A travel beyond the end of the time to Kerala

When two people get together, the universe intends to bring out a beautiful family through them. And when the getting together part happens through an arranged marriage, a honeymoon makes the path to a much better understanding between the couple. This comes out a person who has experienced the same in the very same era. Ours had been a travel where we had come together through a marriage site which was arranged by both our parents. Having lived most of my life in Hyderabad, when it came to taking an opinion about our honeymoon, I had been open to any place for everything was new in my eyes. The journey marked as we planned to visit Kerala. We were quite enthused by the fact that we were visiting the place which basically showed the travel spirit in us. Husband got everything planned through Le lagoon Holidays where we had been looking forward to enjoying a carefree journey. We were dropped at the Hyderabad airport by our parents where began the Kerala honeymoon package. We got down at the Cochin International airport where we were picked by the driver. He took us all the way to a restaurant where we had our lunch and from there he took us to Athirapilly waterfalls. That is where we had been having our first sightseeing spot.


The beautiful waterfalls had all kind of beauty that would attract anyone. We got in and took a walk where a lot of tourists had been there. The gushing sound of the waterfalls could be heard as we had been walking. A small walk down the place was necessary to reach the waterfalls. We held each other’s hand and helped each other to reach beneath from where we were able to see the beauty of the place. The greenliness around and the water streams made it the delight to our eyes. we sat there by the rocks and enjoyed the aura that the place had been passing on to us. In an hour we got up from the place and began walking back. The refreshment shop located inside came in to use where we got juices to drink. Some monkeys had been around waiting to take the last sip from our bottle due to which we gave it to them. We got back in the car whee the driver drove to Vazhachal. The thatched entrance looked alluring and as we got in, we got to see a light small fall but very a very beautiful on. The rush had been less here due to which we sat there for a longer time. When it was almost 6, we walked to the car. The driver said us that the stay for the night was arranged nearby itself where he said we could get enough beauty of the place captured.


We reached the destination in 10 minutes where we were at rainforest which was indeed the name of the place. The driver said that we would be heading out by 8 in the morning, the next day. The porter took the luggage and we walked into the room on entering which we realized that we were actually going to spend a whole night watching the falls. It was the most beautiful place that one could ever stay at where we literally felt lucky that we had got the place for our stay. We kept on ordering food into our room and gulped it down sitting by the chairs that had been put towards the falls. The night went by in absolute bliss where the next day we vacated the room and headed out to continue our honeymoon. The driver said us that we were on a long journey to Alleppey where we had a bunch of activities to do there. We reached the destination after a really long journey where the driver dropped us at the Alleppey beach. We walked along the seashore as we had been tired of sitting. We got some peanuts from the place to munch in where the driver called us as we had one more place to visit before we headed out for our night stay which was to climb the lighthouse. And anything relating to walking and climbing was favorite to both of us.

The climb began where we were quite amused that this is what a lighthouse actually was. And in some time we reached the top where we had been totally astonished by the view that had been in front of us. The heaving breath was totally worth the effort we had taken to reach up to the top. It was just another spectacular thing that we had never got to do at Hyderabad. When it was almost time we got down and took a walk where the driver showed us a small hut shop from where we could eat anything in case we wanted to. We got a hot cup of boost and a Maggi from him which we had sitting in the happy place. By then it was the evening where we had been heading for our night stay that had been arranged in a houseboat. On reaching the place we got to see the lake that spread out in the place. On reaching the place itself we had realized that we were going to have an exciting night along the cruise.


The boat came and picked us by when the darkness had fallen over. The guide inside the boat welcomed us in and gave us tender coconut juice to drink. We sat there trying to seek some comfort for it had been entirely new to us. But the guide helped us to make it quicker where we began to enjoy our ride. When it was almost 9, an amazing platter of food was served to us where we had been looking onto introducing the cuisines to our parents back at Hyderabad as the seafood was just amazing. Once the food was done, we began staring through the window for the place was simply more than just beautiful. The moonlit lake shimmered in its essence of beauty and we stared and talked all night sitting there. After a small nap, we even woke up to enjoy the sunrise. we were just too happy by being at the place. The breakfast was served to us along with coffee by when we reached back to the point from where we had begun the journey. We thanked the guide big time for the safe journey he had given us and walked to the car.

We had a flight to catch back after the best Kerala tour package from Hyderabad was over by 10 pm but until then we also had some time to hang around Cochin after getting back to the place. The driver dropped us at Fort Cochin where we had been walking along a cooler place that looked more like another foreign country. The hippies in us got out at the place where we had quite a lot of fun at the beach viewing the fishing nets and posing by the place. We even shopped from the streets where they had beautiful articles for sale. And that was it where the driver dropped us at a mall after all the walking, from where we got some burgers for dinner. When it was 7 pm, we were dropped at the airport and that was about our whole journey where the different places had made us all happy about being to the place together. We thanked the driver for being an amazing person who had been on time, everywhere which was indeed the most impressive factor for him as well. He gave us his card before bidding us bye where we could actually use it for us and also for our friends visiting Kerala. A beautiful celebration of life itself had hence been marked on the whole journey.

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