Summer trip to Kerala with the perfect checklist for a comfortable travel

Even though traveling is fun, the packing part is really tiring and confusing. I am a last minute packer, what I meant by the last minute is that I pack an hour before the trip. The end result would be like me packing boots and jacket for a beach trip and forget the charger, memory card, and such things. It is mostly when you are overexcited or tensed that you forget things. To enjoy the best touring experience free from tension and stress it is always the best
to pack the night before the travel and making a checklist would be more helpful. Kerala to the south is a very beautiful and prominent holiday destination which houses a number of travel operators like Seasonzindia. Most of the travelers visiting the place avail different packages to travel light and free from tension. If you are on a plan to explore this scenic destination by choosing a package or by road it is the best that you pack according to the list given below. Packing to Kerala would be easy for a seasonal visitor but for a first timer, it would be the best to follow the checklist so that you don’t have to buy things from the local markets. Packing for a Kerala trip would differ depending on the season and the climatic condition of the place. It is obvious that you cannot be packing slippers for a trekking trip to Munnar. I am to enjoy the hot sunny summer here.

Tropical Clothing

The clothes you carry while traveling to Kerala is one thing that set up your comfort in the land. Most of the places that you visit in Kerala would probably have weather different from one another. This change in weather at different destination would create a discomfort during the trip. If you are a person who don’t feel the chill easily it would not be necessary for you to pack more sweaters as most of the places in Kerala never get too cold and the temperature would be bearable for most of the people and a pair of sweatshirt would be more than enough. It would be the best to check the weather forecast before tripping to Kerala to check
on the climatic condition of the destination to visit. However, this will not be applicable to a hot and humid climate or if you are tripping to any destination except the hill stations of Kerala. The summer season in Kerala could get too hot to function. In such climate, cotton cloths would be the best choice. So my advice would be to pack more of tropical clothes than winter clothes as winter in Kerala is not too cold but summer hits hard in the state.

Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, caps


The need for Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, caps and such material are highly necessary while touring to Kerala in a summer season. These days with a completely damaged ozone layer it is not at all safe to travel in the sun without proper skin protection the need for a good quality sunscreen is something that should top the checklist while travelling to Kerala in summer. It would be more preferable to take the 50+ SPF with you while travelling. You can also carry sunglasses, hats, caps or any of such materials that could reduce the impact of the burning sum umbrellas could also help to an extent. I am sure you would not be interested in carrying a tan or a sunburn while travelling back home.


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Without a doubt, Kerala is a picturesque destination where you will have a number of opportunities to click pictures. In almost every tourist destination of the state, there would be spots filled with natural beauty and wildlife which would be perfect for a shot. So, it is highly necessary that you carry a camera while you travel. Not just the camera you should also carry the power bank to charge the camera. We are all youngsters who travel with a phone, the use of mobile phones to capture the moment is cool but to get the best shot which is worth the effort cameras would be the best choice. To capture the beauty of the setting sun leaving the saffron sky are all images that would look the best with a digital camera. So don’t forget to add your cameras to the checklist with the memory cards and the charger.


Kerala, without doubt, is one of the best destinations for shopping. The cities are mostly filled malls and roadside shops which offers you with a number of products which the state owns. It would be obvious that you pack a number of small and big things while tripping, but while travelling you may find a number of things that are very attractive like a homemade handbag or a handicraft item to even traditional ornaments that you wish to buy. A friend or a family member could even ask you to get the best picks from Kerala like the banana chips, where do you expect to keep the whole lot of things? And thus it is a necessity to have some free space in your luggage so that you don’t have to carry extra luggage back home.

Mosquito repellent
The main reason why Mosquito repellent is a must on my checklist is that I hate mosquito. It is one of the tiniest but the most irritating beans in the world. Most importantly most of the cities in Kerala are mostly full of mosquitoes especially Kochi. Even though most of the
hotels provide you with one, it is always the best to carry it to be on the safe side. Mosquito repellent would be very useful if you opt to trek or enjoy the wild or even camp in tents.

So that is my small checklist of things that you should carry while packing for a Kerala tour. Most of these are things that you probably would pack while tripping. Even if you forget some you could easily find them in the shops, supermarkets or malls in the state. It is just the space in your bag that you will have to arrange while touring.

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