Alfred Caves and the Lovely Swiftlet Bird’s Edible Nests

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of the most beautiful islands situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal. The island also serves an exquisite location for archaeologists to learn the shreds of history with spectacular shreds of evidence obtained either from deep seas or from the various places in the island. The island is home to various species of exotic animals and plants. Hundreds of travellers from various corners of the world move to the island for various purposes. Most of them visit the island with an aim to indulge in the plethora of adventure wonders, especially in aqua sports. The most important thing why the aqua events became so famous in the island is because they do not the participants to have knowledge in swimming and instructors over there are so friendly to teach the basic concepts of each activity with immense endurance. The island is not only popular for various kinds of enthralling games but also for scintillating places. The stupendous locations, scenic nature, emerald surroundings and breath-taking hilltops covered with densely populated mangrove forest propel any mankind to call the place an ideal destination for celebrating a mini vacation. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a haven for migratory birds and rare species of marine organisms. Does anybody know in which season the island welcomes the huge number of travellers? It is the time of nesting of turtles. It is one of the amazing moment mother turtle lay eggs in deep holes and after 70 to 120 the younger ones slowly rise from the holes and slowly more to the sea and stay there and enjoy their life. As human beings there would be no one to teach the basic concepts of life to the turtles. The inborn talent in them induces to live independently. There are many interesting facts that make Andaman a paradise for travellers. And the next fact is the nesting of Swiftlet birds. Does anybody know the speciality of the Swiftlet birds? Like every bird, they also lay eggs in the nest. But has anyone eaten birds’ nest in their whole life? The answer would be probably No. But it is possible in Andaman the nest of Swiftlet birds are edible for mankind. Only to taste the edible nest of Swiftlet Birds travellers purchase tourism packages to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands from the well-renowned operators. These birds are seen in large number in the famous Alfred caves of the island. In the following paragraphs, we could learn more about the Alfred caves and Swiftlet birds.

Alfred Caves

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Alfred cave is one of 41 caves present in Diglipur Island. Diglipur Island is one of the largest and most crowded islands after Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Island. Among the 41 caves, the Alfred cave is known to be the most stupendous caves in the region. Just like Baratang Island the cave also shelters the limestones. But like Baratang it is hard to find a large flock of travellers to the region. As the cave is surrounded by dense forest visitors often find difficult to reach the place. The place is a haven for the adventure enthusiast. Hundreds of visit the place by purchasing the local sightseeing packages to Andaman at cheap rates from Andaman Tour Travel. Travellers after reaching the place will have to trek for about an hour through the narrow lanes of the jungle and followed one could see two or three caves. Trekking to these caves not only helps to learn more about the cave writings but also about the Swiftlet birds and lovely edible nests. These edible nests are an important ingredient in Chinese cuisine. Apart from the Swiftlet birds travellers could also see bats and other birds. The favourable time to visit the place is any season except the rainy days. It is the duty of each and every traveller to maintain the cleanliness of the place.

Swiftlet Birds and Edible Nest

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The Swiftlet birds are very beautiful to see. Their beguiling appearances propel us to capture their images in our minds and as well as in the cameras. The Swiftlet birds are seen in two types such as glossy swiftlet and nest swiftlet. Does anybody know how these tiny and stupendous birds find suitable locations for laying their eggs? It is through the echolocation. They safeguard themselves through the sound waves. Just human beings even these small birds have many enemies and do you want to know the names of those enemies? Here is the list:- centipedes, owls, raptors, snakes, flies, cockroach, lice, geckoes, rats, cats, and many more.

Now let us learn more about the edible nests. The edible nest of the swiftlet birds are formed through the saliva of mating partners. The nest carries the shape of a bowl of length 6 cm and 1.5 cm in depth. The nest formed out of saliva can hold two eggs at a time. Before laying eggs the mating partners spit nearly 10 gm of saliva. At the time of the formation, the nest looks white in colour but after the effect of sunlight, these nest appears to be in golden colour. Therefore these nests are often called ‘white gold nest’. Chinese people often use this nest for making various kinds of dishes such as soups and other items. In the above lines, I had mentioned the names of the predators of the tiny bird. But I forget to write the name of the biggest predators of them is none other than humans! Humans are so selfish that for their greed they grab these nests by making the young ones homeless. Grabbing these edible nests was once seen in large number. Followed to it several actions were taken by international organizations.

From the above paragraphs, one might have understood the intriguing facts about the swiftlet birds and edible nest. To learn more about it visit the island with your dear ones. Therefore don’t waste your precious time. Avail of the packages as soon as possible before it expires.

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