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In India, tourism is one of the fastest growing business sectors that contribute greatly to the economic and social welfare of the country. With most of the states promoting and developing tourism to a global level, the rate at which travelers visiting the state has increased to a greater extent. But in the last few years, tourism has decreased to a limit to the southernmost states of India like Kerala. According to the survey, one main reason for this effect in travel tourism in Kerala is mainly due to the increasing travel rates. Most of the travelers from around the world find it very inconvenient to explore the travel destinations in Kerala due to the high travel cost and the increasing tour package price. In addition, there are travel operators who charge extra for foreign travelers as compared to domestic travelers. It is mostly because of a number of such reasons that most of the travelers both domestic and foreign steps back from availing a travel package to the south. To tackle with this problem the state government with travel operators like Dream Holidays and tour operators have organized a number of cost-effective travel packages allowing the tourist from around the world to explore the fascinating travel destinations in Kerala. One of the added attractions of the budget packages organized is that they provide a number of additional offers to the packages depending on the seasonal attractions of the place. Most of the budget packages organized have additional traveling and accommodation options which fascinates and attracts the travelers to a greater extent. One main reason for the government authorities of the state to support developing the tourism sector is because the sector contributes a great deal to the economic development of the state. Apart from the decreased package cost, there are a number of things that the travelers could do to reduce the travel expenses to a greater extent like those listed below.

Save Money on Transportation

  • Travel at the cheapest times


Flight and other travel rates is one main thing that mostly affects the budget of a trip. For travellers choosing to fly to the travel destinations of Kerala could choose to travel at times when the flight rates are low. The price of flights would very time to time depending on the month, the day or even the time of the travel. Now in this digital world, there are a number of applications and sites where you could compare the flight rates and these sites would allow you to see the cheapest days to fly helping you save in transportation cost. You can even choose to travel during weekdays as it could make a huge difference in the flight ticket rates.

  • Travel in low season


Travel dates and ticket rates to different destinations would differ depending on the season. For travellers who wish to travel in low rates could choose to trip during the off seasons so as to get travelling tickets at lower rates. Travelling to Kerala and other southern travel destinations during festive season would be very costly as compared to the other days. So it would be best to choose off season for holiday trips to Kerala for lower flight ticket rates.

  • Fly indirect

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Direct light rates are very high than the connected flights. For foreign travellers, it would be best to choose connecting flights so that you could get tickets at lower rates. Even though the travel duration would be higher as compared to the direct flights the rates would be less. For travellers who wish to get to the place early could choose to travel in direct flights where the ticket cost would be a bit higher.

  • Pre-book air-tickets


Booking flight tickets or other transportation tickets is never a good idea as it would have a number of complications including high rates and full booking. It is not necessary that you get your bookings done for the date the same day as there are chances for the seats to be filled. In such cases, it could be best to book a ticket in advance so that you would get the tickets at a lower rate comparatively.

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Save money on accommodation

Choose a private room


If you are all done with the usual hotel stays, you could choose other modes of accommodation too like a private room or so. Most of the travel destinations in Kerala offer travellers with a wider variety of accommodation odes where private rooms are one among them. And in addition, the rates at the place would be very less as compared to the hotel room rates. Most of the private rooms also offer travellers with the same facilities as that in the hotel.

 Try homestays


Kerala is a well-known travel destination with very fewer hotels to the best attractions and thus the place houses a number of homestay options which is offered at a very low rate. Most of the homestay options offered in Kerala allow the travellers to enjoy a perfect stay in a homely environment. Moreover, they offer travellers with the best traditional cuisines and a number of other entertainment options. For travellers who wish to enjoy the best budget stay in a friendly and lively environment home stays in Kerala is one of the best options.

  • Do good search on the rooms and the rates


Kerala offers the travellers with a number of fascinating options for accommodation which are cheap and affordable all that the travellers have to do is to have a small research on the different accommodation modes and the rates offered. The different hotel offers different rates in different applications and websites in such a case to get the best accommodation in cheap rates it would be advisable that you do all the researchers of the hotels in the travel destinations and its changing rates.

Save Money at Your Destination

  • Choose best destinations


Kerala being a well-known travel destination to the south houses a number of travel options starting from hill stations, backwaters, forest and wildlife destinations, beach destinations and more. Most of the travellers choosing to enjoy a budgeted holiday to the state choose to explore the nature and wildlife of the state. This is mostly because the ticket rates in such destinations would either be nil or very less. Travelers can even choose to explore the different offbeat destination of the state so as to have a different and very unique experience of the land. To enjoy the best climate, the hill stations of Kerala would be the best choice.

  • Avoid over shopping


Shopping is one of the unavoidable parts of trips and tours. This is mainly because most of the travellers visiting the exotic travel destinations of Kerala would love to carry something back home for friends and family or latest as something to remember from the trip. Most of the travel destinations in Kerala offer a number of handicraft items and traditional clothes which the foreign travellers would love to buy, but the cost of these items would be very high in the travel destinations as compared to those you could get in cities. In such cases, it would be best to avoid shopping from the travel destinations or you could get the same from the cities at cheaper rates.

  • Eat like a local


Food is the next important thing where you will have to spend less. Most of the hotel and restaurants located to the well-known travel destinations would charge high for the food. This is mostly because of the less availability of food options outside the city area. In such situations, for travellers to have a budgeted travel it would be best to choose to eat like a local. This clearly means to let go of the comfortable hotels and restaurants and get on the road to have from the Dhabhas and such local options. In addition, this is one of the best ways where you could explore the real taste of the land.

  • Choose your adventures carefully


Travelers from around the world travel to the fascinating hill stations of Kerala just to get indulged in the different adventures that the place offers. For travellers who plan to enjoy a cost-effective trip to the hill stations of Kerala could choose to enjoy some of the best budget adventures offered in the land. Trekking, hiking, boating, mountain climbing, cycling are all some of the best budget adventures that the travellers visiting the place could enjoy


To set up a trip including all these measures would take great effort. Travelers will have to plan the trip in one of the best cost-effective ways. For tourists who are not willing to put much effort into organizing or planning a trip could even choose to avail some cheap tour package organised by different travel operators in Kerala. With the best accommodation, transportation modes and fascinating attractions the travel destinations, Kerala is one of the best destinations to the south with the potential to quench a traveler’s thirst.


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