Let us Traverse Through Aripa Forest and Explore its Nearby Noteworthy Places

Are you put up with your daily chaos? Are your professional goals pressurising you? Do you like to tune your life into a different mode? If so, don’t waste your time to visit the surreal nature of the south Indian state called Kerala and soak yourself in her virgin beauty. Words are insufficient to describe the alluring beauty of the captivating tourist state. Strolling through the avenues of the lush green region will give you the answer to why the state is nicknamed as ‘God’s own country’. The untouched charm of the unexplored destinations situated in amidst of the thickly populated areas will propel you to purchase the tour packages for you and your family. Many travel operators organise tours to the state at cheap prices. There are many reasons for why people always chose Kerala for their remarkable holidays. One among them is the fabulous beauty of the emerald environment. The lofty mountains covered with lush green carpets of wet grasses and crystal clear mist, pristine lakes, tranquil backwaters and cerulean makes the state a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers. Spending your vacation in the densely populated jungles will fill your memories with cherishing moments. Aripa forest situated in Thiruvananthapuram is an exquisite instance for the best tourist destination in the state. Being the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram seems to be crowded. But it still tries to maintain its unseen ambience. Narrow down the following paragraphs and learn more about the Aripa forest.

Aripa forest


Situated at a distance of 52 kilometres from Thiruvananthapuram, governing capital of Kerala, Aripa forest is known to be a haven for bird lovers and nature enthusiast. To capture the alluring images of birds into camera avail of tour packages from various corners from the world. Aripa forest formally known as Aripa Ammayambalam Pacha is sprawled in an area of 1000 hectares. Hundreds of travel lovers visit the region to be part of virgin beauty. People especially from the neighbouring cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad visit the best iconic destination to make a glimpse on the unseen natural resources and also revitalize their tired and stressed souls.

Explore the Myristica swamps


The eye-catching attraction of the Aripa forest is the Myristica swamps. At least for a few the names may sound new. Myristica swamps are actually one of the most primitive flowering trees in the world. What makes the thick trees to stand erect in the wet black alluvial soil are their stilt roots. Belonging to Kulathupuzha forest range the Myristica swamps is a noteworthy part of Aripa exploration. The swamps are also known as an abode of rare and endangered birds. Visiting the marvellous place with your family will help you to study more about the beautiful birds and its attracting features. Some of the stupendous birds that are commonly seen in the swamps are babblers, woodpeckers, warblers, Malabar hornbill, and flycatchers. To enjoy the unheard beauty of birds visits the place in the early mornings. Hundreds of people purchase the cheap tour packages to Kerala only with a motive to explore the unseen part of nature.

Other noteworthy attractions

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary


 If you are fond of birds and like to learn more about it, move to the most popular Peppara wildlife sanctuary. Peppara wildlife sanctuary is situated on the banks of Karamana River originating from the tallest hill in the district called Chemmunjimottai. The sanctuary is embodied with tropical rainforest and Myristica swamps. Sprawled in an area of 53 sq.kms the sanctuary shares its space with the Western Ghats. The endemic species of the Western Ghats make the sanctuary a perfect destination for travel enthusiasts. It is an exquisite place for wildlife lovers to copy the photographs of the rare species of Small Sunbird, Hornbill, Malabar Grey, White-bellied Treepie, and Lion-tailed Macaque, Sambar and Asian Elephant and so on. The best option to explore the fanatic beauty of the densely populated forest is by opting trekking through the amusing eucalyptus plantations. Starting from the Kaanithara, the trekking ends at Vazhanthol in Peppara wildlife sanctuary.



Agasthayarmala is one of the hill stations in southern Kerala. Hundreds of trek lovers visit the lofty hill to enjoy the marvellous beauty of the nearby surroundings through their binoculars. It is said that the hill has a relation with the mythological characters. To attend the marriage ceremony of Lord Shiva and Parvathi all the maharishis were invited. As all were set to go the marriage function Brahma asked Agasthyar maharishi to stay back and take care of the southern part. As an obedient disciple, he stood back and did not attend the ceremony. To honour his sacrifice later lord Shiva and Parvati visited him. Agastya Maharishi was highly influenced by the scintillating beauty of the region and hence decided to spend his rest part of life there. Every year the mountain experiences hundreds of adventure lovers from various corners of the world. Before practising trekking you are supposed to seek prior permission from the concerned forest authorities.  The most favourable time to visit the hill region is during the winter season. A few years ago women were prohibited to trek to the hill but now the doors are opened for all genders. The hill not only offers an excellent view of untouched nature but take you to the world of different kinds of vegetation such as nutmeg, pepper, plantain, cardamom and jamune and many more. The hilly region is currently inhabited by the tribal community called Kani tribes.

There are many more praiseworthy attractions are still hidden in the state. To learn more about it and also to discover the fascinating beauty of the region avail of tour packages from Gogeo Holidays. They curate packages at cheap rates to the customers. They mainly concentrate on family and draft packages accordingly. If you have any concerns regarding their services, contact their customer support team. They are even ready to customise the packages on the request from the customers. So what are you waiting for avail of the tour packages before it expires?

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