Kerala a Gateway to Spookiness and Paranormal Activities


It is mostly said that horror and feel of horror come in with imagination and is true to a limit. According to modern people, horror is nothing but a wild mix of perception and fear that linger at some corner of our mind. Horror could be better said as a reality which got distorted and lost in the realm of time. An adventure trail of the paranormal haunts in Kerala better known as God’s own country would prove our imagination of paranormal activities and ghosts to be true. Kerala is not just a state that is home to the coconut plantations and palm-fringed beaches but also a land which is home to a number of different twisted spooky tales and some paranormal occurring. With the ghost, in the state doing a great job, some of the destinations in the state got famous for being the most haunted destination over time. The places being known for its spookiness is now one of the most visited paranormal destination in the south of India. Adrenalin junkies from Mumbai and many such destinations visit these spooky destinations to know the truth and to experience the spookiness of the place. Promoting horror tourism in

Kerala a number of travel operators like le lagoon holidays with the help of efficacious Kerala tourism department offer different tour packages to attract adventure tourist.

If you choose Kerala to be your destination for a stress-free weekend or trip we would insist you boost your adrenalin further by visiting some of Kerala’s most haunted destinations.

Lakkidi Gateway


Lakkidi Gateway, a deciduous rainforest which is connected to the state through an isolated hill road. The nearest sign of life could be found only at a distance of 5km from the hill road. Dotted with enticing meadows, streams and forest the place is one of the best destinations where travellers from Mumbai and other developing business cities like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and much more could tour and enjoy a picnic. But for most travellers, a ride through this hilly road is a different story. Embellished with different mystic tales, unnatural happenings, and experiences, this place tops the list of haunted destinations in Kerala. Lakkidi the place known to be the highest location in Wayanad was once a secret pathway passing between the Western Ghats. According to the stories, an English engineer was assigned with the work of finding a path between the ghats so as to commercialise the path. The requested help from a local sage who was later murdered in the greed to earn fame and recognition. The story does not end here, according to the locals the place is troubled by some unnatural presence. Finally to put an end to this trouble exorcism was performed in the area and a chain tied to a tree so as to restrain the spirit. The chain remains in the tree even now and is believed to grow with time.



Chooriyode is a small village which lies in the foothills of the Western Ghats about 45 km from the silent valley national park which is a tropical evergreen forest. Alienated and isolated from the rest of the city this village is a dangerously peaceful place with its own charm which is connected with different mystic elements and spookiness. The place is not much famous among the adrenalin junkies as it is in isolation with the outside world. The story that is known among the travellers visiting the place and the locals in the area is that the place is haunted by fire spirits. With the news now spreading among the adrenalin junkies and adventure travellers, a number of ghost hunters from Mumbai and Chennai were crowded in the village last year who have claimed to have bizarre, mind-numbing paranormal happenings



Located about 43km from Munnar one of the well-known tourist destination in Kerala is this spooky destination which is home to lush aromatic sandalwood forest which boasts of the rich history of the place which would date back to the Stone Age. This fascinatingly aromatic town is one of the best historic destinations near to Munnar which houses a number of rock paintings and artefacts. Apart from the beauty of the place, it is also known for the presence of an evil spirit that has the ability to morph into a number of forms. This multifaceted spirit hangs like a sharp-edged sword over the people of the town threatening to destroy the charm and the peace of the city.  Over the past few years, a number of cases have been reported with some of the other paranormal presence in it. According to the locals of the area, the one who comes under the influence of the ghost will never be seen in the world again.

Trichur forest

Thrissur forest is one of the best trekking and camping destinations in Kerala which is mostly visited by a number of adventure tourists. But the lush green beauty of the forestry would fade and take the shape of a wandering boy as it gets darker. This forest in Trichur does not just house a wide variety of flora and fauna but also an adventure destination which is known for its paranormal activities and the threatening ghost who scare away the heavenliness of the forest. The latest story about the forest circles around a group of adventure lovers from Mumbai camping in the forest to witness the spookiness. It was said that the travellers who visited the forest availing an adventure Kerala tour package end up in the forest and were encountered with the spirit of a small boy who is said roam in the area and keep staring into nothingness. Most of these incidents have made the place to be known for its paranormal activities. Even though with time a number of other stories too linger in the area, none was credible enough to believe. What actually happened to the boy still remains a mystery. Even though the place is known to be one among the top 10 haunted destinations in Kerala there are no reports about physical attacks have been heard.



You may be a person who claims to have complete knowledge about the city but might not be aware that the city once had a palace that was set inside the fort area of the city. This palace was a wonder that fascinated the visitor’s eye like nothing else. This beautiful place built under the Dutch architectural style was once the symbol of the rich traditional heritage of the state. Even the name of the place would literally translate into the ‘the town of Vedas.’ the place in past was believed to be constructed for the then Raja of Kochi. The celebration and pride of this paradise do not last long. It was believed that the palace was haunted by the evil spirit which later leads to its destruction. Once the story of the evil spirit became popular among the locals in the area the palace was abandoned by the kings. It is said that at night the aroma of paalla a flower which is believed to indicate the presence of ghost would spread the area followed by unnatural voices. The palace being threatened with different paranormal activities was later ordered to be demolished by the then king Rama Varma XVI. The place is now named to be one of the best-haunted destinations in Kerala which was visited by travellers and adventure seekers every year.

Morris Bungalow


Located between the meadows of one of the most beautiful tourist destination in India is the Morris Bungalow.  The bungalow located in Vagamon has a charm of its own due to the presence of a number of hills and plantations surrounding the place. Even with all the beauty and greenery, the place is known to have some weird vibes which wrap the place in a shroud. Vagamon is a very famous tourist destination which is known for its scenic beauty of the valleys and the plantations which was once managed by the British community. A British bachelor named Morris once lived in this bungalow who committed suicide in the place due to an argument with his father. He died by injecting poison into his body, ever since the place is said to be haunted by his evil spirit.  The bungalow was later sold off and now is converted into a resort, yet the modernity of the place could not cover the terrible past of the place. Starting with the construction of the resort a number of different un-natural happenings have occurred. Some of the workers of the place even claim to see a man in an unconscious state.

listed above are some of the spooky experience of different people,  a walk through these spooky destinations would be more than enough for you to fill up your mind with different uncomfortable thoughts which would later question your own instincts and perception.

Horror destinations in Kerala are mostly explored by domestic tourist mostly from Mumbai, Hyderabad and such places which are affected greatly by modernity. Adrenalin junkies believe that most ghost destinations would be inactive in places with more light and inhibition. This is one main reason for adrenalin junkies from Mumbai and such developed places to visit Kerala to explore the spookiness of the place. Most of the destination listed above is yet to be explored, for travellers who wish to experience the spookiness and horror in Kerala, a visit to these destinations would be the best idea.

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