Expedition to an Unexplored Tourist Destination – Kodanad

There was a time when people considered Kerala as an undeveloped state. No one ever thought a state with common people engaged in agricultural and marine works would turn out to be a captivating state. The state was once fully covered with thickly populated trees. Travelers found difficult to survive in the state. More than the people it was the superstitions that were ruling the state once. With the influence of modern education and globalization, the state has turned out to be the most sought after tourist destination not only in India but the whole universe. Many famous writers have penned down the magnificent beauty of nature in many novels, articles, poems, and stories. People always say that words are insufficient to express the charm of the scenic nature of Kerala. There are many factors that captivate travelers to visit the state again and again. Some among them are the tumbling milky waterfalls, unblemished seas, imperturbable backwaters, lucent rivers, thickly populated trees ornamented with various species of birds, jungles being ruled by wild animals and reptiles, astounding bare hill stations are blanketed with bottle green plantations of tea, coffee and spices,  most of the hilly places are pre-occupied with tall trees of rubber and pines and many more. One whole essay will not be enough to describe the stupendous beauty of nature.

When compared to the past travelers have many reasons to visit the amazing states. Whatever may be the reason the main aim of the tour is to discover the hidden gem of nature. People from various places like Ahmedabad, Chennai and Pune purchase tour packages to explore Kerala by traveling by air. The state offers many ways to enjoy the glowing charm of nature. Some popular activities are trekking to misty hills and mountains, kayaking in shallow waters, sailing in luxury cruises made out of coconut tusks and wood called houseboats, strolling in jungles adorned with various species of wild animals and so on. There are many tourist places in Kerala that fill each and everyone’s heart with mind-blowing experiences. Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Kumily, Wayanad and so on are the few important destinations in Kerala that lures each and every traveler. Each destination has own specialties and beauty which make them unique. There are many more places in the state that is yet to be explored. And one such palace is the Kodanad. The name will be familiar to Malayalees as the place has acted as the main role in many Malayalam movies.

Kodanad is a high range situated in the Ernakulum district. It is positioned at 40 km from Kochi, an industrial town in Kerala. The place is mostly visited by filmmakers and actors. The serene nature and calm ambiance attract travelers from various parts of the world. Kodanad is closely located in the Periyar River. The pleasant climate makes the place an idyllic destination for visitors. Kodanad is not only for its charming beauty but also for its pleasant climate. The virgin hill station is an exquisite place to witness the scintillating beauty of sunrise and sunset. The important destinations in Kodanad are as follows.

  1. St. Thomas Syro Malabar Church


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St. Thomas Syro Malabar Church situated in Malayatoor. Malayatoor is a place located at 2 km from Kodanad. The church has much historical importance. The splendid architecture of the church will marvel at each and every traveler’s hearts. Adjacent to the church is situated the famous Malayatoor hill. Worshipers believe that pilgrims climbing this hill will free them from all sins and it is mainly practiced during lent days before Easter. On descending the mountain pilgrims will be provided with rice soup. The main deity of the church is St. Thomas, an apostle of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

  1. Poru Waterfalls

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Poru Waterfalls is more commonly known as Paneili Poru. It is located 20 km from Perumbavoor. The word Poru means a quarrel between rocks and water. Paneili Poru waterfall is not so famous but provides a picturesque landscape to the travelers. Tourists can drench in the cascading waterfalls and can also enjoy the tweeting of beautiful birds. They can also inhale fresh breeze. Rocks are seen in abundance in waterfalls. To control the activities of the tourists a small organization called ‘vana samarakshan samithi’ was formed under the leadership of the Forest Department. As the water of Paneili Poru carries medicinal properties most of the travelers love to swim in the water for long hours.  The perfect time to visit the waterfall is from November to May.

  1. Elephant Training center

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Elephant Training center is located in the banks of the Periyar River in Perumbavoor. The center is famous for training elephants for various purposes. In the center, one could find a Kraal. A Krall is a wooden structure that can accommodate 4 elephants at a time. In the olden days, people used to capture elephants and hence a great fall in the population was seen. Therefore to protect the herds of elephant strong rules were implemented by the government.

  1. Abhayaranyan

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Due to several limitations, many elephants were not able to accommodate in the elephant training center hence a necessity of another shelter came and it paved to the birth of Abhayaranyan. The shelter was inaugurated in the year 2011.

Points to ponder while entering the elephant training center

  1. Do not use plastic and plastic products inside the center.
  2. Consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited.
  3. Foods are not to be carried inside the center.
  4. Never feed or tease any animals.
  5. Maintain a calm ambiance
  6. Never enter the restricted areas.
  7. Carry first aid boxes in case of emergencies.
  8. Travelers are requested to reach before 9.30 am. As it is the time when elephants shower and it is the splendid view to witness.

From the above sections, readers might have got clear information about the Kodanad and its peculiarities. To explore the place avail of the tour packages to Kerala from the Gogeo Holidays as soon as possible. If you have any regards about the packages and services without any hesitation you can contact their customer service team. Don’t waste your time grab the package before it expires.

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