Andaman During Monsoon- The Off-season for Travel and Tourism

Dotted in the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the most fascinating travel destinations that entice and excites the travelers and tourists with the best of the beauty in nature and the marine world. Exhibiting the beauty and the charm of the place, the travel destinations in Andaman offers the tourist with the best of sightseeing options where they even get to know more of the history that the land holds within. A number of holiday package are being organised to Andaman allowing the tourist to explore the best of this beach paradise in the most breathtaking ways possible. Being a land filled with water destinations and beaches, most of the travel packages organised by partners like Andaman Tour Travel focus on the water adventures of the land. Even then the adventures and the availability of travel destinations to explore to a greater extent would simply depend on the climatic conditions and the weather in the area.  Even though Andaman is one place that welcomes travellers all around the year, the place still has its own off-season and peak-seasons where the travel packages rates and the adventure ticket rates vary greatly. The monsoon is such an off-season for travel and tourism in Andaman, yet there are a number of things that the travellers could simply enjoy while planning to explore this pristine beach destination during the monsoon season. Listed below are some such activities that one could enjoy.

Enjoy Walking on the Radhanagar Beach

The Radhanagar Beach is one of the most sought after travel destination in Andaman that has offered the travelers with the best view of nature and the waters. The crystal clear waters with towering trees around the place offer the travelers and the tourist visiting with the best of the view that one could simply enjoy in the land. With the sun rays reflecting the waters, the place looks more like a sea of shining diamonds. Once you reach the place, you really get to know why the place is referred to as one of the best beach destination in the whole of Asia. A number of travelers from around the world trip to this beach destination to enjoy an evening walk through the place, relishing the beauty of the setting sun and the saffron sky.

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Visit the Cellular Jail, the Place that Holds the Rich History of India

Located at Port Blair, the capital city, the cellular jail is one of the most explored travel destinations in Andaman. Exploring the place is one thing that the travelers could simply enjoy during a monsoon trip to Andaman. The cellular jail in Andaman is one of the most known travel destination that is explored by travelers from around the world. The place holds the best history of Indian freedom struggles. Better known as the Kala Pani jail, the cellular jail is one of the most feared prisons in the world that was built by the Britishers to hold the Indian freedom fighters who raised their voice against the British rules.  The light and sound show conducted at the place is one of the other main attractions in jail. Once the most feared prison, the place is now a national museum.

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Enjoy Snorkeling at Bharatpur Beach

The Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the most fascinating travel destination belonging to the archipelago of India that is most known among the travelers and the tourist from the different adventures that the place offers. But during the monsoon season exploring the waters by enjoying all of the adventures in the land is something impossible. But snorkeling is one of the adventures that the travellers could even enjoy during the summer seasons. Bharatpur beach is one of the most fascinating travel destinations in Andaman where the tourist could enjoy the beauty of the white sand beach and the trees around the shorelines. The place is also one of the best destinations where the travellers could enjoy the beauty of the setting sun.

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Drive on the Andaman Trunk Road

Even though the Andaman trunk road remains to be a restricted area for the travelers and the tourist traveling to explore the beach paradise, the road is open to the travelers who are planing to explore the Limestone Alfred Caves in Diglipur. To reach the fascinating travel destination, the tourists are supposed to enjoy a trekking experience through the roads for almost an hour. While enjoying your drive through the roads, you also get a chance to explore the Saddle Peak which is the highest point of the archipelago. The place is one of the best that the travelers could explore and enjoy exploring during the off seasons. Offering the travelers with the best view of the beauty of nature, the drive would let you experience something different.

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Savour the Delicious Seafood

Being a beach destination, the main type of cuisine that the Andaman and Nicobar Island serves to the travelers visiting the place would be the seafood for which the place is most known for. Apart from the small delicious cafes at the place, Andaman also has spots where the fishes are caught first to prepare the dashes. For the travellers tripping to the Island during the off-season like the monsoon, it would be best to explore the food spots in the land where you get to relish the authentic taste of the cuisines served in the land. A number of Andaman and Nicobar tour packages are being organised to the land by food travelers from around the world to explore the flavours and the taste of the land.

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 Even though monsoon is an off-season for travel and tourism in Andaman, most of the travelers prefer to explore the Island destination during this season when the travel rates, as well as the adventure rates, would be at its lowest. Even with the rain, there are a number of adventures that travelers are free to enjoy. Plus the climate would change occasionally during the season where it could be sunny or cloudy. And the travellers are free to enjoy almost all the adventures that the Island has to offer when the climate is sunny. Thus even the monsoon offers the travellers with some experience worth cherishing.











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