Wonder at the Unique Attractions and the Spookiness of Wayanad

Filled with great history and a number of spooky stories Wayanad is one of the best and most explored wildlife destinations in Kerala. Apart from being a know wildlife destination, the place is also referred to as the honeymooner’s paradise as the place is mostly explored by newlywed couples. Not just a honeymooner paradise, Wayanad is also known or is referred is a number of other names as the adventure lovers paradise, a family getaway and more. For me, Wayanad is more like a fun paradise which is perfect for a group tour or travels which could be organised with friends rather than families. Being a native of Kerala it is obvious for me to love nature and the climate that the state houses. Being an explorer Wayanad was always my favourite tour destinations. The place always has something new to offer for the travellers like me. I have organised a trip to Wayanad for about 4 to 5 time and surprisingly each time the place offered me with unique memories and experiences that I love to cherish all through my life. Being a well-known travel destination in Kerala, Wayanad houses a number of travel operators like Garlic Holidays who offer special travel packages to the place with unique offers and seasonal discounts, but according to my personal opinion, it is always the best to travel alone. Organising trips and tours alone will not just help you reduce the travel rates but will also help u to be the master of the trip. You will have the full freedom to alter or change the travel destination or the duration of the trip according to your convenience without answering or enquiring with any travel operators or guide. This is just the case of native travellers where it the opposite in the case of domestic as well as international travellers who know very less about the travel destinations and attractions in Kerala.

Wayanad being my favourite travel destinations, I have been a seasonal traveller who visits the place latest 3 to 4 times in a year. Listed below are some of my favourite attractions and adventures in the land which fascinated and offered me with the best memories of the trip.

 Trek to Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak

Trekking at the Chembra peak is one of the best experiences that any traveller touring to Wayanad could enjoy. Located at a height of about 6900ft above the sea level the peak is one of the most popular spots in Wayanad which is known for adventures. The place is mostly visited and explored by adventure enthusiast, trekkers and nature lovers. Even though special permission for trekking is required for the safety of the travellers and the preservation of the wild, it is easy to get from the forestry department. En-route to the peak of the hill is a heat heart-shaped lake which is said to have water throughout the year. Locally known as the Hridaya Saras the place is one of the well-known honeymoon destinations in Wayanad. It will take about a 2km of a hike for you to reach the peak.

Visit Edakkal Cave

Edakkal Cave

onnecting the past with the present, the Edakkal Cave is one of the best historical destinations in Wayanad which is believed to be dating from the early Stone Age. One of the main attractions of the cave is that the place houses one of the oldest prehistoric inscriptions which are being discovered to be belonging to the Neolithic and Mesolithic age. Located at a height of about 1200m, the travellers will have to enjoy a trekking experience before reaching to explore the different inscriptions in the cave. According to discoveries made the place is also being said to be connected with the Indus Valley Civilization. Most of the inscriptions which are found in the cave are mostly drawings of animals and different tools that were once used by the early man.

Lakkidi View Point

Lakkidi View Point

Lakkidi is mostly considered to be the gateway of Wayanad that is located to the summit of the Thamarassery pass. The gateway mainly consists of 9 marvelling hairpins which starts from the Adivaram and extends to the top of the hill. The place is mostly visited by nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Travellers mostly nature lovers and admirers of beauty love to enjoy a stopover at the viewpoint so as to enjoy the fascinating beauty of nature and climate. The beauty of the view that the viewpoint offers fascinates and entices the travellers to a greater extent. The place is mostly referred to as the photographer’s paradise due to the marvelling view that the place offers to the travellers visiting.

Chain Tree

Chain Tree

The legendary Chain Tree located at Wayanad is one of the other main attractions for travellers and adrenaline junkies in the place. A number of adrenalin junkies avail special Wayanad tour packages just to explore the mystery behind the chain tree. The place is one of the spooky destinations in Wayanad with a fascinating back-story. According to the locals in the area, the place was once a very thick forest with no roadways connecting. It was a British engineer who finally made the road with the help of another local man in the place and killed him so as to attain the fame for him. According to the locals, it is sad that the place from then on is haunted by the ghost of the local man who got killed. It is also believed that a saint chained the evil spirit to a tree and locked with the chain which is now known as the chain tree. The chain locked in the tree has grown ever since and is supposed to be growing even now.

With a number of unique adventure stories and spookiness, Wayanad is still one of the bets and the most explored travel destination and wildlife spot in Kerala. Even though there are reporting’s of spooky appearances in the Lakkidi gateway the road is still in use by the public. It is not just nature and the other elements that attract the travellers to the place. A number of attractions including the spooky tale of the chain tree grab the attention of travellers from around the world.


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