Backwaters of Kerala – A Place where the Sun Dates the Dawn

Kerala Backwater Packages

Standing by the sea watching the sun dating the dawn is one of the best sights a tourist could enjoy in the land of backwaters. There has always been some magical power in the waters that could wash away all the tension and stress of the day. The backwaters of Kerala with the lush coastline, un-agitated land, and beautiful weather and coconut plantations in hand are one of a kind. Travelers and tourist love visiting the complex waters in Kerala and a number of other tourist destination in the land which includes the forts, the spice plantations, the hill stations, the wildlife or bird sanctuaries and much more. Kerala with its numerous backwater stretches is one of the best tourist destinations where travelers could enjoy the sun dating the dawn and the moonlit waters of Kerala. Kerala is one of the prominent destinations for travelers who wish to enjoy the nature and the complex uniqueness of the waters in Kerala. Targeting the oversee tourist a number of tour operators like Lifemadeasy organize different cheap and Attractive Kerala Tour Packages for 5 Days where the tourist could enjoy a stay in the houseboats and explore the land of waters to the fullest. Some of the best backwater destination in Kerala is listed below.

 Alleppey Backwaters

Backwater Packages

The backwaters of Alleppey, which is mostly known as “The Venice of the East” is one of the best and must-visit destination when it comes to the serene and scenic backwater locations of Kerala with a number of houseboats sailing over it. Alleppey is one of the best tourist destinations in Kerala with complex water structures that offer a number of activities boat rides and tour of the waters to attract the tourist to the land. One of the main attractions of the place is the presence of a number of coconut plantations in the land. The land is very famous among the tourist for its handloom products and handicraft materials which are mostly made out of products from the coconut tree. Houseboat stay and tour allow the travelers and honeymooners to enjoy the beauty of nature and to enjoy the night in the lap of nature taking in the beauty of the moonlit waters of Alleppey.

Best time to visit: Between September to March.


Highlights: Enjoy the seasonal sports like snake boat race which is celebrated during the harvesting season that attracts a number of travelers to the land. The lush green paddy fields and the backwater villages are the main highlights in the land. Responsible tourism is another high light of the land which has brought in a new trend in backwater tourism.

Getting there: Alleppey can be easily reached via flight, by landing at Kochi international airport, which is located about 45 km from Alleppey. Special bus services are also available to the place at 9.10 a.m., 9.25 a.m., 10.35 a.m., 4.05 pm, and 4.15 p.m. one could also travel by train to reach the place without much difficulty.

Cochin Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters Packages

Cochin is one of the best harbors in the world which is mostly known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. Explore and enjoy the serenity of the waters as you enjoy the boat rides and cruise around this man-made island. The rich greenery of the place would definitely entice you making you fall in love the land. One of the main attractions of the place is its combination and unique blend of tradition and modernity. One could witness the beauty of the Chinese fishing nets catching the sun which could be the best experience of the travel. Travelers from different parts of the world visit the place to see the amazing beauty of the Chinese fishing net which is only available in Kerala and dates back a century old. A number of tourist avail Different Kerala Backwater Packages to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and the fishing nets which is a wonder in itself. Being one of the busiest cities in Kerala Kochi has a number of hideouts where travelers could enjoy nature and freshness in the air.

Best time to visit: Between September to March.

Kerala HouseBoat Package

Highlights: Travelers could explore the Jew streets shopping alley and take back the memories of the land by shopping in the place. Travelers could enjoy the ride in the local ferries to the most beautiful Willington Island and the St.Francis Church where the remains of Vasco Da Gama were buried. You could also witness the British, Chinese, Portuguese and Arab influence is the land to a greater extent.

Getting There: If taking a flight then the nearest Airport is Cochin International airport (COK) and if traveling by road Ernakulam Bus station is 2 Km from City center, frequent buses are available from Calicut, Palakkad, Kottayam, Kollam, and Trivandrum to the land.

 Kozhikode Backwaters

Kozhikode Backwater Ride

The backwaters of Kozhikode are said to be the best and unspoiled waters which provide the visitors with an opportunity to explore the beauty of nature to its best. The river banks with a number of coconut plantations, lakes and canals offer the travelers with a memorable experience of the houseboat cruising. Nature lovers and travelers could explore the mesmerizing backwater while enjoying the boat ride by observing the surrounding and enjoying the enchanting backwaters. By exploring the backwaters one could explore the fascinating countryside. The backwaters of Kozhikode are enticing with their engaging beauty of deltas, rivers, and lakes.

Best time to visit: Between September to March.

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Highlights: Soaked in serenity the Kozhikode beach is one of the main highlights of the place. The beach offers the travelers a breathtaking view with 2 docks and a lighthouse. You could also make use of the chance to visit the Pazhassiraja Museum which houses a rare collection of gold and silver coins which were used by Vasco Di Gama and the Britishers.

Getting There: The place is located around 224 km south of Mangalore and 210 km from Mysore. One could easily reach the place by bus or train. One of closest airport to the destination is Cochin international airport. These are some of the best backwater destinations in Kerala which attracts a number of travelers to the land with its breathtaking beauty and rich greenery. One of the main attraction of the backwaters in Kerala are the boats that offer the travelers with the tour of the waters and a peaceful stay in the houseboats where they could enjoy the beauty of the night and the moonlit waters.

Enjoy the beauty of Kerala with Lifemadeasy

The houseboats in Kerala offer the travelers with a tasty traditional cuisine which is mostly prepared in the boat with the special fish curry. The houseboat allows the travelers to enjoy the true flavors of the land of spices. Different traditional dance forms are also arranged in the boats to keep the travelers entertained. Travelers from different parts of the world avail a Number of Kerala Houseboat Package to enjoy this traditional treat of the land. Kerala being one of the best destinations with a number of backwaters stretches in the land is the best place for travelers who love nature and wish to explore it. The complex backwater stretches of Kerala is one of the best destination for rejuvenation.

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