61 years ago, this date marked the formation of a prodigious state,Kerala

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         It is a great virtue to take birth as a Keralite and to be a part of a unique culture, that is respected throughout the world. Kerala is a state enjoying the warmth of mother nature with a moderate climate and pleasing population. Kerala has stepped into 61 years of its birth on November 1 st,2017. This date about 61 years ago is considered as the birth of Kerala. Familiar are the stories of formation of the land in epic but this date corresponds to its historic formation as a state. As per records, It is on 1 st November 1956, Government declared Kerala as a state by combining three different provinces spread along viz. Cochin, Travancore and Malabar.

When a boundary for Gods own country was confined just to Malayalees, people around the world envied this land of prodigy for its vibrant tourist attractions and traditions. As time passed, the state Government started making tourism as the best revenue generator. After 61 years of formation, tourism is the sector which is progressing day by day and tour packages have different prices according to the places to be visited and it is this income which is creating more revenue for the state as well as employment to people. The adorable Kerala backwaters and Ayurveda welcomed tourists from all over the world. Soon, revenue generation started and many travel organisers mushroomed proving tour packages that are consistent with the tastes of each traveller.

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All had varied prices and this became the livelihood of many people too. We can see many enquiries being done for knowing the prices of Kerala tour packages every day and thus nature itself is feeding the belly of most of the people in Kerala.

The current government launched Responsible Tourism for allowing maximum participation of local folks. And to support the concept, travel organisers will adjust the prices of Kerala tour packages to provide an income to these people. In the name of tourism, it is the best opportunity for other natives to explore the history, culture, tradition, and festivals. Currently, foreigners are copying the culture of Kerala in their lifestyle.


Epic says, Kerala formed from the axe of Parashuram, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and there is a geographic reason for the same. By combining three different provinces, the state was assured with secularism and presence of marvellous temples, mosques and churches. The early descendants were Negritos, who had knowledge of natural phenomenon and herbal medicines. They passed the lineage of Ayurveda for better healing. Following them were the present Australian aborigines known as Australoids passing the art of farming to next generations.

The real ancestors of Malayalees are referred to as Dravidians who had Aryans as counterparts. Both came from different directions and Kerala inherits both of their traits of which the dominant one was that of Dravidians. The ancient Kerala temple structures give a proof for this. These clans absorbed every skill from Negritos. The hands of Kerala extended with spice trade. The Kerala had a variety of spices in profuse and lured by this, Jewish came first through the sea route, followed by Arabs starting a trade. Portuguese, French and finally British arrived in Kerala and took supremacy over the state. 
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         The evidence of control of Britishers in Kerala can be seen by various structures erected at specific points in the state but we are benefitted through tourism by making the travellers watch these marvellous structures. Fort Kochi is the hub where early British settlements can be seen and foreigners are the frequent visitors. It is quite cheap to travel Kochi in full including Mattanchery, Fort Kochi, Marine Drive and Cherai. Thus, these come under the Kerala travel packages and presentation of various art forms of Kerala is brought before you.
If one wishes to explore Kerala with budget-friendly packages, then these cheapest travel itineraries must be taken but will ensure the understanding of a clear history of Kerala rather than just going for a sightseeing. Shed the concept that it is very expensive to travel Kerala and it is a myth which needs to be debunked with these cheap Kerala travel packages.
The tropical and cool climate promises better stay in the hill ranges of Kerala like Munnar, Idukki and Thekkady. The presence of a large number of waving coconuts everywhere before has led to the formation of its etymology as ‘ Keralam’, the land of coconuts, ‘Kera’.
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The present Kerala was divided into Travancore, Cochin and Malabar by the British for some administrative reasons and the long desire of people to unite all the Malayalam speaking territories remained for long. There was a dream of Aikya Kerala or United Kerala but the Britishers remained as an obstacle.
The desire was presented at state people’s conference in Ernakulam held in 1928 in the form of a resolution which later gathered momentum only in the 1940s when Indian independence was nearing. Finally, in 1956, the wish got fulfilled and a prodigious state was born envied by the world.


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