Kerala, the Land of Attractions with Beauty and Charm that Last Forever


Kerala, one of the fascinating states to the southernmost tip of India have developed into a traveler’s hot spot within no time due to the presence of exotic port cities, complex inland backwater canals, rich tea plantations and the beauty of the climate. Being one of the best destinations with an exotic taste of tradition and culture the state is explored by a number of travelers from around the world. Apart from being a traveler’s destination, the place is also referred to as a paradise for a family tour. Filled with a number of spots with natural beauty offering entertainment activities the place is one of the best holiday destinations in the south where you could travel with kids. Kerala being a family destination has a lot to offer to the families visiting the land, but what you see in the land will depend on the amount of time you are visiting. Being one of the most explored tourist destinations to the south, Kerala houses a number of travel operators like Gogeo holidays who offers different attractive holidays packages allowing the travelers and families to explore the land under cheap rates. Most of the travelers and families touring to Kerala opt to visit some of the best destinations in the land which includes fort Kochi which is commonly known among the locals as Kochi, the complex backwaters and the rich green plantations of Munnar. Listed below is some of the best attraction of the commonly explored destinations in Kerala.

Fort Kochi


Mostly referred to as the foreign city, Fort Kochi was one of the very important ports in the state where the Britishers, Dutch and Portuguese had trade connections. The city holds in a number of attractions like the Chinese fishing nets those are lined in the Mahatma Gandhi Beach. Being one of the unique attractions of Kerala most of the kids visiting fort Kochi enjoy watching this ancient fishing nets and the process in which they are operated and the locals in the area often encourage the families and travelers to try lowering the nets to make the trip more entertaining and eventful. One of the best ways in which you could explore the best attractions of the place is by hiring a rickshaw and taking a complete tour of the city. The rickshaw drivers will stop at the major attractions in the city which would most probably include the Dutch Palace, Paradesi Synagogue and Santa Cruz Basilica. Fort Kochi is a place which is known for its home stays and Kerala cuisine. Travelers and families visiting the city could enjoy a budget-friendly homely stay in the place enjoying the traditional Kerala cuisine. Apart from the historical attractions in the land, Fort Kochi is one of the best places where you could see the traditional dance forms mainly Kathakali. Most of the foreign families visiting the place enjoy this traditional art form of the land where the actors are dressed in the traditional forms. Fort Kochi is one of the best destinations for a family tour as the place offers a number of excitements and attractions which the kids would love. The beach in the place is one such attraction where you could spend time playing with the kids in the white sand.

Athirappilly and Vazhachal



One of the fascinating wildlife destinations Athirappilly and Vazhachal is probably the most beautiful spot for a family vacation. Filled with the scenic beauty of the forest and the fascinating waterfalls the place is a small heaven for nature lovers, bird watchers and adventure seekers. Most of the travelers and families visiting the place opt to enjoy a camping or a stay near the falls which is one of the best spots for campers. The place is not just known for its beauty and the falls but is also known for the availability of a number of rare and endemic species. The place is home to a number of migratory birds which makes the place a literal heaven for bird watchers. Travelers hiking through the denser part of the forest could even see a handful of wild animals which includes lion, tiger, wild elephants and more. The place also provides a number of entertainment activities for the travelers and families visiting the place. Some of such entertaining and adventure activities provided in the land are trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, surfing, camping, treetop stay and more. One of the main attractions of the place is the tree top cottage which provides the travelers with the best-facilitated stay. Located close to Thrissur this place is not just a destination loved by travelers, families and birdwatchers but also a location for most of the films in Malayalam. A number of films like Bahubali, Raavan, Guru, Dilse and many more have been directed in the place. Being a place with scenic location and spot for photography the place is a hot spot for movie makers and photographers from states within and outside the country.



Located in the Western Ghats, Munnar is one of the best hill stations in Kerala explored by a number of travelers, nature lovers and families. Being one of the most explored tourist destinations in Kerala, the hill station is one of the prominent tourist destinations in most of the tour packages organised to the south. It is mostly the climate and the beauty of this scenic destination that attract travelers from around the world. The best way to explore the misty hills is by hiring a cab and a driver. You could stop in between to enjoy the beauty of the place and to take some pictures of the plantations. The place offers the travelers visiting with a number of adventures like trekking, hiking, treetop stays, boating, horse riding and more. Munnar is now of the most scenic and must-visit destination for travelers from around the world some of the best destinations that one could include while travelling to this misty hills includes places like the top station, Marayoor sandalwood forest, eco-point, Mattupetti Dam, Eravikulam National Park and more. The place is mostly visited by families who choose to enjoy a camp in the place enjoying the night beauty of the place.


Blessed with unique climate and destinations with great historical importance, Kerala is one of the best and sought after tourist spot to the south. Apart from the beauty of the hill stations, the backwater and the port cities there are a number of other elements that attract the attention of the families and travelers from around the world. The tradition, culture, history, art are all elements that fascinate the travelers visiting the land. For nature lovers, families and couples who wish to enjoy some time with their loved ones far from the loud city amidst the beauty and freshness of nature, Kerala is your ideal destination to the south.

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