How Gajendra Moksham’s Story Helped me to Make Friends in my New School?

It was raining like dogs and cats outside and we were not able to hear what our beloved teacher was explaining in the class. She was giving several instructions that should be followed in the new academic year. There were many students in the class who were very busy with their personal works while girls, as we all know who used to be very obedient during class time, were sitting so eagerly as if the teacher was explaining some important theories of physics or chemistry. As I was new to the school I had no other option other than listening to the class. Some of the boys and girls were staring at me as if I was hailing from any other planet. A few of them smiled at me. Like every other kid in the class, I also was feeling very hungry. By the end of the class, the teacher invited me to the front and asked me to give a self-introduction. I told them I basically hail from Kerala and my father is a central government employee and due to his transfer, I shifted to Ahmedabad. The teacher introduced many of the girls and boys to me who were Malayalees so that I can seek their help whenever I needed it. The bell rang and it was time for a lunch break. We all went to the washroom. Over there some came to me and inquired about my whereabouts. We went back to the classroom and started to have our lunch. They all were amazed by seeing my tiffin box comprising some traditional Keralite foods. They happily shared my food and appreciated my mother’s cooking. Also, they offered their food to me. While savoring they all wanted to know about my village, how it looks and so on. With pride, I started to explain about my village. I told them I properly hail from a district called Alleppey or commonly known as Alappuzha among Malayalees. Due to the picture-perfect landscape, the district is famously known as ‘Venice of East’. Kuttanad, a popularly known place is the Alappuzha district is well-renowned as ‘rice bowl of Kerala’. As it is one of the few places where paddy cultivation is practiced below sea-level and therefore the region is also known as ‘Netherlands of Kerala’.

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 Among the group of girls, one girl named Navy asked me whether the famous traditional cruises called houseboats seen in my district’. With pride, I answered ‘yes’. Houseboat what are they asked one of the non-Keralite girls. It is a boat that sails through the tranquil backwaters. You can enjoy the beguiling beauty of amusing nature while traveling in the houseboats. Hundreds of people flock to Kerala by availing tour packages from Ahmedabad. When you are tired you can unwind yourself in any of the well-maintained. Also when you feel hungry, you will not have to wait for the boat to board. You can savor the traditional Kerala cuisines in the boat itself prepared by the professional chefs! It is so interesting, isn’t it commented by Payal. Wow! your place is really a heavenly abode of joy and fascination said by Riya. Can you tell me something more about your district? They all pleaded to me. But unfortunately, the bell rang. And with broken hearts, we were forced to enter the class. It was the English period and we all know an English class soon after lunch break is so boring!!! But thank God she did not ask us to open the textbooks instead asked each one of us to do self-introduction. While the activity was going on peon entered our classroom and handed over a note to the teacher. It was nothing but information that our mathematics teacher who was supposed to take the class in the next period was on leave hence we were required to go the ground and play. The announcement was like a relief for us. And we were eagerly waiting for the next period as the people wait for the interval while watching a boring movie! The bell rang we all ran to the ground.

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My friends came to me and formed a circle and I was in the center. They all wanted to know more about my native. I continued I explained to them the marvelous beauty of the paddy field. The major parts of Alappuzha is occupied by the backwaters and paddy fields. The main occupation of the common people in the district is making a variety of products from coir. Apart from this, there is a famous historic monument known as ‘Krishnapuram Palace’. The palace is famous for the mural painting called ‘Gajendramoksham’. What is Gajendramoksham? Asked by Neha. Is there any story behind Gajendramoksham? Yes, I told them and started to narrate them the story. Gajendra means ‘King of elephants’. The story about the legend is beautifully described in the Sanskrit Bhagavata Purana. As per the story, the Pandyan King named Indradyumna a good devotee of Lord Vishnu was once being cursed by the sage Agastya and was reborn as an elephant. On his second birth while he was traversing with his wives the Gajendra was clutched by a crocodile. The crocodile caught his legs so firmly that he remained yard bird for several years. Eventually, he pleaded to Lord Vishnu to release him from his predicament. Vishnu appeared to him by traveling in the Garuda and freed him by killing the crocodile. This interesting story is briefly explained in the amusing mural painting. The 154 feet mural painting is being hanged in the front of the door so that the members of the royal family can see it while taking ablutions.

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The Krishnapuram palace has a significant place in Kerala history. The palace was built by King Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma. The palace is famous for the typical Kerala architectural style. The palace consists of several secret escape routes that were used by the royal family to safeguard themselves from the enemies. Materials such as angili wood, rosewood, teak, laterite stones, and Mangalore tiles were used to accentuate the charm of the palace. Metallic fittings and fixtures were replaced by wooden hinges and locks. What makes the palace more beautiful are the spiral staircases and sunshades. Also the palace shelters the powerful weapon called ‘Kayamkulam Sword’. It is a double-edged weapon. Travelers from various parts of the country like Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai make use of the tour packages to Kerala and visit the spectacular palace to capture eye-catching wonders. By then the bell rang and we ran back to the class. Because of the captivating beauty of Kerala, I could make good friends in my new school. Travel planners like Lelagoon Holidays make the trip more comfortable by curating the packages at reasonable rates. So don’t be late to grab the package as soon as possible.

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