Preeminent trip to historical Kerala

Malabar one of the typical place which keeps the beauty and tradition of attractive ancient Kerala as always. My mind always contests me to plan a stunning trip to the attractions of Malabar, now I made it possible. The beauty of Malabar was memorable; I don’t know how to explain it. And I gladly thank Holiday mango travel for giving me such a wonderful journey. I access the services of the leading tour operator’s holiday mango travel, for my Wonderful Kerala tour packages to Beypore.  I just even don’t know where to start the trip and all, because the place is really unfamiliar for me. But I made it possible and memorable too.


Beypore is an ancient port city and also Municipality town in Kozhikode district ‘the city of spices’. The location was formerly known as Vaypura or Vadaparappanad. Tipu Sultan, the strong ruler of Mysore state in ancient India, named the civic as “Sultan Pattanam”. Present day, marina and a beach while Beypore port is one of the oldest harbors in Kerala, in olden times they traded with the Middle East. Beypore is well-known for building wooden ships, known as dhows or locally urus. These ships were usually purchased by Arab merchants for trading and fishing but are currently used as tourist ships. According to Captain Iwata, initiator of the Association of Sumerian ships in Japan, Sumerian ships might have been constructing in Beypore. There is substantiation to prove that Beypore had direct trade links with Mesopotamia and was a prominent link on the nautical silk route.



The ancient town Beypore was ruled by four well known Kovilakoms like Karippa Puthiyakovilakam, Nediyaal Kovilakam, Manayat Kovilakam and Panagad Kovilakam. From historic studies we get clear evidences related to Kovilakam like Beypore amsam itself consist four Kovilakam called – Manayat Kovilakam, Nediyaal Kovilakam, Puthiya Kovilakam and the Panangat Kovilakam be in the right place to the family of the Beypore division of the Parappanad family. Thus we have North and South Parappanad factions to initiate with, branching off the Parappur lordship. The North faction was added split into Beypore, Panniyankara and Cheruvannor Kovilakoms. Considering that Ravi Varma and his brother mentioned Beypore and the precise Manayat location, let us for a moment assume Raja Ravi Varma summon from the forerunners of the present Manayat Kovilakam. I think this is one of the Best Kerala trip in my life.



The next location which I make my visit is Beypore beach. The dazzling beach just blessed with picturesque atmosphere, wide stretches of golden sands and fascinating coconut trees; swaying tenderly in the cool breeze. The gorgeous beach is one of the ideal destinations for a quiet escaped. Those who wish to take a stunning break from the busy life; you can make trip to this beach whatever you want. So, relax and take part in all activities and get pleasure from holidaying in Beypore with full delight. For an enthusiastic traveler take a leisurely walk all about the beach and get the traditional knowledge related to village culture of Kerala. For those who wish to get challenging attractions like surfing, skiing, parasailing, kayaking, swimming, angling, sunbathing and many more.


In Kozhikode is one of the popular shopping center in the Malabar region, and it famous for food and other attractive things too. The popular Sweat Meat Street, which is known to be one of the fussiest center to shop several things. You can experience very popular ‘Kozhikodan Halwa’, which is available in a lot of shops over here. The colorful and delicious Halwa together with banana chips are sought-after items for visitors can buy from Kozhikode. An additional spice market situated on the Big Bazaar Road is another prominent shopping area where you can buy various varieties of Kerala spices at wholesale rates. Beside all these, there are plenty of eateries that offer enormous varieties of delicacies. The seafood and conventional Malabari cuisine are too good and merit having it once if you are here.

The beautiful and stunning Beypore one of the attractive destination which I ever traveled in my life, and I like the destination really. Its beauty and traditional attractions are keeps the traditional touch of the city always. So make the trip and enjoy the beauty of it.

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