The Exotic Kerala – Coconuts, Cashews and Calm!


Kerala is a land of 44 rivers of which 41 originate from the Western Ghats. Almost all the rivers of Kerala are monsoon fed. Kerala has a rich monsoon season of nearly 6-7 months. The first 4months from June to September experience the southwestern monsoon season and the months of October and November experience the northeastern monsoon, so this makes Kerala very fertile. The midland areas that lie in between the highland mountains and the lowland coastal areas account to 40% of the total land area and is a major contributor to cultivation in the state. A few of the crops produced in Kerala include Tapioca, Coconut, Cashew, Arecanut, Banana and other vegetables. Of which Coconut has a prime importance because this nut is useful in every form. From the outer hard shell that is used to make charcoal to the inner kernel that is used in extracting oil, in food as well as in cosmetics and the hairy strands that cover this nut is used to make coir. From coir a large number of eco-friendly products can be produced. Excellent Kerala tourism packages will let you explore the beautiful wonders that Kerala has to offer. Choosing a package that will suit your interests will make your vacation a memorable one.


Kerala is also a major producer of Cashew nuts.  The midland regions of Kerala is where the major cultivation of rubber and tea plantations that occur. A few such destinations include Thrissur, which is the fourth largest city in Kerala. The city is built around a 65acre hillock called the Thekkinkadu Maidan in which the main focal point is the Vadakkumnathan temple. Thrissur is also called the cultural capital of Kerala due to its rich cultural and spiritual learnings throughout history.   A major even that occurs in Thrissur is the Thrissur Pooram festival that is held in the month of April and May in the Thekkinkadu Maidan. Thrissur has some other major temples like Guruvayoor and Paramekavu temple. Thrissur is also a major hub for shopping silks and gold and Thrissur attracts the largest number of domestic tourists.


Thrilling Kerala tour packages from Delhi will include customized tour packages so that you can enjoy every bit of your holiday in the midst of natural beauty that Kerala has to offer. Another midland region is Ettumanoor which is located in the Kottayam District and state highway number 1 popularly known as Main Central road passes through Ettumanoor. Ettumanoor is on the way to the tourist destinations Vagamon and Poonjar. The ancient Ettumanoor Mahadeva temple located here has brought fame to this place. The Arattu festival which is held in the month of February and March is very famous. This is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus.


Vagamon has picturesque locations and various beautiful hilly regions making this an ideal honeymoon spot. Startling Honeymoon packages in Kerala will include stay in Vagamon. This will be a part of your romantic escapade. Vagamon hills are serene, with velvety grass land and the cool breeze which makes it an ideal choice for couples. Watching the sunset over the green meadows is mesmerizing. Kerala also offers various tour packages in the low land areas like the coastal areas. The backwater and the beaches are famous for this.


The houseboat cruises on the backwaters make wonderful honeymoon packages. Floating on the serene backwaters will give you a glimpse into the simple lifestyle of the people living in the coastal areas. Enticing Kerala tour will also include highland areas like the mountainous regions of Wayanad where trekking will be a wonderful way to enjoy your vacation. Even the tree houses of Wayanad are every famous for honeymooners as well as for families.


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