Make Your Marriage Memories More Awesome With the Best Honeymoon Experience

A honeymoon is one of the most special time for you and the one you love to celebrate your marriage together in the most exciting and exotic ways. Apart from the activities, the destination you choose to explore is one of the main elements which would influence your honeymoon experience. Kerala to the southernmost tip would be one of the best destinations you could choose when it comes to choosing a honeymoon spot. Filled with rich green plantations, hill stations, waterfalls, backwaters, and moderate climate the state offers the travellers with a number of romantic and exotic destinations. Being a destination which is mostly known as the honeymooner’s hub, Kerala houses a number of travel operators like Holiday Mango Travel who offers a number of fascinating and attractive packages for honeymoon couples. Most of the packages aim at providing the couples with the best experience in the land. It is mostly the attractive activities enjoyed together that makes a memory on a honeymoon tour. Some of such best activities couples and honeymooners could enjoy in Kerala are listed below.

A sunrise together to make the dark turn light



There is nothing more romantic than watching a beautiful sunrise together. The beauty of the red rising sun painting the sky in saffron is something that every couple would love to enjoy. Hill stations, backwaters and beaches are the most beautiful setting where couples could enjoy a sunset. Kerala being a destination filled with beautiful honeymoon spots houses a number of destinations where you could enjoy the beauty of the setting sun. The hill stations of Munnar, the backwaters of Alleppey and the beach destination in the state are all the best spots where you could enjoy the rising sun. You could mark the beginning of a new married life by watching the sun lighting the sky together.

A candlelight dinner to flavour the moment


An exotic candlelight dinner would be something that would bring out the creative and romantic self in you. Tired from the honeymoon travel candlelight dinner would be one of the best spots where you could share your ideas and talk openly without much disturbance.  You could set your menu with a starter, main course and dessert. You could even add a drink to boost up the ambience. Special arrangements like songs of her choice, dim light, a couple dances all could be set as per your interest. To make the dinner part easier you could even add this to your honeymoon package. The location you choose to set up the dinner is something as important as the menu, Kerala being a paradise for honeymooners houses a number of beach destinations and backwater destination where you could enjoy a beautiful candlelight dinner. A beachside setup, dinner on the houseboat or at a luxurious restaurant is all the best options you would have when it comes to a romantic candlelight dinner in Kerala.

Stay in a Kerala Tree house enduring the beauty of nature


Filled with wildlife destinations, Kerala houses a number of tree house which would offer the honeymooners with the best experience of a tour amidst nature. Some of the tree houses in the land are built in such a manner that they are firm to the ground while some are on top of the trees with wilderness growing around. Honeymooners get to choose tree houses from a different verity depending on the destinations chose. Far from the pollution and the loud noise of the city tree top stays would be one of the best destinations where couples could enjoy some private time together.  Athirapilly, Vazhachal falls, Wayanad, Munnar, Thrissur forest are all some of the best destinations where you could enjoy romantic tree top stays in Kerala. To make the best memories of your honeymoon it would be best to choose tree house located to the top of the trees amidst the forest so that you can enjoy the beauty of the wild too.

Getting Wet Under freezing Waterfalls in Kerala


Kerala is a land with forest destinations housing a number of falls which fascinates the travellers visiting. Couples while touring to Kerala should add some of the waterfall destinations to enjoy the beauty of the falls which is located amidst the thick forest. One of the main attractions of the falls in Kerala is its location and the view it provides of the surrounding. Couples who wish to spend some romantic time in the isolated falls could add the scenic falls to the itinerary while touring. Athirapilly, Palaruvi, Soojipara, Adyan Para, Meenmutty falls are all the best waterfall destinations that you could choose to explore with the one you love. To make the best memories of your honeymoon you could even enjoy some of the adventurous activities offered in the waterfall destinations of Kerala like boating and more.

Try the Adventurous Activity in Kerala to test your limits

honeymoonkerala packages

Adventures are one of the main attractions in Kerala. Couples travelling to enjoy their honeymoon in an adventurous and fun-filled manner could include some of the most exciting sports to their tour packages. It would be one of the best chances where you could know your partner’s limits and can also intense the bond between both. Some of the best adventures offered in the land which couples could enjoy together include paragliding, boating, trekking, rock climbing, rafting and more. Almost every tourist destinations on Kerala offers the travellers with a number of adventure sports to make the trip entertaining and daring.

A honeymoon is always special and to make this very special day count it is necessary for you to put in some effort. To enjoy an effortless honeymoon in the lap of nature it is always the best to choose the best packages offered including activities which you would love to enjoy in the place with your loved one. To treasure, the best memories of your honeymoon tour to Kerala which is one of the best spots for couples that offers them will all the flavours of an exotic honeymoon tour.

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