My First Solo Trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The sapphire crystal waters, pristine beaches, soft and lovely landscapes, excellent collection of animals and birds, densely populated forest areas and generous people and many more makes the Andaman Nicobar Island the perfect destination for enjoying mini holidays. From childhood onwards, it was my dream to visit the unexplored destination on my own. Understanding the limitations of a girl I always prepare myself to overcome all kind of consequences and hurdles that appeared in my life. My parents were impressed by my ideology and personality gave me all kinds of support. Soon after getting a job, I used to make frequent trips to the unvisited places near my locality or in the neighbouring states. Visiting the new places made me much more courageous and strong. From my childhood onwards I wish to visit the most famous Indian archipelago called Andaman Nicobar Islands. I did a lot of research on it. I wish to explore the island on my own without any company of my friends or relatives. When I discussed the matter with my parents they supported to my dream and helped me to accomplish it. It was my friend who suggested the name of the travel operator called Andaman Tour Travel. They formulated the cheapest tour packages at cheap prices. When I communicated with their tour operators I was very impressed by their services. I booked the package for the month of December. Two months later the month of December arrived I was very curious and anxious. I don’t know how to explain the joy and enthusiasm I experienced on those days.

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I boarded a flight to Veer Savarkar International Airport from Chennai International Airport. On reaching the airport the tour guide guided me to the hotel. By the evening I started my sightseeing. The first place which I visited was cellular jail it reminded me of the freedom fighters and the difficulties faced to gain Independence for our nation. Followed to it I did a small shopping for my dear parents and friends. The next day I got an opportunity to sail in the catamaran cruise to explore the one of the largest island called Havelock Island. The Island is famous for two beaches Elephant Beach and Radhanagar Beach. Elephants make frequent visits to the Elephant beach. The best method to explore the magnificent beauty of the beach is to participate in the aqua venture activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving and many more. Along with snorkelling I also practised underwater sea walking by wearing a helmet under the guidance of a professional trainer. The next beach called Radhanagar beach is popular for its fascinating landscapes and alluring beauty.

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Followed to it I visited Neil Island. Over there I saw many islanders engaged in cultivating crops for their survival. My tour guide told me that Neil Island is also known as the vegetation bowl of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. From there I savoured the seafood prepared by the local communities. The food was really mouth-watering. the next destination that I visited was the popular Baratng Islands. As per my tour guide’s instruction, I visited Baratang Island by availing of Kayaks. I wondered why to use kayaks. But only after reaching the island I understood the purpose. The island is surrounded by the densely populated mangrove forest. And practising kayaking through it will gift a memorable experience for each and every traveller. Along with me a few international travellers also accompanied. They arrived on the island by purchasing Andaman tour packages. I was fascinated by its stupendous beauty of the alluring charm. The island is famous for the limestone caves and mud volcanoes. I tried my best to capture the scintillating beauty of the cave and volcanoes in my high- resolution camera. Till now nobody knows the scientific theory behind the formation of mud volcanoes. My tour guide told near to the island resides the aboriginal tribes called Jarwa tribes. They still like to continue the lifestyles of Stone Age period. I wished to interact with them but the government have imposed several restrictions on travellers for communicating with them. Through my tour guide, I came to know about the Jarwa tribes. I also visited the famous North Button Island. The island is famous for spotting different kinds of birds belonging to various species and families. I clicked their photographs. They melodious chirp could still resonate in my ears. I was impressed by the scenic nature.

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From there I moved to Wilson Island. It is one of the uninhabited islands in Andaman and Nicobar. Over there I spend only a few hours then moved back to Havelock Island. From there I did a big shopping for my officemates and neighbours. I also purchased sweets prepared in traditional style. How could I forget to mention the driftwoods? I tried to carry one of the driftwood that resembled the shape of blooming rose flower. I also visited the famous Chatham sawmill. It is the only wood industry that formulates excellent furniture with good quality woods. Followed to it I practised trekking at Saddle peak situated in the Mount Harriet. Standing at the top of the saddle peak one will get the excellent panoramic view of lush green surroundings. The picturesque landscapes lured my hearts. I spend nearly 2 hours on the top of the mountain. After spending nearly 3 to 4 days at Andaman and Nicobar Island I departed to my hometown by boarding flight to Chennai International Airport. I am really thankful to the almighty for giving me the opportunity to explore the mind-blowing islands in Andaman and Nicobar.

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