Explore Kerala in some of the best cost-effective ways

When talking about the best travel destinations in India, Kerala would top the list with its enticing travel destinations, unique travel attractions and most fascinating climatic conditions. Even when the state is referred to as one of the best and most sought after travel destination in the country, Kerala at present is facing a bad time in tourism with the number of travellers tripping to the state decreasing in number day by day. According to the latest tourism survey, it is mainly the increasing travel rates to the well-known tourist destination that is affecting the tourism industry of the state. With the increasing demand of Kerala as a travel destination the rate of the travel packages have increased to a greater extent that most of the travellers now think twice before selecting Kerala as one of their travel destination. To solve this issue and to increase the rate at which travellers tripping to Kerala, the state government with tour operators like Seasonzindia have organised a number of Kerala tour packages at budget price. One main aim in organising special packages is to attract the attention of the travellers to the place and to popularise the travel destinations in Kerala on a global level. Most of the travellers while planning a trip to well-known travel destinations in Kerala would just look into the different travel package rates. This is one main reason why travellers find it hard to organise a trip at cheap rates. Kerala to the south is one fascinating tourist destination that caters to the need of travellers in all ways. Thus the state also offers the travellers with a number of options by which one could reduce the travel rates to a greater extent. All that a traveller has to do before booking a package is to look for more options which are cheap so as to enjoy a cost-effective trip to Kerala. Listed below are some of the best ways in which you could save while travelling to explore the well-known travel destinations in Kerala.

Season of travel

elephantTo the south, Kerala is one best travel destination with a moderate climate throughout the year and thus the state welcomes travellers during any season. Travellers are free to organise tours and trips to different travel destinations in Kerala irrespective of the time or the season. But according to the tourism calendar, the months from March to June is considered to be the peak season for tourism and thus the travel rates, the package price and even the accommodation rates would be the highest during this period. So for travellers who wish to explore the best travel destinations and the best travel attractions in Kerala at a fair price, it would be the best to travel during off seasons i.e. is during the monsoon season. In addition during the monsoon, most of the travel operators and hotels located to the hill stations and the wildlife destinations of Kerala provide the travellers with the best seasonal offers and discounts in packages and accommodation.

Travel destination


Hill station, water destinations, wildlife destinations and historic spots are some of the best travel destinations in Kerala that traveller tripping to Kerala could explore. The travel rates to each destination may vary depending on the demand of the place as a travel destination. The travel rates and travel expense in a hill station like Munnar would be much more than in a place like the Vagamon as the place is not much popular among the travellers when compared to the misty hills of Munnar. To explore the true phase of Kerala at the cheap and affordable price it would be the best to explore some of the offbeat travel destinations in the state like the Soochippara waterfalls and more. Most of the of best travel destinations in the state holds within the true beauty and potential of nature and the wild, so to explore the best of Kerala at cheap rates it is more preferable to choose an itinerary with the least explored attractions of Kerala.

Mode of accommodation

Being one of the best and most sought-after travel destinations Kerala houses a number of accommodation facilities which extends from homestays and dorms to hotels and treetop stays. Travellers while choosing the packages are free to select their mode of accommodation. So for those who wish to save on accommodation, it would be the best that you omit the luxurious hotels from the list and add home stays or dorms. If travelling in a group it would be more preferable that you choose to stay in a dorm so that you could save more. Travellers are also free to choose to enjoy camop9ing at some destination as per their interest. Treetop stays are also one mode of accommodation that the travellers could choose while planning to enjoy s budget trip to the state.

Mode of transportation


Well connected with roadways most of the travel destinations in Kerala offers the best moods of transportations. But here what we are talking about is your choice of transportation that you would choose so as to reach Kerala. Most of the travellers prefer to add their transportation charges to their tourism packages to Kerala so as to travel at an affordable price. But at times it is the best that we make the bookings on our own so that we could choose the flights it the train according to our convenience. Moreover, we could even make the bookings early so that we could get the tickets at cheaper rates. While exploring the travel destination it is the best that you get a bike or car of your own if possible or for rent. As most of the travel destinations and attractions are well connected by road travellers could even make use of the public transports which would be much cheaper.

Travelling cheap to the best attractions and travel destinations of Kerala is possible all that you have to do is some researches and homeworks. By planning a trip in a cost-effective way by making use of the different ideas and options any travellers could explore the whole of Kerala at a budget rate. Being the best travel destination Kerala offers the tourist with a varied option of travels that one could make use of to enjoy the best pocket-friendly trip.

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