Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala, the Land with Virgin Nature

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Traveling and exploring nature and nature-friendly travel destinations is one thing that everyone likes. When the trip is being planned like the honeymoon tours with that one person you love, it becomes even more special and memorable. Even though we all like travelling to places, but the one thing that mostly makes us postponed such plans are the increasing travel rates. With the increasing demand for tourism, the rates of the travel packages increase greatly which hold back the growth of travel and tourism to a greater extent. To the south most tip of India, Kerala is one of the most fascinating and demanding travel destinations that attract the attention and the interest of the travellers and honeymoon couples with the unique attractions, climate and the geographical condition that prevails in the state. Even though the state holds within travel operators like Seasonzindia who offers the travellers and the honeymoon couples with tour packages to Kerala at a budget price, most of the trips to the best travel destinations like Munnar, Wayanad, Kochi and more would cost a fortune. If it is to enjoy a budget-friendly and cost-effective honeymoon trip to the state it is the best that you choose the offbeat travel destinations in the place with immense beauty, climate and charm.


When it is about the offbeat honeymoon destinations in Kerala, Pathanamthitta is one of the best choices that the couples could make. Mostly referred to as the headquarters of the pilgrimages in the state, the place holds within a number of ancient temples with the best architectural structures, in short, the place is a small yet beautiful town that is believed to be drenched in mysticism and spirituality. Covered by enchanting sights the place promises the travellers visiting with the most memorable experiences. Being off-beat travel destination the travel package rates to the place are mostly lower as compared to those organised to the most sought after travel destinations in the land. Listed below are some of the best travel attractions in Pathanamthitta that the honeymooners and the nature lovers travelling to the place could explore at a cheap and affordable rate.

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Elephant Training Center, Konni

The best part of a honeymoon trip to Pathanamthitta is that you get a chance to see the wild elephants being tamed. It is one of the best sights that a traveller could enjoy. Located almost at a distance of 11 km from Pathanamthitta town is the elephant training center in Konni which is one well-known spot among the travellers, nature lovers and foreign tourists. The place is surrounded by forest offering the elephants in the area with a natural environment. In addition, the place was once one of the most known destinations where the wild elephant was tamed. One of the main attractions of the place is the “Aana Koodu” which in short could be explained as a huge wooden cage that is built in order to house the elephants that are being tamed in the place. The Aana Koodu at a time could accommodate up to 3 to 4 Elephants. To make the honeymoon trip and family trips more entertaining and happening. The place also offers elephant safari with a number of different adventure activities like trekking and more. Being one of the nature-friendly destinations in Pathanamthitta, the Konni, elephant training center doesn’t charge much on the travellers and thus the travel price to the place is very less and affordable.


Perunthenaruvi Falls

Waterfalls are always one of the unavoidable parts of honeymoon trips to Kerala. When it is a budget-friendly trip the waterfall destinations is a must explore spot. Located at Pathanamthitta district the Perunthenaruvi Falls is one of the most known and best beautiful waterfalls in Kerala. With a word meaning of “the honey stream”, the waterfalls is one of the best recommended by the travellers from around the world.  Rushing from a high of about 60 to 100 feet, the fall descends into a pool which is connected by a number of streams. The view that the place offers is one of the best for travellers who are in love with the beauty and the charm of nature. Apart from being a known honeymooner spot, the place is also one of the best places in Pathanamthitta where families could enjoy some fun time amidst the beauty of nature.

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Pandalam Palace

Located near the bank of Achankovil which is 10 km from Adoor, the Pandalam Palace is a permanent home for the Pandalam royal family. The place at present is one of the best ruins where the couples could get some of the best pictures. At present there you could spot 2 different palace complexes which are the Valiyakoikkal Temple that is located to the left side of the river and the Kaipuzha Temple which is located about 1 km to the right of the river. The palace is not just a place of historical importance and natural beauty but the place also holds in great religious significance as the royal family who once lived in the palace is said to be descended from the Pandya dynasty of Madurai. The place is one of the most explored spots in most of the budget-friendly and cheap travel packages organised to Kerala.


Kakki Reservoir

One of the best impressive and beautiful dams built across the river Pamba is the Kakki Reservoir which is one of the best off-beat spots for the honeymooners where couples could get the best pictures of their honeymoon. The place is one of the best reserves and nature’s destination, this is one of the most prominent spots that could be included in a cost-effective honeymoon tour package organised to Kerala. Surrounded by beautiful valleys and forest the place offers the tourist and travellers visiting with one of the best picturesque view of nature and the surrounding. Located in the center of the forest, the reserve is being surrounded by lush green wildlife offering the nature lovers with one of the best off-beat travel spots.


If it is to explore the beautiful offbeat travel destinations in Kerala, planning a budget-friendly honeymoon trip or family tour is a very easy task. Kerala being located to the south most tips closer to the Western Ghats most of the travel destinations in the state houses in the best beauty of nature and a number of unique attractions that entices the travellers to a greater extent. Housing in the best attractions and beauty of nature Kerala is a true traveller paradise with the potential to quench the wanderlust of any traveller.

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