An Interesting Expedition to Kurumbalakotta

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Kerala is a state that is surrounded by the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. The state is popular for its unique culture and traditions. Kerala is accredited with the title ‘God’s own country’ and it is the prestigious honour that no other state in the world might have got. The state is ornamented with various types of birds, animals, and trees. Along with this the pristine beaches, tranquil waters and many more lures travellers from various parts of the world. It is the only state in the country that has attained cent per cent literacy. Due to the presence of coconut trees in abundance the state got the name ‘Kerala’ where ‘Kera’ means ‘coconut trees’. The picturesque landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking hill stations have always found a special place in many super hit movies like ‘Baahubali’, ‘Guru’ and ‘Chennai Express’.

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There are many reasons for travellers to visit the eccentric state. Some love to explore the hidden gem in nature by availing of adventure tour with family and friends. While others visit the state either for business purposes or for pursuing higher studies. Whereas there are a few people who like to undergo herbal treatments like Ayurveda, Homeopathy and etc. Whatever may be the reason there would be no person who does not leave the place without praising its pleasing climate, picture-perfect surroundings, and humble people. Kerala has always been the travellers’ favourite for a long time. Several travel operators like Gogeo Holidays curate exciting packages to attract travel enthusiasts.

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The state is blessed with numerous holiday destinations. Not only the Indians but also foreigners visit the state. Kerala is also considered as an escapade from the busy hectic life. Spending quality moments with dear ones in the misty hill stations enveloped with emerald plantations of tea and coffee will steal your hearts. A luxurious ride in houseboats will unveil the magic of backwaters. Kayaking in lakes will offer you a chance to interact with the common man and understand their unique lifestyles. Strolling with your family in the thickly populated forest will help you to learn various types of trees and also will get a chance to breathe fresh air. Traversing in historic streets will give you a glimpse of the ancient days of Kerala. Every year thousands of travellers from various corners of the world avail of tour packages to witness the alluring charm of drenched Kerala in monsoon season.

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You all might be thinking that this essay is something related to Kerala‘s beauty or its elegance and so on. But it is nothing like that I really want to share my most memorable trekking experience which I had with my loving family in Kerala. I thought it would be not good if start my story without praising my state’s beauty. It was one fine morning; one of my cousins called me and asked whether I am free on the coming weekends. I wandered and said yes and inquired what eth matter was. He said all our cousins are planning an adventure trip to one of the famous hill stations in Kerala. I just asked him if it was Munnar and then I said please excuse me as I have visited the same place more than twice in my life. He said that it is not Munnar but a new place and its name started with the letter ‘k’. I again asked him the name. The name of the place was new and so it found difficult for me to understand it. The name of the place was Kurumbalakotta. It is an unexplored hill station in Wayanad. As I am an adventure lover without any second thought I agreed to accompany them. It took nearly 3 hours to reach the mountain. When compared to other hills the Kurmbalakotta hill is a little scary and monolith. We reached the place early in the morning. Our tour guide asked to wait until the snow leaves the hills. Till that the moment the tour guide shared much valuable information regarding the hill. The hill is positioned at a height of 3200 above the sea level. Standing on the top of the hill will help you to witness the mesmerizing views. Also one will get a panoramic view of Chembra peak, Ambukuthi, and Banasura. The hill was care taken by the Kurumbas. And the hill was used as an observation for the king to view the enemies who stayed below the fort. History tells that the hill does not have any forts. Anyways in the remembrance of the Kurumbas, the hill got that name.

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Slowly we started to trek. Before starting our adventure trip our asked to hold a stick and wear comfortable shoes. We followed his instructions. Finally, we reached the top of the hill. We moved to Kuishumala’s viewpoint to witness the golden moments of the sun setting. Over there we built a tent and spend one whole night. The next day we welcomed the first rays of the sun. And we slowly descended to the ground. After savouring delicious breakfast, we started our sightseeing. We first visited the famous St. Jude’s Church. The church is situated at a distance of 2.2 km from the hill. The calm ambience and aesthetic look of the church grabbed our hearts. The spectacular architecture, mural paintings, and sculptures provoke religious feelings in our minds. From there we moved to another famous temple called Bhagavathy temple. The temple is 900 years old and is located at 1.6 km from the hill. The temple is not decorated with any mural paintings nor constructed in any special pattern. What makes the temple so unique is the presence of Kalvilaku where believers light a lamp and offer their prayer to the Lord. After spending a few more hours at that place we returned our journey to our town. I shared some lovely photographs that we captured when we were at Kurumbalakotta with friends. Seeing the amusing pictures of the hill and premises many of my friends availed of tour packages to Wayanad and practised trekking over there.

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