Hunt for the Best Attire on a Stay over at Cochin

When living with the extended family, there is always a reason held on for going out together. And this time, our journey to Kochi was powered by my cousin brother as he was getting married in a month and all the ladies had been busy hunting the perfect saree for the bride. I am just 17 and is not really into shopping a lot, due to which I decided to wander around with my brother while my mother and aunts are busy in the task. It was a two-day job and so we had reserved rooms in a Popular Kerala Hotel named Broad Bean. All of us got out of the car and went into the hotel where they escorted us to the rooms. As we got into the rooms they also got us welcome drinks into the room. I always had a thing for hotel rooms where I could feel touristy in the place even if I am actually not on a tour.

Welcome drink

It was Kochi and I had been eagerly waiting to walk up to the terrace to see the night lights. But dinner plans where ranked first for which we went to the multi-cuisine restaurant that was inside the hotel. It was pretty much a convenience as all of us were in comfortable clothes after freshening up. We ordered the food where the talks regarding who would be going to the boutiques and who would be going to the silk stores took place. I kept taking silly boomerangs and superzoom videos until the aroma of the food we ordered reached close to me. We were quick in hogging and ordered more as well. After the dinner was over, I also went down to the coffee shop where I got 2 cups of coffee that I could be sipping when on the terrace. I got onto the top of the terrace after getting the required permissions and they allowed us some 20 minutes. I dragged my brothers and cousin sister to the top from where we had been glancing the nightlife of Kochi, which is the most visible nightlife one would get to capture at Kerala.

We climbed the stairs and returned to the deluxe suite rooms where color coding had been going on now. Other than the dress for the bride and the groom, all of us were picking clothes for the wedding. I had already decided that the first place we visit would be from where I would be picking my dress as it was Jayalakshmi. WiFi passwords had been provided to us using which they searched for the locations of the shops that they could be visiting at a stretch. We switched on the television and got some Bollywood music to put all of us to sleep.The next day morning, we woke up and got ready after which we went down to eat breakfast. The newspaper was in front of the door which I picked as it would be of help when boredom strikes while shopping.

Both Indian and continental breakfast was being provided and since the second option was quite new, I tried it out and seemed to be a delightful option.

All of us reached the entrance of the hotel where a person asked if we required show shining. In fact, they had a shoe shining machine as a number of meetings are held in the conference hall of the hotel where the professionals might require a tinge of shine to the shoes. It seemed to be a fascination to me as I had never found something like it before. Also, having one in the schools would be of great help.

All of us had come together as a traveler and in the morning we required two vehicles as some had been going to Panampilly Nagar to explore the boutique collection. So we called the room service and checked if we could get a quick vehicle with a driver and in not more than 15 minutes they hired us one. We knew there was an option for hiring uber but this seemed an easier task. I picked some packaged drinking bottles from the hotel and put it in the bag. Both the vehicles took off and the hunt began. As we reached the store, I went to pick my cloth as I did not want to be hung over it throughout the time. My mother and aunt searched almost the whole store in search of what they had been specifically looking for the bride. They also made me take some pictures that I whatsapped to the bride to be. Time went by and I sipped the 5th coffee from varied stores. As the night came by, we returned to the hotel with the purchased goodies. The whole day had been hectic shopping and so the men who had been with us went down to the Minibar in the hotel while we decided to freshen up and get down to the restaurant. The women in the family got their food ordered into the room through room service facility. We had a perfect meal plan in the restaurant due to which we found it convenient to eat at the place. We got starters, main course, desserts and even juices. The night had turned to be an eventful one where we sat out in the recreational area talking for hours.

The hot water service was of more use the next morning as we had to check out and set back to home. On the way, some designs also had to be fetched. I had the breakfast and got few cups of coffee and snacks for the travel from the coffee shop. I carried most of the shopping bags to the traveler and dropped it inside along with the room service guy who had been nice to offer help. We made sure we had not left anything in there and thanked the Luxury hotels in Cochin for hosting as well. The trip had fallen out to be a lot more like a tour where we had almost explored the city in search of the best for the bride. I and my cousins had also decided that one day we would be getting back to Kochi to exclusively wander around the city, hogging some finest food as well, until which we had to wait to be back at the destination.

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