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Alleppey backwaters

Kerala one of the southern most states of India is bounded by the Western Ghats on the East and the Arabian Sea on the West. The state has a long shore line of 580km and this owes to the culture and lifestyle of the people living in the coastal areas. The states’ major metro cities have come up along this coastal areas and major ports in these cities trade with countries all over the world. Kerala has been into trading of spices for centuries and have been the cause of many foreign establishments settling here in Kerala. Each of the foreign settlements have shown a great impact on the art and architecture of the state and there are some communities like the Jewish community who still exist in Kerala. The rich cultural heritage of this state has been evolved over the years and now Kerala is a mix of people from all religions. The art forms of Kerala have also evolved and also the cuisines of Kerala are adapted from all the different communities of Kerala.


Kerala has also been bestowed by abundant natural beauty and is covered with lush greenery. The topography of the state varies from the West coast to the East end which is bounded by mountains of the Western Ghats. Each part of Kerala has beauty in its own inimitable way and is unique to that place.  There are places in Kerala which suit the requirement of every type of traveler, be it a loner or a couple, either students or aged people with retirement options, Kerala has it all.


For the couples, especially the newlyweds, Kerala is a Honeymooners’ Paradise. From the verdant tea gardens of Munnar to the tree houses in the tropical jungles of Wayanad and the pristine and serene house boat of Alappuzha, Kerala is a must try out honeymoon destination. The superb Kerala honeymoon packages will cater to the needs and requirements of Honeymooners. Couples can spin romantic moments together when visiting these exotic places. When booking for a honeymoon make sure you choose the destination matching with the climatic condition of the place. It’s better to choose Munnar during the months of winter and houseboats during the monsoon months. When booking for a Kerala Honeymoon from Delhi, ensure that you select the right holiday destination for each climate and also you can customize your tour package according to your choice.

Alleppey backwaters

The houseboats on the backwaters are one of the best honeymoon destinations because this place offers couples the privacy along with serenity and calmness of the houseboats floating on the backwaters. You can book incredible Kerala honeymoon packages from Delhi according to the number of days you want to stay and also on the type of house boat that you want. Either a single room or a double room one with a verandah so that you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings around. Things special about the houseboats is that you can get a peek into the simple and quaint lifestyle of the people around the area and you can also check out any nearby sightseeing destinations like temples or museums etc. The best options for Family tours will be to visit Kochi, as there are many fun filled activities in this city and also many places that you can visit here along with the family. The city is well developed with many Malls that have sprung up. The entire family would have a great fun time at these malls and it would be a great place for some shopping too. Two beautiful beaches in Ernakulam would be the Cherai beach which is real fun with family around and the Fort Kochi beach which is also very good. Attractive Kerala tour packages from Delhi would be ideal for the entire family as there are lots of other fun places to visit here. From Museums to art galleries and temples to Jewish synagogues, Kochi has it all. The Kochi backwaters are also another way to take a boat ride along the waters and check out the places in and around the area. Fort Kochi is a place with relics of Portuguese architecture and with a variety of restaurants making this place a complete family tourist destination.


For students some of the best places would be a visit to the Athirapilly waterfalls as the location is covered with greenery and the cooling waters are lots of fun to play in. The trek down the hill to the base of the water falls is a bit steep and is ideal for young bloods as they will find this adrenaline filled journey lots of fun. Similar to Athirapilly is the Vazhachal waterfalls and also the location of Thumboormuzhi Dam and the Butterfly Park in Thrissur district. The Kerala packages from Delhi can be booked according to the need of the traveler. You can check out the different options that are available and book for a holiday accordingly.

Kerala rivers

For aged people and retired people travelling, places which are peaceful calm and quiet like the hill stations would be the best options. Places like Thekkady and Munnar are ideal places as they are serene and picturesque too. Pilgrimage places in Kerala are also excellent locations for aged people. Temple or church visits and good options. Kerala is the land of temples and hence these would make ideal destinations. The best Kerala packages are available in all sorts that cater to different needs of people. From the newlyweds to people travelling solo and the students as well as aged people, Kerala has it all. For people travelling solo the only piece of advice would be not to travel alone at night and to always restrict travelling during the day time. Aged people could also resort to Ayurveda as this is the best time to get massages and spas. Ayurveda is an age old tradition and is ideal for building muscle tone and relaxing the joints. This form of treatment brings about a feeling of wellness within the person.

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