Things to Keep in Mind While Tripping to Explore the Traveler’s Paradise to the South


It was exactly after a month of spending a freaky break from the dazzling trip to Sikkim, I was organizing another trip to spend my December break at some mystic land. After exploring the snowy land this time I was looking for a place which was hot, green, that is located close to the tropical region and is filled with rivers, waterfalls, lagoons, wildlife, aromatic mountains and houseboats. Thus I come up with Kerala as my perfect destination for the December holiday trip. To the south, Kerala is one of the most known states in Indian that holds within all the vibrant things in nature. December is the peak season for travel and tourism to the south and thus the travel package rates to the place were very high and to an extent were not affordable by me. Even though there were travel operators like seasonzIndia who offer special seasonal tourism packages to Kerala at a budget price, I prefer travelling on my own so that I could explore the destinations of my interest by saving in all possible manners. According to me organizing a budget or pocket-friendly trip to Kerala even during the peak season of the year is possible if you are ready to leave the luxury of hotels behind. One of the main reasons for me to travel alone was that by travelling alone you get to enjoy the best budget, cheap and cost-effective trip. After exploring almost all best travel destinations in Kerala which includes Alleppey, Munnar, Wayanad and Kochi for almost 2 weeks, listed below are some of the main ways I would suggest by which the solo travellers like me, could enjoy and explore the beauty of the travel destinations in Kerala at cheaper rates.

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Choose the Best Mode of Transportation

The next thing to look into while tripping to Kerala so as to enjoy a budget trip would be the choice of the type of transportation. The different transportation modes charge different rates and options like cabs and taxi eats up to the majority of travel expense in such cases in order to save the most in transportation it would be the best to travel in your own vehicle or it would be best preferable to take the public transportation modes like bus and train. Kerala being the well-explored travel spot is well connected by roadways, railways and airways. Thus travellers choosing to enjoy the feel of a trip in a public transportation service would get enjoy a budget-friendly trip and would also get an option to know more of the state and the lifestyle of the locals in the land. For a solo traveller like me could always choose to enjoy a bike ride to any place you love in Kerala

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Explore the Less Expensive Travel Destinations

Most of the well-known travel destination in Kerala like those located to the western ghats of the land are well-known among the travellers and is the best demanding it is mainly due to this reason the travel rates to these places stay high during the peak seasons of the month. Thus for travellers who wish to explore the best travel destination in the land could trip to the same place during the off-season or travellers could explore the less expensive travel destinations in the land like the off-beat travel spots with great beauty. Gavi, Palakkad are all some of the best off-beat travel destinations in the land that any tourist tripping to explore the fascinating beauty of the state at cheap rates could visit. Even though most of the off-beat travel destinations in Kerala are filled with alluring beauty, its less popularity attracts fewer tourists naming it as the off-beat travel spot.

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Enjoy a Camping Experience

Accommodation is one of the other ways in which the travel expense increases to a greater level. In such conditions, it would be best to choose lesser expensive or no cost modes of accommodation like camping. It is one of the best options for accommodation when it comes to planning a cost-effective and budget trip. Unlike a hotel, accommodations camping are one of the best ways in which one could enjoy exploring a land to the fullest. This accommodation mode not just allows you to enjoy a cost-effective trip but also let you enjoy the beauty of the night sky and sleep in the lap of nature. Kerala being a destination with a number of hill stations and wildlife spots offers the tourist with a number of options when it comes to enjoying camping.


Select the Best Inexpensive Time for the Travel

The travels rates to any place in Kerala keep changing depending on the month of the travel. This is not just applicable in the case of the availability of a tour package with lower price but is also the same in almost all the aspect of tourism like the ticket rate of the adventures, the rate of accommodation and more. In that case, to enjoy the best budget trip to Kerala it would be more preferable to travel during the off-season of the state, at this time of the year the travellers not just get to travel at cheaper rates but can also explore the best and most fascinating travel destination in the land with great ease and zero rush. Kerala being a destination with moderate climate throughout the year offers almost the same experience to the travellers during the off seasons as well as the peak seasons.


Filled with a number of fascinating attractions Kerala is one of the bets and must explore travel destination to the south. The state holds in great natural beauty and charm that entices any nature lovers and travellers exploring the south. Exploring the fascinating travel destination in the land at a cheap rate is something very easy if you look into planning a trip effectively after collecting all the required information about the place. Filled with the beauty of nature, culture, tradition, historic destinations, geographical attraction and much more Kerala is a perfect spot for tourism to the south.

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