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kerala trip honeymoon packages

Enjoyed panoramic view of Wayanad

     Kerala is a destination appropriate for a romantic honeymoon. It was on the 23rd of May I married the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life. Days of marriage are hurry- berry due to events and other traditional customs one should follow. During this time I never had time to even talk with my life partner or to know her likes and dislikes. Even after marriage, we were pretty busy with visiting our relative’s house as it was another form of tradition that a newly married couple have to follow. It was after a week of marriage that I finally managed to get time to plan for a honeymoon.

After searching for hours and keeping her interest in mind I finally decided to plan a trip to Wayanad a small hill station in Kerala the land of ethnic art. My wife was a person who enjoyed nature and natural treasures to a greater extent that was the main reason that I choose to visit the land of hill stations and natural resources. Just because I did not have enough time plans and organise the trip I opted to go with the tour organisers Dream Holidays and opted for the Kerala tourism honeymoon packages.

We set for our romantic journey on the 30th of May early morning via flight; we boarded the flight to Wayanad at 10 am and reached the place after travelling for around 2 hrs. By 12 we reached Wayanad and decided to check in the hotel freshen up and have the lunch. For lunch, we had the traditional Kerala food with a wide verity of curry filled with flavours and spice. The food I use to have had a different taste than the. The taste of the food was so delicious that we finished it without keeping any balance. After the lunch, we set out for sightseeing which my wife loved the most.


Kerala tourismm honeymoon packages

 Heart-shape pond in Wayanad

Our first destination as planned was Chempra Peak which is a renowned tourist destination in Wayanad. The Chempra Peak is the highest peak in the place with the most amazing view of the landscapes below. At the peak, trekking was one activity that was planned for us. Trekking was an adventurous spot that I enjoyed greatly. Just to make the honeymoon adventurous and entertaining we started our trekking holding each other’s hands like we will never let each other go. After reaching the top of the peak we sat on a rock to get some breath, the view took my breath away and it was then I realised the true beauty of the place and the reason why she loved nature and the reason why the place was included in all Cheap Kerala honeymoon packages from Delhi. Climbing down the peak was much more romantic than I thought, holding each other’s hand and helping in difficulty is sweet and a romantic way to let each other know how much you care and will always look out for each other. By the time we climbed the peak down the watch showed time 2.00pm our next plan was to visit the edakkal cave, it is a historic cave that acts as a thread between the past and present.

To reach the top of the cave was no less than a task; with all those rock steps climbing was difficult. But with a light rain chilling breeze even the difficult task was romantic. The caves dated a decade old with various inhabitants in various ages of development. The walls of the cave were inscribed with various images showing the ages in which the inscriptions were done. We finished our 2nd destination by 4 and decided to take a small break from the travelling and have a Wayanad special tea for refreshment and some snack to reduce the weakness body feel. After having the chai from the nearby tea shop and a small snack we headed to the next destination, Neelimala View Point. Travelling for an hour we reached the destination, the Meenmutty waterfalls and lush greenery welcomed us. The place shows a perfect view of what harmony of nature would literally mean. After spending some romantic moments in the lap of nature we decided to head back to the hotel as the cold wind was getting stronger and colder and more over I really dint wanted our honeymoon trip to be affected with fever and cold.

wayanad resorts

Romantic resort in Wayanad- night view

We reached the hotel by 7 and changed after refreshing, the rest of our evening was spent with one another watching movies, songs and enjoying the company of each other and understanding each other much better. By the time clock struck 9 we decided to have our dinner at the restaurant at the hotel. Because we had Keralites food at the noon we decided to have something different and chose continental food this time. After having food with unique taste and flavours added we headed to the room at 10, it was not yet time for us to sleep so we decided to sit on the balcony of our room enjoying the beauty of the night. After talking and chatting for some time we decided to sleep as we have an early morning flight back home.

honeymoon packages for kerala


With the end of the night, our honeymoon trip to the unexplored land came to an end.  We got up early morning at 6 and reached the airport at 8 boarding the flight and reached back home safe and sound by 11.00 am. Our honeymoon days were the most memorable and remembered days of my life. It was the day I enjoyed to the fullest with the lady I find the most beautiful. Different Romantic Kerala trip honeymoon package is offered at affordable rates with which each of you can enjoy your honeymoon with the best packages adding up all the destinations you need to visit. You are also free to add various activities you wish to enjoy throughout the trip. Kerala has the most beautiful destinations with scenic beauty and attractive tourist destination any one would love to visit. With an abundance of natural treasures and natural elements, one would thoroughly enjoy the nature and the land.

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