Opening the doors of travel to the destination of Kerala.

As far as travelling is considered, I have always been carefree of the destination for it is just fine to travel through any place as far as it is new and the roads have never been taken by me. I have always been an avid traveller and has been to quite some countries on travel. But my enthusiasm in travelling around India has always been low which had recently been boosted by one of my friends who had been to Kerala. Residing in Bangalore, the place was quite some hours from my hometown but there was never a reason that I could find to reach the place. Being convince I set off on a Kerala tourism package where a direct flight was boarded from Bangalore to Cochin from where I was picked by my travel planner seasonzindia. The night was to get set to travel to places where my friends would be coming all the way from Mumbai in the morning flight. Together we had got a travel package booked for us. the night went by as I glanced at the empty stars sitting in the balcony of a random hotel at Cochin.
The next day began the trip where I reached the airport and from there we got to the hotel to drop[ the pieces of baggage. It was a get-together cum travel time for us as it had been quite long that we have been to place together. After hoping some breakfast that had been serving complementary to us, we set off on our extra special journey through the city of Cochin. Fort Cochin was our first stop where we travelled along the beach first. The driver stopped there and we got out to see entertained tourists from all parts of the world walking along the street where various articles were being sold to the people. From there our fun ride began where we had been handed over with an auto rickshaw. The route map was also provided to us. One among us was pretty comfortable with riding the auto due to which we made him the official driver for it. And then by ourselves, we travelled to capture the sights of places like St Francis Church where we loitered around the premises of the church to see the beauty of the place. In some time we also set off to Jew town where the street was what a girl would die for in the first look. But anyone would look through each thing that is being sold here as it stands out due to its variety of articles that are being sold.
After checking outreach shop in the street we got to the Jewish synagogue which is where we had been awed by all the antiques that had been in store at the place. The journey continued from there after having some good biriyani which is also where we handed the auto as the next stop for us was at Kothamangalam. On reaching the Thattekad bird sanctuary we got to the place from where we had been handed over with the tickets for entry. After getting inside we walked along the pathway where we slowly started to sight few of the most beautiful birds in the destination. Quite a number of species of birds could be seen there where some of them stared at us as we clicked some good pictures of them. Born posers pretty much made the place a good destination for our visit as not many of them makes an appearance at Bangalore. We travelled back all the way where we had been looking out for some fun at the destination.The driver dropped us at the Marine drive. We went on a cruise and then got back to the benches that had been laid there. After walking along the place and catching a beautiful sunset we set back to the hotel for some rest. the night was pretty much a splendid one where we went for a movie at the Lulu Mall and also got good food served.
destination3The travel went on where the next day we had been on our way to Alleppey. the backwater destination surely had a cruise in store for us but as we reached we would be dining at the place as it would be lunch time by then. On reaching the destination in a drive of around four hours we got to the perfect place where the driver told that we could have some amazing food. The driver also asked us not to miss the tasty toddy that they served at the destination. We ordered quite a lot of food that we felt like tasting and then decided to order toddy as well. They served it with the prawns roast where we tasted it and ordered some more it along with toddy. All of a sudden it seemed like we had been to the place just for hogging for that was what had been implied by the bill that had been given to us at the end.  But the food was clearly not costly.  We went to Alleppey Beach and got to the Alleppey lighthouse which is where we got to see the beauty of the place where we had been. The sunset off in grace and we got come beautiful silhouettes clicked from the destination.
The night was eventually lit as we reached the houseboat that had decided to bear us for the night. On reaching the place we got to have a really good time where we had been served with welcome drinks and amazing seafood starters. We were also provided with comfortable chairs sitting where we stared into the like that went on for12 hours. We sat and talked as we ate the dinner that was given to us. A beautiful journey had hence marked an end through that night. the next day we were off back to the airport which is where were to catch the flight to the various destinations from where we had come. The Kerala tour package from Bangalore for me had been more an entirely different experience where the beautiful villages held me in to come back to Kerala again.

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