Kannur the Land of Food, Flavours and Taste that melts a Foodie’s Heart


A coastal city located to the south most tip of India, Kannur is one of the best and most sought after offbeat travel destination in Kerala that grabs the attention of the travelers from around the world with its rich greenery, natural beauty and unique attractions. Apart from the natural beauty of the place, there are a number of things that facilitate and grab the attention of the tourists to the place. Being one of the best-known travel destinations, Kannur houses within a number of best hotels and resorts that are being located closer to the best travel attractions in the land, like the broad bean hotel which is located almost to the center of the city allowing the travelers to have a closer reach to the destinations. Keeping apart the natural beauty of the place it is mainly the Malabar food that robs the hearts of the foodies. This makes the place one of the best destinations where one could enjoy the best of the taste in the land giving the travelers a literal treat of tastes. Apart from being traveler’s paradise the city, Kannur is also one of the best flavor spots with hotels that offer the travelers with the true taste of Malabar. Listed below are some of the must-try foods in Kannur that one could try while enjoying a best-facilitated accommodation at the best-rated hotel in the city.

Thalassery chicken Biriyani


Kannur literally is a land of food and flavors and for travelers who wish to taste the authentic taste of the same should never miss the Thalassery chicken Biriyani which is offered at almost all the hotels in the land. The dish is mostly referred to as the king of the Biriyani in the state and is a never miss food for all those foodie travellers exploring the land who love the taste of layered Masala. The Thalassery chicken Biriyani that is offered at Kannur, unlike the other Biriyani is not just plain white ice layered with Masala and chicken, here the rice is being cooked altogether along with the spices and chicken in a pot. The flavor and the blend of Masala into the rice are so heavenly that the taste would remain forever. Most of the hotel in Kannur serves this dish in a pot as it is one of the most demanding in the area.



This is one of the best Malabar sweet dishes that have got fans around the world. The dish is mainly prepared by the Muslim community in the area and could be found in abundance in almost all hotels at Kannur during different Muslim festivals. Unnakaya is not just a sweet dish but is also one of the Malabar snacks that any traveler tripping to Kannur can find in almost all the tea shops in the area. Unnakaya is basically a sweet that is made of banana and coconut in a very unique way. The dish is so delicious that most of the travelers visiting Kannur prefer to taste the dish at least once. It is basically this popularity of the dish that makes it available in most of the hotels in the land.

Kallummakkaya Nirachathu


Also known as Kadukka in a number of places Kallummakkaya or mussels is a dish that could be referred to as the brain of Kerala seafood cuisine. Being one of the special and unique cuisines at Kannur the dish could be easily found in almost all the in-house restaurant and hotels in the area. Filled with flavors and Malabar spices this dish not just offers the travelers with a unique taste but also introduces most of the foreign traveler to a very different and new blend of flavors and taste. Even though the making of the dish is a bit hectic and takes time in cleaning, it is all worth the effort. A perfect blend of this seafood with spices and malaise would bring out the true flavors and taste of the land.

Malabar beef roast


Even though beef is banned in most of the places like Gujarat, it is not the case in Kerala. Kannur is a land with a Muslim majority and thus most of the cuisines that are prepared and known in the land include beef as a variant in the cuisine. The Malabar beef roast is one such cuisine in Kannur with great demand among the locals and the foreign travelers visiting. The dish is mostly used as a curry or side dish which tastes the best with other food items in the land which includes Appam, rice, puttu and porota. Most of the hotels in Kannur serve a number of different verities of main dishes like chapatti and more with the Malabar beef roast. The unique blend and the taste of beef with Masala is something that every traveler must taste while enjoying a stay at the hotels in Kannur.



Yet another Malabar snack that is famous in Kannur is Neypathiri, which is basically deeply fried rice rote. The dish is mostly found during the time of Ramzan in most of the old or traditional Muslim families. Even though the dish is mostly had with a non-vegetarian side dish for dinner, the dish can also be had as a snack without a side dish. Being one of the well known and demanding dishes in Kannur, Neypathiri could be found in almost all the tea shops and hotels in Kannur.


Even though Kannur is a place with nature a natural beauty in plenty the place is mostly known among the travelers and foreigners for the taste and the food verities that the place serves. One of the best places from where the foreign travelers could taste the best of these traditional delicacies are the best hotels in Kannur where one could enjoy a refreshing stay along with exploring the taste and the flavors of Malabar. Most of the spice-loving foods travelers prefer to explore the Malabar region in Kerala which includes Kannur due to the wider food verities and taste that are made available in the area. To explore the best taste of spices of Kerala, Kannur is the one of the best travel destinations to start with.

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