from the gallows and their remains were thrown to the vast expanse of the sea nearby. Moreover, it was always not the political personalities and royals who were killed in these gallows. In the year 1880, a Great Andamanese named ‘Bia Lola’ who was also a prisoner of the jail too had breathed his last in this particular spot of the Viper Island.

A dwelling place for a countless number of reptiles

As the very same name suggest, the remote island is home to quite many poisonous viper snakes. Many prisoners might have been lost their lives for this reason also. As the structure had left abandoned once the Cellular Jail was constructed in the main Port Blair Island almost the six decades after the Central Prison was built in Chennai. The former was later resided by the wild squirrel and other nocturnal animals. With regard to the number of people who had lost their lives from this island, some had labeled as a spooky place. Furthermore, the dilapidated and desolated Viper Island Jail was built prior to the massive and much popular counterpart of Cellular Jail, making the first-ever British prison to be built in the Islands of Andaman. At present

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