5 Reasons and 9 Places to Visit Dubai

Dubai is a dream destination of billions of people across the world. There are several factors which lures people to the fastest growing city in the Middle-East. Once the famous leader of the United Arab Emirates called Sheikh Mohammed quoted about Dubai that ‘they don’t wait for the things to happen; they just make it’. It is absolutely true when one sees the drastic economical growth of Dubai city. No one ever thought that a small desert village will sprout into most captivating cities in the world. All these successes they have achieved is only by strong determination, indomitable intelligence and unbreakable will power of a brave leader and constant dedicated hard work of millions of common people. Each year lakhs of people plan Dubai tour. Travellers who visited the marvellous city remained mouth struck by seeing the unimaginable creativity of humankind in each inch of the city. Dubai is not only well known for its business and fashion hub but also for its scenic nature. There are many places in the city for family travellers as well as for honeymooners for enjoying their holidays.  People can also plan solo trips to explore the magnificent Dubai. It would be always advisable to seek the help of some travel planners who are very well known with each corner of the city. Dubai Tour Trawell always customises their packages according to travellers’ need. They also ensure backpackers’ safety from an experienced tour guide. They also make sure to provide the best accommodation in reputed hotels and resorts including healthy and delicious food. Each time, when they plan a trip to Dubai they select any two cities of the country which are very similar in culture and tradition and also have a unique taste in shopping and sightseeing. By doing so the trip will be more enjoyable and it also helps to break the wall of the strange hood. Ahmadabad is the city selected among the two places by the trip planners to visit the Arab city. Ahmadabad is one of the famous cities in north India. It is famous for its educational institutions, and businesses and cuisines. There are several reasons for selecting this Gujarati city. The love towards the food and Dubai is the perfect place for food lovers, and the other reason is that Gujaratis are fond of camels and deserts and no other place than Dubai could provide the best desert safari.

The second place which the travel partner selected for Dubai Tour packages in Hyderabad. It is a joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Most of the famous IT companies are emerging from Hyderabad city. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation which gives equal importance to economic growth and politics. Without losing the inherited traditional and cultural values the residents are ready to open the door for globalisation. This quality makes Hyderabad similar to Dubai city. There are five main features which make both Ahmadabad and Hyderabad similar to Dubai and there are as follows.

1) The love towards food

 Both cities are keen interested in tasting and cooking foods by following different recipes of different regions. Gujarat is famous for its tea-time snacks Khandvi, Dhokla and the lovely Srikhand for dessert. Whereas, Hyderabad is popular for its mouth-watering Hyderabadi Biriyani and delicious Keema. Don’t think Dubai is back in the matter of food. It would be the only place in the world, which gives so much importance to food that it hosts more than 100 restaurants in its famous Dubai Mall.

2) Ancient architectural styles

Despite being on the developing stages of growth, the three cities are giving much value to its ancient monuments and buildings and spending huge amounts for its preserving. They also try to portray those unique structural styles in their new projects. This shows how much affectionate they are towards their tradition and culture.

3) Textiles, Handicrafts and Gold

  People especially women are more likely to have special love and taste towards dresses, ornaments and hand made products. Gujarat is famous for its thread works available in cotton, chiffon and georgette materials. The city is well known for clay and terracotta works, toys, appliqué and kalamkari works.  How could Hyderabad city, which gives so much care to the industrial sector, can forget about the handloom sector? Hyderabad city is known as ‘hub of pearl’. They grind and drill pearls as per the demand. The city also shows their interest towards silver filigree, lacquerware and bidriwares. All these handmade products of the 2 Indian cities gain popularity when they are marketed in foreign soil like Dubai shopping festivals. In return, Dubai city shows their gratitude by selling their gold ornaments in cheap rates as they know the pulse of Indian women towards pieces of jewellery.

4) Desert Safari

Some parts of Gujarat are still abandoned by humans and occupied by some camels and cactus plants. As part of escapism from the hustle-bustle of the city, people of Ahmadabad run to the deserts and spend their whole night by indulging in desert activities like jeep safari, camel ride and of course belly dance!!  This kind of entertainment is quite frequent in Dubai weekends and truly it would be a new experience for Hyderabadis.

5) Weather conditions

 The climatic conditions of the three cities are the same. In each season the three cities always have something new to refresh the travellers’ mind with good memorable moments. The pleasant climate of the three regions makes them similar.

After understanding the common features between three cities, now the excitement of visiting the Dubai city would have increased and the following are the few places that should be definitely included in the itinerary along with eye-catching sites.

1) Dubai Dolphinarium

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 It is located in Bur Dubai. It was inaugurated on May 2008. It houses dolphins and birds of various species. Adults and children above 5 years are permitted to visit the dolphin planet. They can enjoy dolphins by indulging in water activities. By spending valuable time with birds, one can understand the bird’s brain theory. Dubai Dolphinarium is governed by the Dubai government.

2) Hatta heritage village

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To understand the old traditional lifestyles of Dubai, one must visit the Hatta heritage village. All the building in the village was originally built from the materials of mud, palm trees, stones and reeds. The village comprises of mosques and 2 watchtowers. On the way to the village, one can visit the house of the ruler of those days called ‘Bait Al Wali’. The house comprises of artefacts like weapons, various instruments and so on.

3) Hajar foothills

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 After busy shopping and site seeing in the busy noisy street of Dubai, one would be in search of a place to refresh and intake fresh air. Don’t think that Dubai comprises only skyscrapers and expensive shopping malls. It is also well known for solitude places. One among them is the Hajar foothills which are partially situated in Dubai and Oman. The mountains are an ideal place for trekkers and rock climbers. Overnight camping is also appreciated well here. As Hajar foothill is far away from the city, one who plans to spend their time here should carry all the necessary accessories with them including passport and visa as most of its portion is shared with Oman.

4) World Island

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It is a manmade archipelago constructed in the shape of the world map. The World Island comprises of 7 small islands comprising of 7 continents of the world. The construction of the archipelago was started in the year 2008. Due to financial loss, the authorities were forced to drop the project. 60 per cent of the island was sold back to the contractors. The remaining 40 per cent of the island is on sale and prices are beyond the imagination.

5) Bollywood parks

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Bollywood parks were constructed as part of fun and enjoyment. It provides a kaleidoscope of entire Hindi movies through various entertaining activities. Like cinematic rides, stage performances and live shows. Visitors can enjoy the park by tasting scrumptious delicacies from the restaurants over there and also do shopping from the malls.

6) Dubai polo and Equestrian club

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The aim of the club is to entertain visitors. They have a wide range of fun activities to engage common people. Like horse riding, spa and swimming. It is the perfect place for visitors to rejuvenate themselves.

7) Grand Mosque

Dubai tour packages from Pune

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the United Arab Emirates. The mosque can accommodate 40000 worshippers at a time. The verses from the Quran are written using gold leaves in An-Naskh writings.

8) Desert Safari

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To enjoy the real beauty of the desert of Dubai one should avail trips to the desert land. The journey may comprise of 3 hours. It would be good if travellers plan for a night safari, on the return of the trip they can enjoy the barbeque dinner and also can join the belly dance. They can also receive the first ray of sunlight early morning.

9) Ibn Battuta Mall

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It is a travel-themed shopping mall. It is named after famous traveller Ibn Battuta. The mall comprises 6 parts and each part reflects the 6 countries he travelled – India, Persia, China, Tunisia and Andalusia. It is the perfect place for shopping, entertaining and also for trying new dishes.

The above-mentioned places are not so popular in Dubai but yet fun and thrilling sites. People who visited these places have never regretted. Dubai has a distinct and unique beauty in each season. It would be good if travellers plan their trip during the world-famous Dubai shopping festival. During the festival season, a plethora of shops will be there and there would be a wide collection of items available at cheap rates. It is also the perfect moment to collect souvenirs for life long memories. It would not be good if some say that Dubai is a developed city. Dubai is still in the competition with many well-established countries and it is sure that one day the city will reach in the Top 5 best cities in the world.

So backpackers don’t waste your time. Share the information about the trip to your friends and accompany them to the world of creativity. Pack your bags and don’t miss to carry a camera to capture the lovely moments over there. Get up and Hurry up!! Avail the packages as soon as possible before it gets expired.

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