Traverse through the avenues of Al Bastakiya to divulge the historic days of ancient Dubai

As we all are familiar with the proverb ‘Rome was not built in a day’, no country in the world was built in a single day with all the amenities. If we just consider the instances of successful humans we know that they all had a bitter past that provoked them to work hard to build a bright future. Do you know why we were all forced to study history as a subject in our school days? The reason is nothing but to learn the past of the nation. It is believed that without understanding the past no one can improve the present conditions. The past teaches many things such as how to survive with limited resources, how to spend leisure time without smartphones, helps to discover the scientific theories in every object, experiment new things for survival and many more. If our ancestors remained idle the world would not have seen the sunrise of 2020! When resources are limited and necessities and demands are more than imagination the man will be forced to find an alternate and this leads to great discoveries and achievements. Our ancestors gifted us many theories, inventions and laid stones to developments and now it is our turn to pave lane to our coming generations. History also teaches the difficulties our ancestors faced and the sacrifices they took to make our days bright.

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As aforementioned each state and the nation has something to tell to the present generation. Likewise, Dubai, the most developed nation in the universe has a bitter past which a few knows. Like me, most of the present generations believe that Dubai was a very developed nation in the world from the olden days itself. But the fact is Dubai was once one of the below-average countries in the world. They mainly focused on the marine sector. It was after the discovery of oil fields that led the Middle East countries to a bright future. Most of the nations in the Middle East invested their amounts in various sectors. But Dubai deposited those profits in luxurious tourism and as a result, they presented magnificent skyscrapers to the world. Before speaking more about their future let us have a glimpse of their past. The hurdles they faced during the transformation. For learning more about the ancient days of Dubai you can avail of tour packages from Dubai Tour Trawell. They formulate the same for travel enthusiasts hailing from Hyderabad, Chennai, and Madras. The following paragraphs will help you to learn more about historic places in Dubai.

Al Bastakiya

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It is one of the most famous historic villages still being preserved by the government in Dubai. Strolling through the lanes of Al Bastakiya will unveil the historic roots of Arab culture and traditions. Al Bastakiya is situated at 8.2 km from Dubai International Airport. The typical architectural houses and monuments present in the village were made out of mud and wood and this is an exquisite example of building excellent and reliable shelters with scarce resources. Al Bastakiya was constructed under the leadership of Qasim Bin Abdullah Al Bastaki. The village came into existence in the 19th century with the influence of Iranian merchants who visited for trade purposes of gold, pearls, and jewels. Nearly 60 houses were built at that time. As we all know Dubai is situated in the hot desert sand and to survive the scorching heat wind towers were built between houses to receive the cooling effect. These wind towers are replaced by air conditioners in the present day. After the discovery of oil and its products, most of the inhabitants migrated to the cities and left the village abandoned. In 1989 the government decided to demolish structures a few of them remained undisturbed and are now used as dwellings for laborers. After several objections demolition of structures was halted and in 2005 several new projects were implemented to protect the ancient village. Some say that after the visit of Prince Charles demolition of the village stopped.

Exploring Al Bastakiya

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The best way to learn the history of Dubai is by walking through the lanes of Al Bastakiya. Each street of the village will explain to you and teach the olden days of Arab. The long wooden doors which were once used for residential purposes have now been replaced by restaurants and coffee shops. You can quench your thirst by sipping 150 varieties of tea and tasting light traditional Arabian dishes! XVA gallery and Majlis gallery showcases the ancient artworks and contemporary designs of eminent artists. If you are purchasing tour packages in the month of March you can participate in the annual art week called SIKKA Art Fair. Art lovers from Mumbai, Pune, and Telangana avail of tour packages to indulge in the art fair. Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) is an interactive program where you can clarify all over your queries regarding the culture, traditions, and beliefs of Arab. The center not only answers the doubts of visitors but also satiates their hunger with delicious traditional Arab foods and also provides excellent hospitality services. Dar Al Nadwa is a fascinating structure that hosts many theatrical performances, stage shows, and symposium and so on. The structure was designed by Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammad Farooq in 1925.

Al Fahidi Fort

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How historic expedition of Dubai could be completed without visiting the Al Fahidi Fort. The fort was constructed using coral and shells blended with lime and cement in 1700. Over the years the fort took several roles as it acted as a prison for culprits, defense houses for government and residence for the ruler. In 1971 the fort has been transformed into museums. Travelers who visit the museums could see ancient weapons, artifacts, and pearls and many more.

Travelers can visit the Al Bastakiya village from 9 am to 6 pm. Visitors are exempted from entry charges. Tourists can reach the village is by taking a metro train to the neighborhood metro station called Al Fahidi. Or can travel by bus and get down in Al Fahidi. There are many more things yet to be explored in Al Bastakiya. So what are you waiting for? Grab the package as soon as possible.

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