Build a Lovely Sandcastle at Chavakkad Beach with your Family

There would be no one in the world who does not like to freak out with their dear friends and family members. As our schedules are getting a bit tight most of us would be forced to cut short our leisure time. But we all should remember that at the end of our life only these sweet memories would be there with us not any digital and paper documents. As the aged people always say enjoy the life each and every second because no can predict the expiry date of humans. Exploring the unexplored tourist destinations would be one of the best ways to enjoy the sweet moments with our dear ones. When speaking about the tourist places it is not necessary that one should visit popular destinations or the places which they had already visited. Instead, discover the magnificent beauty of the scenic which are not popular but carries some best views of emerald nature. Even though there are many places in the world to spend the awesome days of life. People always chose the lush surroundings to lure their tired minds and souls. India is such a beautiful country where all the 29 states are embodied with eye-soothing resources of virgin nature. Kerala, the southern district of India is well-renowned for its awe-inspiring beauty and untouched charm. Most of the travellers along with their family members flock to the state to enchant the mesmerising beauty of the environment by purchasing the tour packages at cheap price. Spending a few moments on the sun-toasted beaches will help you to hear your inner voice and help you to refresh your soul. Chavakkad beach situated in the cultural capital of Kerala, called Thrissur is known to be the best tourist destination for beach lovers.

 The striking sun-kissed Chavakkad beach

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Situated at a distance of 5 kilometres from the most popular Sree Krishna temple at Gurvayaoor in Thrissur district in Kerala, Chavakkad beach is known to be a favourite destination not only for domestic visitors but also for international travellers. With its astounding beauty and mind-blowing natural resources, the beach attracts more than thousands of beach lovers from various corners of the world. Cleanliness and tranquillity of the beach attract travellers from various corners of the world. The beach is not only a haven for family and kids but also to newly married couples. Most couples select the beach to celebrate their romantic days. When compared to any other parts of the nation it is the Malayalees who spend huge bucks to make their wedding album the best. For that Chavakkad beach plays a vital role in making the pre-wedding and post-wedding shoot into a successful. Most of them choose the beach for the romantic candlelight dinner. Not because the beach is dotted with tall trees but also for its stunning beauty. The beach offers plenty of opportunities to explore the outstanding beauty. Most of the beach lovers who avail of the tour packages at the cheapest rates indulge in beach activities such as sunbathing, swimming and many more. Apart from it if you are visiting the beach with your cousins and friends you could plan for a thrilling and exciting volleyball match or badminton competition. If you have kids with you building a sandcastle would be the most effective way to make them happy. When engaging in fun-filled moments do not forget to fill your tummy with spicy and salty snacks available at local vendors. The most popular snack available at the Chavakkad beach is the spicy mangoes and ice candies made up of only ice. When strolling on the soft sand bed the beach enthusiast would get a chance to enjoy the marvellous beauty of the shores governed by the local fishermen. Majority of the coastal residents meet their daily needs by engaging in angling and farming. They often use Chinese fishing nets and also some sorts of modern equipment to catch the gigantic as well as tiny fishes. The most noteworthy feature of this beach, within an hour the fishes would get sold!

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A few distances from Chavakkad lies the most beautiful place called Chettuva. Chettuva is not only popular for sheltering the best part of nature but also for its crystal clear water. Chettuva is famously known as Estuary (where the sea and river meets) and commonly known as ‘Azhimugham’ in local vernacular. To witness this incredible feature of nature people who visit the beach grab the boat rides to Chettuva and dedicate their most valuable time over there. Most of visiting the beach to revitalize their minds at the same time you can also take care of your body by undergoing ayurvedic massages available at Ayurvedic centres situated next to the beach. Also, you can buy syrups that help you to keep your body fit and healthy when you wind your trip. Near to the beach, you could find a field where a medicinal herb called Ramacham is cultivated in abundance. Ramacham carries many rare medicinal properties that help to regulate the blood, pressure and temperature of your body. Ramacham could be used in various forms. Most visitors buy it in the form of body scrubber. Never think that the beach offers only local snacks. It shelters excellent restaurants to provide the best dining experience. You will get a chance to savour the dishes prepared in the fresh coconut oil.

Different ways to access to Chavakkad Beach

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Chavakkad beach is connected with different ways of transportation. Travellers could reach Chavakkad by booking train tickets to either Thrissur railway station or Guruvayoor railway station. If you love flight journey, buy air tickets to Cochin International Airport or Calicut International Airport.

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