A fancied honeymoon traverse along the Isles with romance on the cards

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Frankly putting up the truth, when I had been getting married, the first and foremost requirement of mine was how much he had to be interested in travelling. Quite a lot of people always end up talking about interests in travelling but do not really find enough time to set off on one. Both of us were self-employed and hence we could sort of move out to any place whenever we required but there are some constraints that always remain even in job life despite being your own boss. After marriage, both of us took quite some time to move out for our honeymoon as we had already been busy for marriage purpose and could not leave our businesses astray for another day. But when we could finally set off on travel packages, we were quick in taking a decision of visiting the Andaman and Nicobar Islands for the Honeymoon. And everything was quickly arranged through Andaman Tour Travels and all the way from Cochin, we flew to the Andaman Islands, We got down at the airport and sitting the lounge was the driver that had been arranged for us.
Loading all the baggage into the car, he drove us directly to the jetty and told us that we would be living at Havelock as planned for the day. From the jetty, we boarded the boat in which we sat for around two and a half hours and when we reached, the driver took us to a sea view resort here we would be staying at Havelock. He gave us two hours to refresh and after sleeping for an hour, we dressed up in typical beach wears and kept our hat before leaving with the driver. the first drive would be taking us to Radhanagar beach where we had planned to do a self-shot as the husband had taken the camera and the tripod required and we decided to set the frames in which we could be showing off our honeymoon pictures. We reached Radhanagar Beach after fetching some fresh juice from a cafe and sipped it all the way to the entrance. Quite a large number of people had been striding there where they had all been in their own privacy as the beach was quite large with its shores. We walked furthermore where we could comfortably set up the camera and pose as we loved. Since it was sand we took some extra care in setting the tripod. The frames were set up in such a way that the white sand and the turquoise water would make the pictures look extra edited. The beach was indeed because of this exotic factors which were those that we missed at the local beaches in our native at Cochin.
We posed crazy at the place under the pleasant sun and when we were tired of posing, we sat and tried to look beyond and enjoy the beauty that had been there. We had booked in for a snorkelling expedition through the sea so that we would get to see the marine life of Andaman for which the place is ever famous for. For this, we were taken to the Elephant Beach where a couple of people had been waiting for their turn to get down the waters. But the fun fact was that there were token numbers for the session and since we had booked beforehand, we could dive in on the second go. So quickly, we changed into the swim clothes we were provided and instructions were provided to us which would help us navigate the waters. Never had I have gone under the sea while when at Cochin, a dive through the pond was all that I remembered that too a few years back. The dive made no difference for the cylinder had been there to breathe and as we went deeper and deeper we were open to the real thing about this Islands. The water remained clear and we could see through the marine life at its best. It was a 20-minute ride through the waters and we were glad that we had made through the waters. After a while, we decided to get back to the resort so that we could enjoy some lunch that was being served to us. It was also closely located due to which after the lunch, we decided to go to take the trekking path to the Elephant Beach. This was absolutely the best part of the honeymoon where we ended up talking to each other all the while. That was the whole day.
The second day we made our way to Ross Island which was closely located to Port Blair. The speciality about the place was that we get to reach too few of the most significant places that one day we would all have read in our history textbooks. Also, being a movie freak, I had watched the movie Kalapani in which the Cellular Jail had been shown. Even though not more of a honeymoon destination, people should definitely not miss visiting this place for there is the essence from the past that is still beholden by the place as we walk through each cell where the Indian freedom fighters would have once remained. Even though Cochin has been a part of historic events no jail is kept for the tourist to watch, unlike the cellular jail.  And then we were driven to the Samudrika Marine Museum where we were opened to everything that constitutes the Islands. The tribes, the marine life and every detail had been put up walking through which we learned more about the place.
That was about our getaway for the weekend or rather our honeymoon journey where we had been embraced by the beauty of the Islands and to be specific, of the beaches that would just make you the perfect place to indulge into all kinds of underwater activities. I totally had a heavy heart in leaving Andaman and getting back to Cochin and this was something I experienced on being out to any destination for a tour. The travel package   from Cochin had given us a bunch of memories and we were pretty much obliged to choosing the right place on which we had fallen in love with. The tour ended and we boarded the flights back home bidding bye to an amazing vacay at the Isles.

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