Explore the scintillating Nedumkkayam rainforest in Malappuram

Does anybody know why we are always in search of faraway destinations? It is because the solitude the distant places give could not be found anywhere else. The serene places that are located at faraway regions will lure your hearts and wipe all the unwanted stresses and tensions from your mind. Even though our country is numerously enriched with mind-blowing destinations people always like to flock the southernmost state, Kerala to rejuvenate and relax. The reason behind the gush of travellers to the region is the serenity and calm ambience. Most of the people have heard about the alluring Malappuram district of Kerala but only a few might have heard about the least visited Nedumkkayam. The forest reserve area is sprinkled with alluring natural resources. The scintillating beauty of Nedumkkayam will force you to visit the place again and again.



Positioned at a distance of 15 km from Nilambur, the major town in Malappuram, Nedumkakaym is a heavenly place to unwind you. The moment you touch your feet in the virgin rainforest all your unwanted worries would start to melt. Being the part of captivating Nilgiri Biosphere reserve the region is encapsulated with wondrous natural resources and amazing species of fauna and flora. The eye-catching bridge built by the British lures thousands of hearts. Many people who plan group tours to the region to explore the transparent Karimpuzha fail to conquer. As part of consoling them, the local community would say that foreigners including British tried several attempts but fail to succeed it. So if you planning to explore the majestic Karimpuzha River do a detailed study on it before you avail of tour packages. Though the foreign rulers could not overcome the river they constructed a bridge with steel girders. The waters of the Chaliyar tributary, Karimpuzha River are so crystal clear that standing on the bridge you could gaze the sand grains present in the waters. Don’t test the power of the mighty river. It is deep and dangerous. The bridges were constructed with an aim to transport logs of woods to other places. The gorgeous beauty of nature will propel you take out the camera from your bags to capture. But in Nedumkkayam the camera also has another usage. It provides light in the dark forests reserve area as the trees over there are so tall that they hinder the sunrays falling to the ground.

How to reach Nedumkkayam?

You can reach Nedumkkayam by commuting to Malappuram either by catching the train to Nilambur railway station or board flight to Calicut International Airport. The most favourable time to expedite the fabulous place is during the winter and summer seasons.

How to enter the Nedumkkayam?

 The highly flowing river is adorned with two bridges. The moment you enter the Nedumkkayam rainforest you will have to avail of entry pass from the first bridge. Don’t be late to reach the spot as entry to the forests is permitted up to 4 pm. While traversing the bridge you can spot herds of elephants visiting the Karimpuzha River to quench their thirst. After buying tickets from the counter you can move to the second bridge by passing through the stunning teak plantations. At the end of teak forest that is near to the second bridge, you will come across the tomb of E S Dawan who served as a forest engineer during colonial days. He contributed his whole life in reshaping the region to give the present look.

Attractions of Nedumkkayam forest


Near to the tomb, you can see an abandoned area with a cage where elephants were sheltered. But in olden days the secluded area was completely dedicated to the furious animals especially elephants who wandered helplessly in the roads. While exploring the beauteous teak plantations and surrounding areas you will be able to see the Cholanaikkars- an ancient tribe settled in the forest. The forest department provides all kinds of facilities to the tribal people so that they could lead a peaceful life. Till then you might be thinking to enjoy the beauty of excellent architecture one will have to visit Bangalore. But when you view the outstanding view of bungalow you will remain speechless. To catch the marvellous images of bungalow narrow down the river and stare at the outstanding bungalow constructed for the former forest engineer E S Dawson. Exploring the awesome bungalow you can learn the ancient architectural style of those days. Do not forget to click the amusing images of macaques, bison, deer, gaur, Malabar parakeet, crimson backed sunbird and rufous babbler when you tour the surreal place with your peer groups in Kerala.

 There are many more attractive destinations that will propel you to extend your holidays. One of them is the teak museum. Over there you would remain awestruck by seeing the magnificent products formed out of teak woods. If you are really a bird lover move to Kadalundi bird sanctuary and grab all the lovely images into your frame. Visiting Ooty won’t be possible for everyone, therefore, you can fulfil your wish partially by visiting the Arimbra hills in the district. The soothing climate and lovely ambience will make you think you standing in the hills of Ooty. You can drench yourself in the glittering waterfalls and enjoy your exotic holidays. If you want to explore the entire Nedumkkayam and Malappuram purchase the tour packages from Gogeo Holidays at cheap prices. They also curate excellent packages to fabulous tourist destinations such as Munnar, Kovalam, Wayanad and so on.

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