A charming state with nature and complex waters, the best spot for a perfect honeymoon

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Passion, best scenic travel destination, best of nature, climate and luxury are some of the best elements of honeymoon that most of the couple look forward to when it is about planning a romantic trip with that special one. The idea was almost the same for me when I and my husband were planning our dream honeymoon trip to the southernmost tip of the state i.e. to Kerala.  Mostly it is the choice of the travel destinations that put the travellers and the couples in jeopardy, but in my case, we were so sure of the travel destination, it was just the choice of travel operators that confused. When searching online you get a number of options but then the hard part is to select a travel operator who would offer you with a package flexible for you at a cheap and cost-effective price range. Seasonzindia was our choice, a few reviews at the online site was more than enough to convince us to plan a trip with the travel operator, in addition, they also offered us with the best and one of the cheapest honeymoon package to Kerala by including in the best offers and deals.


Our honeymoon trip was organised to be on the 13th of November, but as the travel packages choose doesn’t include the travel expenses from hometown to the travel destination, we had to travel on our own till we reached the Kochi international airport where we were to meet the travel representatives. After a flight of about 5 to 6 hours, we finally reached the Kochi international airport where we met the travel operators who introduced us to our cab driver who will also be our guide for the trip. Our travel destinations included a stay at Kochi during the first day of the trip and then a trip exploring the inland waters of Kochi during the second day. It is our first day of the first day of the trip and thus according to the itinerary, the first destination we were to tour was Kochi. So after checking-out from the airport, we were taken to our hotel so that we could take a small rest and then start with the trip of the day. After check-in at the hotel, we took a small power nap after which we continued with the honeymoon trip. As we were planning to enjoy cost-effective honeymoon trip exploring some of the best travel destinations in Kerala most of the travel destination that we choose to explore at Kochi was heap and cost-effective helping in cutting down the travel price to a greater extent. Listed below is some of the best honeymoon destination in Kochi that the couples could explore at a cheap and cost-effective price.



The Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Located within the high court premises, the Mangalavanam bird sanctuary is one of the best hideout travel destinations in Kochi that offers the nature lovers and the birdwatchers with the best visual treat. Filled with a number of mangrove plantations, the place is home to a number of migratory birds, being highly sensitive to human disturbances the place is one best travel destination located to the centre of Kochi were one could see the beauty of nature and greenery. The place holds in a tree house which is more like a watchtower from where the travellers visiting could see the beauty of the place as a whole. For travellers who wish to enjoy some peaceful time with nature, the place is one perfect spot.

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The Fort Kochi Beach

The Fort Kochi beach is yet another best honeymoon destination that one could explore them. The place holds in a number of best attractions which includes the Chinese fishing nets. The view that the beach offers of the fishing nets and the sky is something great and magnificent. In addition, there are a number of best travel attractions that are in located around the beach. The travellers visiting so as to explore the beach could spot a number of best roadside shops that sell a number of products from the dress, food to different ornaments that are made of seashells. The travellers get to taste the best of the taste of the land a number of best verities of food while at Fort Kochi. The best ways in which one could reach to the place is by taking a government ferry from boat jetty Ernakulam. Thus you get to enjoy a boating experience along with exploring the travel attractions at Fort Kochi.

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The Marine Drive

The marine drive can simply be explained as a beautiful walkway. The place is located close to the sea offering the travellers and the pedestrians walking along with the best view of the sunset, sunrise and the sea. The place also holds within a number of roadside shops that offers the travellers with a verity of food items with the best taste of the land. Marine drive is not much of a honeymoon spot but is one best destination in Kochi that one could enjoy the silence and the beautiful nature at cheap rates. The only expense that you would have the place could be of parking or of the things that you buy from the place.


By the time we finished our tour of the place, it was evening and our last destination of the day was The Marine Drive, from where we enjoyed the beautiful sunset. By around 8 pm we got back to the hotel room after enjoying some shopping. One thing that actually attracted us when we got back to the room was the honeymoon bedroom decoration. As we had chosen for a budget stay we really did not expect the hotel room arrangements to be that good, but we were wrong. It was the best that one could enjoy at a budget rate. We also enjoyed a small in-room candlelight dinner which was sweet and romantic. The next day morning we were to travel to the backwater capital, Alleppey. Even though Alleppey is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in Kerala and mostly the travel rates are to be high to the place, but now as it is off-season we had the chance to enjoy our honeymoon at the place, that too at cheaper and cost-effective rates. Alleppey is a place that is known to house some of the best houseboats, our honeymoon stays at Alleppey was organised at a budget houseboat at the pace. But so as to enjoy the best of the houseboat trip we were to go on board morning by around 10 am. So the next day morning we checked out of the hotel by 8.30 am, so that we can reach the houseboat at Alleppey on time.


By around 9.45 am, we boarded the houseboat, i.e. our 2nd day of honeymoon trip stated at about 10 am. Well maintained with best interiors, decors and all facilities as in a hotel, the houseboat was one luxurious set of accommodation here we also get to enjoy the best of the beauty of the backwaters. The only thing that I found a bit unconvincing was the fact that we have remained inside the boat all the time. Till noon we enjoyed the beauty of nature and the backwater villages and the greenery of the coconut plantations. By noon we were called to the dining area of the houseboat so that we can enjoy the taste of the traditional Kerala cuisine that was prepared at the kitchen area of the houseboat. One of the best parts of the food preparation at the houseboat is that you get to see the ways in which a traditional Kerala cuisine is being prepared; the travellers are allowed to enter into the kitchen where they can see the whole food preparation at the houseboat. After having delicious and mouth-watering lunch filled with flavors and aroma of Kerala we moved on with the trip. It was by 3 pm that the boat finally took a halt allowing us to explore some of the other best attraction at the place. Listed below is some of the best backwater attraction in Alleppey that the honeymoon travellers tripping to the place could enjoy exploring at the inland water destination.

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The coir industry and the coconut plantations

The coconut plantations and the coir industry is an important part of the backwater life in Kerala. Alleppey is one of the best backwater destinations in the state which is known to use the largest centres of coir and coconut plantations. Most of the places in Alleppey are filled with coconut plantations and located close by the same is the coir industry. One of the main reasons for the coir industry to be located close by the coconut plantations is due to the easier availability of raw materials. As a part of responsible tourism in the state, the honeymoon couples and the travellers visiting the place are offered with an opportunity to see and be a part of the industrial lives of the backwater industries. Enjoying lives and the local lifestyle of the people in the area at the cheapest rate is one of the best ways in which one could make the best out of the honeymoon in Kerala.

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The hand-loom and handicraft industry

when it comes to the backwater industries in Kerala, the hand-loom and handicraft industries plays one of the most important and major roles. This is one of the best ways in which you could explore the true beauty and the talents of the people in the place. Most of the hand-loom and the handicraft industries in Alleppey exhibit the best of the handicraft works of the people in the area. Being a place that could be explored by honeymoon travellers all groups of tourist exploring Alleppey and one of the best budget price travel spot a number of Kerala tour packages are being organised to the hand-loom travel destinations in Alleppey. As a part of the development of responsible tourism in Kerala, the travellers visiting can even enjoy making the best crafts themselves.


The Pathiramanal Island

Located to the Muhamma Panchayat of the Alleppey district, the Pathiramanal Island is one of the best travel destinations in Alleppey that a honeymoon couple could enjoy exploring. The place could be one where the travellers can enjoy the best privacy in the laps of nature. One of the other best attractions of the Pathiramanal Island is that the place is home to a wider verity of bird specious which mostly migratory birds are. The place is one of the best low-cost travel destinations in Kerala that nature lovers and birdwatchers could enjoy the best. Being an island spot to reach the place the travellers have to enjoy a boat ride which is according to me is one of the best parts of the trip.


After exploring the places we moved back to the houseboat so that we could enjoy the rest of the night at the boat. The travel operators had organised Mohiniyattom performance for us at the boat which started by around 9 pm after which we had the dinner. One of the best parts of the houseboat stay is that you get to enjoy the best of nature along with the tasty cuisines of the land and can even enjoy the traditional dance forms that are being organised at the place. After spending the night at the houseboat, we woke the next day morning by around 8 am and started with the travel from Alleppey to Kochi international airport by 10 am after having the breakfast from the boat. After enjoying the best moments of cost-effective and budget-friendly honeymoon trip with Seasonzindia, we flew back to our hometown. The time we spend together in Kerala was one of the best that we loved the most. Holding in the potential to satisfy the travellers quench Kerala is a true paradise.

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