Far over the Islands where the beach does the trick of Magic

‘Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown’, no matter with whom we set off on the journey. But just this one time it was a lot more special as I did not have a bunch of people with me. Instead, I only had this one guy to whom I had got hitched exactly three days ago. Both of us had taken a month off from work as we were occupied with the whole function. The last and the most important part of the whole thing was the honeymoon. It was indeed an escape from a lot of hustle and bustle that had finally come to an end. Initial plannings were there but somewhere we lost track of it and in just one day we were to decide where we have to go. We browsed the seasonal places to visit during December and came to a conclusion where Andaman and Nicobar Islands stood first in every way among the last 5 places we had ended up with. The destination had three things which we badly wanted on our journey which was beaches, food and best place to stay over. All three were available through Andaman Tour Travels whom we had chosen as our tour planners as little did we want to be bothered of the journey. We packed our travel bags and drove to the airport of Chennai from where we had direct flights to the destination. The Romantic  Andaman honeymoon package hence kicked off and together we flew to the Union territory which was located 2 hours and 10 minutes from us.
We reached Port Blair, the capital city and was picked up by the guide cum driver who would be accompanying us through the whole journey. It was 9 in the night and we had no night travelling opportunity due to which he drove us to the hotel and I stared out of the window to see the beauty of the place. Glitter lights had fallen in certain places which were probably regarding the approaching festival of Christmas. We reached the hotel where we were welcomed and taken to the honeymoon suite. It looked fancier than how our room at Chennai had been decorated on the night we got married. The room had two chairs and a table by the glass slide door which gave the ever awesome view of the beach. This was indeed goals as the beach seemed quiet and not many people had been there at that point of time. We had buffet dinner for the night but instead, we ordered room service to drop us some food as we decided to freshen up and leave down to the beach for a short walk. They send us some Pulav, roti and Gobi Manchurian which we ate after freshening up and walked down to the beach for a walk. The night was starry and groups of people scattered here and there where all that was missing was a campfire. We walked for some time and decided to sit for some time which indeed was a very romantic night of unlimited talks.
The next day morning we had to leave to the ferry point from where we were going to the Neil Island. After gobbling the breakfast, we reached to the ferry where a lot of people had clustered together to travel to either Havelock Island or to Neil Island. Both these destinations were the most known Islands of Andaman. We had blocked tickets for Neil where we had the super exciting adventures waiting for us on the other end. A time period of two hours was required to reach where our driver had arranged other vehicle for our travel on the Island. Lakshmanpur Beach and Bharatpur beach were the most famous beach out of the lot but first, we wanted to be in a place that would remain peaceful among the innumerable beaches due to which we had chosen Sir Hugh Rose Island. Being a small Island, the purpose of being to the beach was the fact that we wanted to capture some pretty couple pictures of ours from the beach. We had the camera and the tripod and my husband was an expert in taking pictures without a cameraman and no beach destination would be better than Andaman where the scenery was the most delightful thing ever. We posed around the secluded region and clicked as many pictures as possible. It had been a task to get the permit to enter Sir Hugh Rose Island as permission had to be taken from the Deputy Ranger Officer from the Forests before getting into the premises of the Island. Almost 2 hours went and we decided to leave for lunch. Had it been Marina beach at Chennai, by one hour we would have walked back home because of the crowd.
The next best thing on the list to pursue at the Islands is in getting involved in the couple adventure activities. In spite of being a scary pooh, I was excited just this one time to get indulged in the water activities as the hope of being saved us quite high. All the major underwater activities were to be booked beforehand where they would be informing us the exact timing to be at the place. We drove to Lakshmanpur, one of the pristine beaches of Neil where we had booked two passes for snorkelling. The instructor had given us almost all possible instructions on how we had to behave under water. Knowing swimming was not necessary for this and a layman could try out this. Wearing the suit and carrying the cylinder, we dived together into the water to escapade the coral world of Andaman. The underneath which is the seabed was where an artist would fall for, as fresh colours in the form of Marine animals, aquatic plants and corals could be seen there whereas in Chennai it would have been plastics and other wastes. I had been pretty much in the dream world for all 20 minutes we had been there except for the fact that we still held hands together. We also took a ride on a banana boat for the fun part of it as we had time until the ferry came to pick us back to Port Blair.
Port Blair and Ross Island where the prime destinations of the visit for the second day due to which we checked out of the hotel as we could be wandering around and finally going to the airport by 8 pm as we had a flight to catch at Midnight back to Chennai. Ross Island was where we could be finding the essence of all that had occurred in the movie, Kala Pani. The Cellular Jail and the British Headquarters had been located at the Ross Island where we got to see these places where we could spend hours staring at what we all have evolved from by being a part of the past where freedom had been the ultimatum. Mahabalipuram which is located at Chennai is also known for the connection it has with the ancient past but this seemed to be a lot more relevant to the history, which both of us were fond of knowing. We had indeed set couple goals in it. The last place on our Andaman tour package from Chennai was Samudrika Naval Marine Museum. Each section of the museum stood to explain what made the whole of Andaman which included the actual tribe residents as well as about the marine life in the Islands. We had a late lunch as our museum trip had consumed quite a lot of time. The driver dropped us at the airport before which we grabbed some coffee from the airport as Chennai was at a distance of 2 hours and we wanted something to keep us awake where we could see the night view of the destination from the plane.

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