Adventures, a main element for tourism in Kerala


With unique geographical structure and climatic condition, Kerala is a state to the south which is blessed with a number of different attractions that fascinates the travelers to a greater extent. It is mostly the beauty of the travel destination in the state and the rich cultural heritage that the state holds in that makes the place one of the well known and most explored travel destinations. Explored by national travelers the state is one of the must-visit destinations to the south which is mostly referred to as the traveler’s paradise. Apart from the beauty of the places and the unique travel attractions, the place holds there is one other element that draws the tourist from around the world to the state which is the adventures that the land offers. Filled with natural beauty Kerala houses a number of fascinating hill stations and water destinations which makes the land one perfect spot where travelers could enjoy some of the best adventures.  Along with the nature lovers, couples and honeymooners a number of adventure lovers from around the world also plan a tour to Kerala so as to explore and experience the different sports which the state offers. Listed below are some of the best adventures that one could enjoy while exploring the different travel destinations of Kerala.

The misty hill stations


Filled with rich green valleys and plantations, Kerala houses one of the best hill stations which would fascinate any traveler touring to the land. One of the main attractions of the hill stations of Kerala is the climate that the place holds in and the unique aromatic plantations of the land. Most of the hill stations in the land are known to house tea plantation for which the land is known for. Apart from the climate the green meadows and the beauty of the plantations the hill station of Kerala is also known to be one of the best spots where travelers could enjoy a number of adventures. Different travel operators like Seasonzindia organizes special adventure trip to these hill stations of the state allowing the travelers to explore the land and its potential to its best. Most of the travelers touring to the hill stations of Kerala opt to enjoy trekking, mountain climbing, mountain cycling, rock climbing and bunk jumping. The hill stations of Kerala are one of the perfect destinations for adventure enthusiasts who love to explore the treasures in the wild and the valleys by enjoying a number of adventures and by taking the roads not taken

The wilderness and the forest


Wildlife and forests are one main attraction of Kerala. Filled with rich greenery the place is home to a verity of birds and animals that attracts the attention of a number of travelers mainly birdwatchers and nature lovers.  Apart from the wild and the beauty of nature one thing that attracts the travelers to the forest destinations of Kerala are the different adventures that the place offers to the travelers. Being the land of wild, Kerala allows the travelers and adventure lovers to enjoy some of the best wildlife adventures of the land like trekking, hiking, treetop stays, off trail rides, safaris, jeep rides and more. Bunk jumping and paragliding are some of the other best adventures that the travelers visiting Kerala could enjoy to the best. Housing all the unique wild lives and nature, the forest destination of the state is one best spot to enjoy and explore adventures of the land.

The waterfalls and nature


The waterfall destinations of Kerala are not just spotted of natural beauty and adventures but also are one of the favorite spots for filmmakers. Athirappilly and Vazhachal are the 2 main waterfall destinations in Kerala that has served as the best location for a number of different movies both Hindi Malayalam and Tamil like Bahubali and more. Most of the waterfalls of Kerala are located in the forest which allows the travelers to enjoy trekking and hiking trip so as to reach the falls. The place also offers a number of other adventures like boating, river rafting, bamboo rafting where travelers are allowed to explore the complete forest through rafting in a raft made of bamboos. Swimming, nature bath are some of the best things that one could experience in the waterfall destination of Kerala that could make your trip to the place more happening and adventurous.

The complex inland waters and beaches


With a unique geographical structure, Kerala houses a number of water destinations like beaches and waterfall destinations but the complex inland water destinations of Kerala is one of the best and most unique water destinations in Kerala that attracts the attention of travelers from around the world. The complexity of the water, the beauty of nature in the place, the fascinating moonlit waters, the traditional Kerala cuisines are all some of the best attractions of the backwater destinations of Kerala. The backwaters and the beach destination of Kerala not just offer the travelers with fascinating nature and beauty but also allow them to enjoy some of the best adventures. Houseboats are one of the main attractions in most of the backwaters and beach destinations of Kerala. Travelers from different parts of the world plan Kerala trip just to experience the backwater treasures of the land. Houseboat race, houseboat tours, houseboat stays, diving, swimming fishing are all some of the adventures that the travelers could enjoy in the inland waters and beach destinations of Kerala.

Adventures are one main thing that attracts the travelers most to a state that the beauty of the place. Kerala is one such state that has attracted the attention of the travelers with the different adventures that the land had to offer. The state holds in a number of other attractions like the culture, the dance forms, climate, historical destination and more that acts as the main elements of travel and tourism. With all such beauty and attractions, Kerala is a perfect tourist destination to the south that holds all the potential for tourism.


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