Kannur – The Intriguing Land of History and Beaches

‘God’s own Country’ always fascinated me. The pictures of coconut groves and lush green hills of Kerala used to blow my mind. Kerala is truly a heaven on Earth. I had been waiting for an entire lifetime to visit Kerala. But life is always unpredictable and you get immersed in its stress, worries and daily routines due to which I had to cancel my trip a few times. Yet, I did manage to get a week off and spend a wonderful time in Kerala last month. My dream did come true! I was taken aback by its mystical beauty and realised that the pictures never conveyed enough. The land is so sublime that mere words aren’t enough to describe it. Trust me, you need to experience it yourself.  It is greenery everywhere and the water bodies flowing through the land makes for a mesmerising blend of hues. The placid backwaters, the dense green forests, the verdure that adorns every village, the golden sandy beaches, the splendid waterfalls exhibiting pure beauty, the serenity of the luscious green hills etc. Are sights of extreme beauty that embellishes the land of Kerala. I could go on and on about this amazing coastal state. I had selected a Kerala tour packages from Delhi, my hometown, offered by Gogeo Holidays. I did not have to face any troubles during my journey and I give that credit to my travel planners. I was also lucky enough to tour almost all the popular tourist spots of Kerala in such a short span of time. I was particularly intrigued and fascinated by Kannur. The land has an elegance and charm to it. You may not be able to see backwaters or hill stations in the place, yet the beaches and the historical monuments pull you further to this city. Given below are some of the most attractive places in Kannur which shouldn’t be missed at all.


Payyambalam Beach


Payyambalam Beach is just a few minutes away from the town of Kannur. It is situated 2kms away from the city. The special feature of this beach is that the long golden sandy stretch of shoreline has a garden next to it. The beach is one of the main hangout places for both locals and tourists (domestic and foreign as well). The beach is quite long and is more than 4km. The beach is the hub of tourist activities like parasailing, water skiing, boat ride etc. That are conducted by the tourism department of Kerala. A trip to Payyambalam Beach is very much refreshing.


Meenkunnu Beach


If you are a person who loves a quiet day on the beach, then you should definitely consider visiting Meenkunnu Beach. It is along the same shoreline as the Payyambalam Beach and is just 10 km away from the city of Kannur. You could see a stretch of coconut groves and wildflowers lining up the shoreline which makes it unique and charming. As the name Meenkunnu suggests (the hill of fishes), the beach is home to a strong fishing tradition. The cliff on the beach is one of the main attractions of Meenkunnu Beach.


St.Angelo Fort


St. Angelo Fort depicts the fascinating architecture and the intense history of the colonial period. The wonderful fort is a creation of the Portuguese in the year 1505. St. Angelo Fort: is built by the sea and one can feel the presence and the calmness of the sea from here. Reportedly, the fort was so charming that the Dutch captured it from the Portugal rulers in the year 1665, and later sold it to Raja Ali of Kannur. The fort also offers a grand view of the Dharmadhan Island and the Mappila Bay. St. Angelo Fort: is located 3kms west from the city of Kannur. It is one of the favourite spots of honeymooners due to the serene and peaceful ambience offered by it.


Parassinikkadavu Snake Park

snake park

If one was to list out the major attractions of Kannur, the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park would be one among the first ten places jotted down. Situated 16 km from the Kannur Cooperation in the Anthoor Municipality, the snake park was built by the government in the intention of preserving and conserving the snakes in Kerala. The snake park is home to various species of endangered snakes and even small animals. Snakes like Russell’s viper, Krait, Spectacled Cobra, King Cobra and various other species reside in the park. There are trained personnel in the zoo that conducts various sessions that provide information and details to the visitors about the various species of snakes.


Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

wildlife sanctuary

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful places in Kannur embraced by Nature. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary which covers an area of 55sq.km is located in the Western Slope of the mighty Western Ghats. The most fascinating feature about the wildlife sanctuary is the presence of lush green hills. The elevation of the hills ranges from 50m to 1145m. The highest peak here is the Katti Beta which is at an elevation of 1145m. The wildlife sanctuary is home to a large variety of flora and fauna. One gets the chance to encounter animals like Leopards, Squirrels, Boar, Jungle Cats, Bison and Elephants. The ideal time to visit the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is from June to October.


Arakkal Museum


Arakkal Museum is one of the most popular museums not just in Kannur but the entire state of Kerala. Arakkal Museum is actually a 200-year-old palace that has been converted into a heritage museum in the year 2005, is situated in Ayikkara, which is just 3km away from Kannur. The Arrakal Museum was the palace of the Muslim Royal Family in Kerala. The museum houses the relics owned by the Arakkal Family and clearly conveys the power and influence, the ‘rajas’ and ‘Beevis’ had in the area. The museum exhibits maps, and drawings of surveys, records, manuscripts that give us an idea of the spice trade conducted by the family and also of their relationships with the colonial power of India. The Arakkal Museum is now administered by the Arakkal Family Trust. Arakkal Museum truly exhibits the power and glory that the Arakkal Family possessed in the days of yore. The Arakkal Family was clearly the most popular muslim royal family in Kerala. You must make it a point to visit the Arakkal Museum while in Kannur. It still remains one of the ‘must-visit’ places in the area.


Thalassery Fort


Thalassery Fort is undoubtedly, the most popular fort of Kannur and one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala and you can spot it in almost all the tour packages to Kerala. The small town named Thalassery which is one of the most popular towns of Kannur is home to the Thalassery Fort (Thellichery Fort). The fort is located 22km away from the main town of Kannur. The fort used to be the most important trading centres in the colonial period. The Thalassery Fort was built in the year 1703 by the East India Company. The formidable architecture of the fort is quite remarkable with huge towering walls, massive doors and strong bastions. It is also said that the fort houses secret tunnels to the sea that surrounds it. No visit to Kannur is complete without visiting the Thalssery Fort.

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