Visiting Heritages on Andaman Islands


The Kalapani cellular jail is the national monument of Andaman Islands. Its structure is constructed in such a fashion that it branches in seven directions from the central sect. One or two of its segments been build towards the sea side. This place is commonly a famous visit among the trippers on holiday here.Fascinating Andaman tour packages from Bangalore adds in this Heritage site as the important place of visit. The uppermost central cubicles are building higher than the seven divisions to use it as a watchtower. It took around 10 years to build up this huge memorial. The geographic layout of this jail is said to have a bicycle tyre look. It is a three-storied building which could accommodate about six hundred and ninety-three prisoners in separate cells. It was the largest jail of India then. It was built in a manner to cease communication between every convict. Podium of this building is said to have turned to the Martyr’s column. The jail is said to have a separate hospital wing specially built on the left of the main entrance. Most appalling to the visitors is the fact that there are three consecutive Scaffolds raised for executing criminals. Many of several freedom fighters were imprisoned here at Ross Island. This jail has a high record of history for long imprisonments of many Indian rebels. Holidayers are guided to the exhibits of these martyrs. The important attraction piece is the sound and light show and a perpetual flame in memories of the deceased.


History of Ruins at Ross Island

Ross Island is the oldest island embosses 160 years of ancient monarch rule. An army official named Lt. Archibald Blair named this island after a marine official Sir Daniel Ross. The Britishers used to haul Indian Freedom struggles here on this Island during the first Independence war. Later it became home to armed officials. The Government house on this island is most visited by the trippers. This Island was actually used for giving out punitive and severe punishments to Indian revolutionaries. Today, most of the ruins are tourist sites half of which are dilapidated from recent earthquakes. Best Andaman tour packages from Hyderabad is vastly known to provide a tour to these famous heritage sites. The other spot worth visiting is the Smritika- Ross museum. The Japanese military and armed forces are said to have destroyed some of the buildings during the Second World War. Tourers admire the sites where these half ruins still stand erect.


Heritage site on Viper Island

This Island is eminent for the poisoning of rebels. The captives were subjected to severe punishments like pounding the choir, binding hostages using heavy chains, making them grind cereals, etc. There are several such places the tourists are taken to visits here. Andaman tour packages from Mumbai includes the visit to these minute and beautiful islands. The viper jail was later closed down due to the construction of another such jail at Atlanta point. This Island is named Viper after a ship’s name which was kept to inspect the islands from time to time. The ancient memorials which were nearly destroyed by the Japanese are being restored back by various departments here.


A Visit to Chatham Island

Chatham has safely kept many historical monuments on this island. Alike several other islands this island was also terrorised by the Japanese army forces. But still, they could not ruin our heritages completely because there are most of the architectures that are still looked after and are well maintained. Awesome Andaman tour packages from Ahmedabad offer to provide tourists with a visit to these heritage sites on demand. This island was earlier called the Mark Island, where the Lt. Blair formed a colony which later got shifted to Northern Islands of Andaman. There is a Jail which was used to capture hostages from first war from independence, and the hostages which tried to escape front the jail were executed on recapture.


Remembering few other martyrs of Andaman


Every tourist who is visiting the Andaman Islands may have never thought or heard of the terrors the Indians may it be freedom fighters or revolutionists have endured here on the islands or in jails as hostages. Generally, we look at the beauty of the places and islands around, but the actual beauty lies at the memorials or state monuments build in high admiration and in remembrance of their valour. TheBalidan Vedi state memorial at hum raygun J on the way to wander located on the Baratang Island is a pure symbolism of deference looking up to those national freedom strugglers who lost their lives for the cause of our Independence. Several of our nationalists were viciously tortured here and were shot dead later in the wake of Second World War. Balidan Vedi is the place where all the 44 patriots who were shot dead by the Japanese are buried in L shape is preserved on the Island. Aberdeen heritage walk is yet a peaceful location to spend some time in solitude. It was a business centre where a number of posh stores lined the streets and also all the government houses or offices lined either side of streets prior to getting Independence. Netaji flag memorial is yet another place worth being too. The Indian tricolour ensign was first hoisted by Netaji Subash Chandra Bose here in 1943, much before the British left the country. There resides the Netaji stadium at present. The monument of Param Vir Chakra is testimonial erected at the marina Park on Port Blair with names of major martyrs.

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