A Cherishable Surprise Stayover at the Finest Place in Kerala.

When a person decides to move on a trip, the first thing he checks on to make the journey more comfortable is the facility provided in the place. A comfort seeker looks out for freedom from hardships when traveling as it is more about giving oneself a break from daily life. I have always been one among the comfort seeker during all the times I have wanted to travel due to which I give it a thorough check. Even though luxury keeps it awake in mind, in places where we can get the same at economical rates, we choose them over the other places. I checked all the applications like GoIbibo and Trivago and finally booked my tickets to Kerala where I was going to give my best friend a surprise at her wedding. Our whole gang had been arriving and we had kept it a secret to give it a Bollywood entrance. So all of us flew to Cochin International airport from where we booked an uber for our journey to the Budget hotels in Cochin.

I had been flying from Delhi while other friends of mine got in from Bangalore and so the journey had been long and before planning her big day, we wanted to make sure we were off from our travel sickness. We reached the hotel at 7 pm where the hotel guy took us into the presidential suite that I had booked a month ago. We were three in number and had chosen an extra bed service that the hotel got us without requesting. After freshening up in the home like the hotel, we decided to check out some recent dance videos. The wifi password had been handed over to us when the hotel staff had come to our room with some fresh juices. The air conditioner had been on and we had been on the king sized bed watching the videos.  After selecting few of them for our sake, we decided to call the room service for dinner. Even though the multi-cuisine restaurant was there on the ground floor, the nightdress robes made us too lazy to climb down. So we ate on the bed which is one exclusive thing to do when away from home and also from mom. The night went by and the next day morning we decided to practice the dance. Our suite room included a large living room and bedroom but since it had coffee table and chairs we could not really try dancing there. So we went down for breakfast when we asked in the inquiry desk if there was a chance that we could get an empty room for three hours, They said they would check on and inform us soon. We hung out in the coffee shop drinking milk coffee that seemed to be quite tasty.

They had banquet hall and conference halls but it would be free only by 3 pm. There were solid 5 hours to the time and so we decided to go to the marine drive in Kochi to enjoy some sea view. We booked Uber as we had got a discount coupon from the hotel for it. The place seemed to be quite as it was a working Saturday. The walkway took us long in the summer and so we decided to drink something cold from a shop on the way. Kerala seemed to be pretty good with a variety of drinks out of which all of us tried different drinks. I liked Milk Sarbath out of the lot which as per the tender was extremely special to the people residing in Kerala. After spending some time on the streets we decided to get back to the hotel to mix the songs we had downloaded. Before getting into our stretches, we had some hearty lunch from the multi-cuisine restaurant from where I got to savor tasty north Indian dishes. The program held at the hall was over and they had been cleaning it. We went to the room and mixed the music after which we got to the hall for a practice. We could only spend an hour there as some other function was to take place there. So in the quick hour we got, we practiced the dance a number of times and then decided to call our friends sister to now the way to the hall where they had planned to host the function.

To our surprise, the banquet hall that had been reserved was at Broad Bean and it just got us way too easy to get to the hall that was in the place we had been staying.

Even though the venue had been there in the invitation that been send to us through WhatsApp, none of us had noticed it. So it got a lot easier to make our guest appearances in the hall and dancing got way too easier as well.

We wore our dresses and practiced the dance one last time before getting down to the hall. The hall had been decorated with all the lights and beautiful chairs. Flower decoration looked beautiful where we found our friend sitting happily waiting for her Mehendi. We stood in a distance right in front of her and she kept staring at us probably trying to make sure it was us. The music played and we gave her the surprise for a lifetime and the night was spent in the best possible way. The next day early in the morning the marriage was held in the temple premises which took it to another hall where we clicked a billion pictures before leaving her to have the best life thereafter. We got back to the hotel to pack all our things as we were to return back to the flight scheduled for the night. We relaxed for some time in the lawn that had been in the hotel premises.The no minimum stay requirements in the hotel had made it easier for us to spend two nights in luxury at the hotel. We checked out four hours to our flight time after paying off the dues to all the services that had been provided to us. Cab service was available right beneath the Best Resort in Kerala which we hired to ride to the airport. The journey had been pretty good for we had been feeling at home all throughout the trip. Kerala had been nice to us where we got to enjoy two whole days in the hippy ambiance of Kochi. There were more friends and more marriages to happen at Kochi and with the assurance to return back in coming years, I boarded my flight back to Delhi.



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