Visiting the most beautiful locales of Kerala


The villages are the most beautiful and serene parts of any place you will visit. Kerala’s villages are no different. They are cool, calm and green all around. On your Kerala tour packages from Surat, if you are visiting the villages in Kerala, you will fall in love with the place without a doubt. And you will also be surprised at the fact that the villagers too are quite educated and intelligent which is unlike most of the villages in other parts of India. Kerala has 100% literacy and give high importance to education. A good percentage of the people living here are well-educated and are working whether men or women. In fact, there are more women in Kerala than men and their educational level is also quite high. The beauty of Kerala is something you have to see and experience in person rather than read or see in the pictures. The villages are still fresh with a lot of greenery and water bodies that are quite clean and in use. Most of the villages have a temple with a pond and a banyan tree where the youngsters or the young at mind gather during the evenings to chat. The pond is the common swimming pool where most of the locals learn swimming. Being a coastal region, beaches, backwaters, rivers and ponds are an integral part of the locals here. The Banyan tree is a place where stories are either made or broadcasted, by men! And they say women gossip!!!



For the best Kerala honeymoon packages, you can choose to visit the beautiful villages of Kumbalangi, Vayalar, Palakkad, Chendamangalam or Kuttanad. Each place has historical importance in Kerala’s evolution. Each place is beautiful in its own way and well-connected to the nearby towns and cities too. Kuttanad is known as the Rice Bowl of Kerala because of the vast paddy fields from where a large proportion of the rice consumed in the state comes. Similarly, Palakkad too have vast areas of Paddy fields where totally different varieties of rice are cultivated. Another significant landscape you will find in the villages of Kerala is the availability of open grounds where the children and the youth play blissfully in the evenings and the holidays. Sports are another integral part of the people of Kerala, especially cricket and football!

You may not find any cosy luxury hotel or resort in the villages of Kerala, but the hearts of the people are so warm and large that you will love the hospitality showered at you and the way you are taken care of. Guests are considered as God in this God’s Own Country. They say ‘Aditi Devo Bhava’, which means treat your guest as God and it is a part of the culture of the locals. Homestays confirm this fact as many villages and tourist spots have some beautiful homestays that offer comfortable stay and homely food for the tourists on the Best honeymoon packages in Kerala. You can find them in very affordable rates as well as some luxurious ones too. Some are even hi-tech with their own websites and online booking facilities. This is the best way to know more about normal life in Kerala and the tourists thoroughly enjoy it. Some villages near the hill stations too have such beautiful and comfortable homestays where the honeymoon couples can enjoy their stay.



The homely food of Kerala is something every tourist enjoys and relishes. Though the staple food is rice, most of the reputed homestays arrange for Western and European elements too in the food served to make sure their guests get something palatable to eat. By default, Kerala’s main dish is mildly flavoured and side dishes that go with the main are quite lavishly flavoured and spicy. Most of the Europeans and foreigners find it difficult to eat such spicy food that they are not used to. But these are delicacies you must never miss while on your best Kerala honeymoon tour packages. Starting from the rice, which is grown locally and much meatier than the typical white rice you get anywhere else in India, the variety of dishes served with it range so wide that each one will invigorate a different flavour.


Walking through the narrow boundaries set amidst the paddy fields is a great way to breathe in some fresh air and unwind and refresh. You can enjoy a swim in the local pond and see how the young at mind still enjoy their innocent jokes. Beware, they may even make a joke on you and laugh aloud and you may never know that!!! But then, there’s nothing to lose, but you can see many happy faces around. You will see women, chatting with each other, asking about the other one’s latest buy. You will see women complaining relentlessly about their children, while secretly they are quite proud of them. You will experience bliss, at the sight of the oil-lit lamps lit around the temples that shines bright without hurting the nature. You will also enjoy the festivals and the festivities equally celebrated by people of all walks of life together in perfect harmony. The elephants, the percussion, the vermillion, the flowers, the lamps, the camphor, the incense, the divinity and the smiles on all the faces, old and young! Life cannot be more blissful anywhere else in the world, but here. You will enjoy walking around the temples and churches, feeling the earth under your feet. You will enjoy the way the locals and enjoying their everyday life without much clutter and complaints. The children grow up playing with each other in the neighbourhoods where everyone knows each other by their first name. Their innocence will never stop them from asking a stranger their whereabouts and the purpose of being in their village. That’s the charm Kerala’s villages have. That’s the beauty of the people who live here.


Come to Kerala’s villages and fall in love with nature all over again!

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