The Best Luxury Resorts in the Tourist Sensation of Kerala – Munnar

With the tourism sector of India showing a continuous rise in the graph, the number of hotels and resorts in Kerala have also increased tremendously. There are resorts in almost every tourist destination of Kerala and as the years pass, the resorts are gradually moving to a higher level. The hotels and resorts are no longer just a place to stay but are gradually turning into tourist destinations that are much sought-after by travellers. There are many resorts and hotels in Kerala which are very popular due to their style of architecture, the way of service etc. Tourists coming to Kerala are especially fascinated by the traditions and cultures of Kerala. Therefore there are many resorts and hotels in Kerala that work in a completely traditional way of the state. Even the architectural style of the buildings are done in a Keralite style. Most of the resorts also organize various tourist activities for the travellers to take part and enjoy. The resorts of Kerala are now modern with a traditional twist to it which is preferred and accepted by the tourists streaming into Kerala. Everything is set in the most appealing style after studying the interests of travellers in a detailed way. Lately, it can be observed that people are more into luxury resorts which is why the number of luxury resorts in Kerala is showing a drastic increase. Be it a honeymoon trip or a family gettogether, the luxury resorts are the first choice of a majority of the tourists. The Resorts of Kerala have reached a level where they are able to provide the best of services to their guests. Here we are going to explore the luxury resorts located in one of the best tourist destinations in Kerala, Munnar.

Sterling Resort

Sterling Resort is one of the most popular luxury resort in Munnar. It is located at a distance of 18km away from the town of Munnar in the famous Chinnakanal Village. The resort is surrounded by natural beauty, situated amidst the hills and you feel reconnected to Nature as you are away from the bustle of the city. The resort has a well-managed restaurant which offers the best dishes (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) from the Kerala cuisine in the most authentic style. If you are in the spa, you can also enjoy an amazing spa session at the Subuthi Wellness Spa. The luxury resort also has free parking facilities, wifi, air-conditioned suites with all the desired facilities.

Broad Bean Resort and Spa

Broad Bean Resort and Spa is one of the Best Resorts in Munnar. The resort is situated in the village of Chithirapuram which is situated at a distance of 13 km from the town of Munnar is just a 30-minute drive from it. The resort is well known for the excellent services and standard amenities provided. The resort is situated amidst a beautiful view of the hills and tea plantations. The best part is that you get a wonderful view from every suite of the resort. You are also entitled to free wifi, parking facilities. suites with all the desired facilities like bottled water, comfortable furnishings etc. The bathrooms are also quite spacious with a continuous supply of water (both cold and hot). Broad Bean Resort runs a great multicuisine restaurant which is particularly known for the cleanliness and the delicious food it offers. And the best part is that your suite with all the facilities along with a peaceful time comes at a very pocket-friendly price.

Nature Zone Resort

Nature Zone Resort is one of the most loved resorts in Munnar. This luxury resort is situated in Pullipara which is just a few kilometers from the famous tourist sensation of Munnar, The Tata Tea Museum. True to its name, Nature Zone is very much connected to Nature. It is a jungle resort surrounded by the wilderness of the trees and bushes along with some luxury tents! The tourists can stay at tree houses which gives a stunning view of the valley below. Nature Zone Resort is located at a height of 6 meters above sea level and is one of the most unique resorts of Munnar. Help is always at hand with a 24-hour front desk. If you are hungry you can always gorge on a variety of dishes from the multi-cuisine restaurant of the resort. Nature Zone Resort is simply perfect for those who are into adventures.

Holiday Heaven Resort

Holiday Heaven Resort is a beautiful resort situated in Munnar. It is located in the Chinnakanal village which is only 20kms away from the Munnar Bus Station. The resort is situated in a very serene environment where you can sit back and relax, gazing at the beautiful view that the green hill ranges provide you with. The hills are always covered in mist, which makes it even more sublime. There is a huge garden which is a delight for kids. You can take your children to the garden and spend some quality time with your children. The Holiday Heaven Resort also has an amazing multicuisine restaurant which offers scrumptious Chinese and Indian food. Make sure you visit the resort when in Munnar. So, make it a point to pay a visit to Holiday Heaven Resort on your trip to Munnar.

Munnar Tea Country Resort

Munnar Tea Country Resort is located in Thattathimukku which is at a distance of 12km from the Tea Museum in Munnar. The resort by itself is such an architectural beauty which is perfectly entwined with nature. The spacious rooms with a view of the perfect landscape are worth the money paid. The rooms also have spacious balconies along with all the desired facilities like bottled water, comfortable furnishings, TV with cable connection etc. It also has wellness centres and free parking facilities along with a 24-hour front desk service. The staff here are very friendly and they ensure that you have a comfortable stay at the resort. Munnar Tea Country Resort also has a well-furnished multicuisine restaurant with a great ambience that provides delectable food from Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine.

Tea Valley Resort

Tea Valley Resort is one of those resorts in Munnar that provides premium facilities. The resort is located in Pothamedu which is an hour’s drive from the town of Munnar. The resort is at a distance of 115km from the Cochin International Airport and 100km away from the Coimbatore Railway Station. Set amidst 6.5 acres of lush greenery, this unique resort offers the best ambience for you to relax in. Tea Valley Resort has almost 29 cottages set in the backdrop of Nature’s magical beauty. There is one special thing that really sets this resort apart from the other resorts in Munnar. You can bring your pets to this resort. How cool is that! The resort also provides facilities for an outdoor fireplace or barbeque. The resort offers you three different types of cottages to choose from. You have options like an executive, luxury and honeymoon cottage. The multi-cuisine restaurant of Tea Valley Resort is run by very talented and experienced chefs who will prepare scrumptious Chinese, Indian and continental food for you.

The above mentioned are the trending luxury resorts in Munnar which is preferred by a majority of the tourists streaming into Munnar. All these resorts offer the best of services and that is the reason behind their popularity. So, next time when you visit Munnar, get an accommodation in any one of these amazing resorts.

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