Don’t do’s while planning a honeymoon trip to explore Kerala

 When it is the matter of married life, honeymoon does play an important role. It is not just a fun trip where the couple gets to enjoy each other company. The honeymoon is mostly about creating or building a bond of love and mutual respect among the two newlywed individuals and also includes making the best memories of their special day together. When it is about choosing a honeymoon destination to the south, Kerala would always top the list. Filled with the fascinating beauty of nature, climate, attractions, and culture the state welcomes the honeymoon travellers to the land of aromatic hill stations. In addition, the state also houses in a number of travel operators like Holidaymangotravel who offer special honeymoon packages to Kerala. Making a honeymoon trip a dreamy one is a real hard deal. There are a number of things that one should look into so that they could enjoy a successful trip exploring the fascinating travel destinations to the south. Kerala is a well-known travel spot and thus offers the honeymooners with wider options. But with the increasing number of options, there are high chances for confusion and miss-calculations. Listed below are some of the main mistakes that the honeymoon couples make while travelling to explore the western ghats of Kerala.


Immediate departure after the wedding

This is a commonly seen fault in most of the honeymoon planning. Most couples plan and leave for a honeymoon right after their marriage functions. Kerala is a place filled with mostly hill stations and in such a case travelling to explore the misty hills of the south right after the marriage functions and ceremonies would be hectic. You would have enjoyed a memorable and beautiful marriage function for 2 to 3 days and might have completed all the wedding-related rituals and now you are tired. Leaving for a honeymoon in Kerala right after this would not just affect you the mood but would also negatively affect your health. Thus it would be best to take a 4 to 5-day rest right after the functions and then plan a trip fresh so that you can enjoy the best of the beauty and attractions in Kerala.

Partial research about the travel destinations

To the south, Kerala is not just the land of honeymooners and couples, the place holds in the best set of travel destination that is suitable for any sort of travellers visiting the land. Thus it is important that you search well about the place taking the best of information on the travel destinations of your choice. Each travel destination in Kerala is very unique and offers travellers with different experience and different memories every time they explore the land. Thus before planning a honeymoon trip, it is important to know of the travel destination you choose because when some destinations offer the best experience for honeymooners it wouldn’t be the same with all the travel spots. Before travelling to Kerala explore more about the best attractions, the climate, the adventures offered at the place, the food available and more.

Budget calculation error

Miscalculation of honeymoon budget is one common mistake that most of the couples make while travelling to Kerala. They mostly under calculate the amount due to which they later face a shortage of fund. While enjoying your honeymoon in Kerala, a fund shortage would be the last thing that any honeymoon couple would want to face. Thus while planning a trip to explore Kerala, make sure that you get the fund calculations right. Apart from being a land of travellers and honeymooners, the place is the land of cultures too. Thus every travel destination that you visit would have something unique to offer and most of these exhibits are so beautiful that you buy the same. So for honeymoon purchases along the ways, it is important that you have enough money with you thus it would be the best to carry extra cash in hand so that you could use them any time during emergencies.

Selection of the wrong destination

Kerala is a land that holds within fascinating beauty and thus almost all the places in the state are best tourist spots with one or the other element that serves as the best attractions. Thus it is important that you pick the right travel destination for your honeymoon from the list of the best travel spots in Kerala. Picking a wrong destination would not only spoil the entire trip but also spoil the happy mood. Even though most of the travel destinations in Kerala are the best options for honeymooners, it would be more preferable to pick the travel destination as per the interest and the need of the honeymoon couple.

Including too many activities

Planning different activities to make the honeymoon in Kerala more happening is one of the best options that the couples have while exploring the travel destinations in Kerala. The state, being the best travel destination to the south where travellers could enjoy the best and most exciting adventures offers the tourist with a long list of adventure options and activities to do. It is important to look into the number of activities availed to that you have the time to enjoy the place along with exploring the adventure options. By including too many activities into the itinerary would reduce the time you would have to enjoy and explore the place. In addition, it would also make you tired. It is not necessary that all travellers should be a good tour planner, in such cases it would be the best to let the professional do the main part and the honeymoon couples could avail a customized tour package to Kerala by including the required activities after consulting with the travel operators.


  Even though planning a best organised honeymoon to Kerala is an easy job, there are some mistakes that every couple tend to make like those listed above One of the best ways in which you could avoid the same would be by booking a package or by planning the honeymoon with the help of a travel operator who would organize you your dream honeymoon in all the ways you need it to be.

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