When Seasons Change, So Do the Grasslands of Madayipara of Kannur in Kerala

Hillocks at a scenic environment can be beautiful, most probably if looked downwards to the valleys. However, here in Madayipara in Kannur, things are a bit different and are of a level higher, yet ravishing. At this flattened land spread over an area of 365 hectares, the nature displaying its varied versions. So you will not be required to grope for any valleys beyond this, even by a random visit to them would make you feel like bliss. And on each season, the hilltop can be adorning different forms and hues. Initially, when on reaching them, they would be mistaken for a vast open area with specifically nothing on it. However, when gaping at them in close quarters, you could get to behold and experience each of its nuances disjointedly at this charming picnic spot with your loving family.

Although this laterite filled hillock is sighted not much far from shorelines, these high regions are at an elevation of around 45 m from the ground sea level. The hillock is largely comprised of rocky terrains and some green patches of land, in which inhabits a rich biodiversity. They are very deservingly called as ‘the land of flowers.’ A further study in the population of flora and fauna says that the region is home to around 58.75 per cent of the total flora of Kannur district. Apart from that, on your visit, you will be getting to catch a glimpse of the Kuppam River on the other side of the hillock.

Surprising presence of a huge population of flora and fauna


The rocky terrain is blessed with its diverse population of plant and animal species, especially all those varieties of orchids and the similar sort of adorable plants. Even otherwise, the green patches of the hillock are formed by its 500 species of plant, of which around 300 of them constitute of flowering plants. And when it blooms during the season in August and September, a spectacular layer of colourful flowers will be seen that could be very soothing to your eyes. Yet another striking point of Madayipara is that they are a favourite spot for the migratory birds coming here from really long distances. These flying friends, including the Kingfishers, would even build their nests in the hillock. Just by strolling around the tall grasses, you could spot them flying across you. The place is also home to frogs, snakes and other sorts of reptiles, so care must be taken once the sunsets.

The sight of butterflies like never before


Those exotic varieties of butterflies seen resting on the flowering plants could be the next big thing that grabs the attention of visiting tourists. When certain studies were conducted, it was found out that approximately 150 varieties of butterflies inhabit in these ecologically rich areas. Among which include Gaudy Baron, Guava blue, spotless yellow grass, swallowtail, red spot and many more. Apart from this regional species, if you are lucky enough you may spot the Atlas butterflies that are world’s largest of its kind. So if you are including the visits to these ecologically rich regions in your tour packages, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of these tiny yet adorable flying creatures. Recently, such large and rare varieties of butterflies were also spotted in the parks of Chennai.

Other interesting histories related to them

Madayi Jewish Pond

It is said that Madayipara and the nearby places were in control of Ezhimala kings and they deemed this hillock as their administrative centre. Due to which, they had built four watchtowers in the area, where they usually conducted their coronation ceremonies. Furthermore, you would get to spot the remnants of that erstwhile era when strolling alongside the southern parts of flattened space in the form of dilapidated forts or any such old structures. The fort known as Pazhi Kottai is believed to be constructed by Tipu Sulthan. When you are continuing the walk you would be astonished by the presence a pond all of a sudden and that too in the shape of traditional Kerala hand-held mirror. In addition to that, some facts about the hillock give the evidence of Jewish Settlements in the region. So the water body is known as Jootha Kulam which is the Malayalam word for Jew’s pond.

The sacred element of the hilltop

On one of the corners of Madayipara is situated the famous Vadukunda Siva Temple. However, it is at the Madayi Kavu dedicated to Kali goddess where a 10-day festival is conducted every year. They are better known as Madayi Pooram. Adjacent to the pilgrimage centre is sited a perennial lake that never dries off even during scorching summers.

How to reach there?

From the major Kannur city, you may have to reach at Pazhayangadi Town and taking the Pazhayangadi – Vengara route, you will arrive at your destination covering around 2.8Km. Although the nearest railway station is at Pazhayangadi, the most accessible will be Kannur Railway Station that is at a distance of 24.7 km. Moreover, the nearest Kannur International Airport can be reached by travelling 49 km.

 Whether it is the hill or the beaches, Northern Kerala is all for surprises for the visitors who had opted them over those stereotypical travel destinations. So why are you waiting for? Reschedule your family vacation plans and head to these parts of the God’s Own Country. You could experience various new places and unique tastes that can be seen nowhere else. Moreover, you may also find some time to witness those traditional art forms. For all of these to happen, you may have to travel to them.

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