Ayyapankovil Hanging Bridge- The Perfect Place to Catch the Panoramic View of Nature

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There would be no one who hasn’t visited any marvelous destinations in their life. There would no person in the present world who hates to explore new places either alone or with friends. Out of the several types of trips most of people like family tours more. Does anybody know the reason behind it? Family tours always help family members to understand each other and create a good relationship with each other. The present generation is a little reluctant to organize a family tour as they think they may lose their privacy or freedom. But actually, it increases joy and enthusiasm. There are many places in Kerala, famously known as ‘god’s own country’ that acts as a perfect family tourist destination. Among the several fabulous tourist places in the state, Idukki always fills traveller’s minds with eye-soothing images of beautiful nature. Idukki, lying on the southern parts of Kerala is known to be a paradise of breathtaking hill stations and provides a plethora of adventure activities. Ayyapankovil which is situated in the hearts of Idukki is well-renowned for its hanging bridge. The spectacular beauty and splendid architecture of the bridge grab the travel enthusiasts from corners of the world by propelling them to avail of tour packages for family.

Mind-blowing hanging bridge of Ayyapankovil

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Situated at a distance 14 km from the main town, Kattappana, Ayyapankovil is one of the captivating features lures thousands of travelers from various corners of the planet. Standing on the top of the largest hanging bridge of Kerala called Ayyapankovil and clicking amusing images of the surreal nature would be a remarkable moment for you. From the bridge, you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the largest river called Periyar River flowing across the bridge. When compared to other tourist destinations Ayyapankovil experiences a very smaller number of travel lovers therefore one could feel the calm ambiance and enjoy the solitude at its extreme level. Take out your binoculars and witness the surreal beauty of the astonishing natural resources.

Fascinating features of Ayyappankovil Hanging bridge

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It would be hard for any person in the world to imagine a fanatic architectural wonder that too in the southernmost state of India called Kerala. Most of the nature lovers visit the bridge only to catch the stupendous images of the amazing collection of fauna and flora from the hanging bridge. Don’t think that the only activity the visitors can do is to witness the undistinguished beauty of the emerald surroundings. You can also engage in several thrilling activities. Avail of bamboo rafting packages from the prominent agencies and explore the magnificent beauty of the surroundings. If you are not an expert in rowing the raft, you can seek guidance from the professionals. Rowing the rafts in the shallow waters by hearing the melodious chirps of the innocent and lovely birds will definitely make your day.

As aforementioned the largest wildlife sanctuary of Kerala called Periyar wildlife sanctuary is encompassed with rare and endangered species of trees, animals, and birds. When rowing through it the amazing images of the sanctuary will surely marvel your hearts. Before you enter the tourist destination check whether you carry any plastic items as the places are termed as eco-friendly and do not entertain any items that harm the environment.

Is monsoon the right time to witness the fascinating beauty of the hanging bridge?

Irrespective of the seasons’ travelers of any age and community can visit the place. But if you want to capture the outstanding images of the serene nature and its irreplaceable resources, you will have to visit the destination during monsoon season. Words are insufficient to express the audacious beauty of nature drenched in heavy downpours. Don’t visit the alluring place during the peak monsoon seasons as you cannot practice the enthralling activities such as trekking and mountain climbing in the Periyar wildlife sanctuary.

What should not be missed during the Ayyappankovil exploration

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Do not conclude your exploration without stepping into the famous Ayyapankovil Sastha temple. The temple is well-renowned not only in Kerala but also all over the world. It is believed that the temple was constructed by the Lord Parashurama. Even during the heavy downpours when the reservoir overflows the temple submerges but the Sreekovil, the main portion of the temple remains without getting wet. To view these mesmerizing views people from various parts of the nation such as Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi avail of tour packages to Kerala. As there are no other means to commute to the region people row canoes and kayaks to reach the temple. Due to other factors, the temple has been replaced by Thoppipala sandwiched between Kattappana and Kuttikanam highway.

How to commute to the Ayyappankovil hanging bridge?

The nearest railway station to the tourist destination is Kottayam railway station and the nearest airport is Cochin International airport. From the arrival points, you can hire a private or public transport services and travel to Ayyappankovil hanging bridge with your family and friends.

 As mentioned earlier visiting the new places and enjoying its incredible beauty with your family will definitely add beauty to the trip. As you have decided to visit Kerala do not forget to savor the scrumptious delicacies prepared in the traditional Kerala style. To make your Kerala tour memorable and hassle-free avail of tour packages from the famous travel operators called Gogeo Holidays, they are the leading travel operators in Kerala. They draft the packages by inculcating the important tourist destinations such as Ezhimala, Wayanad, Parumthumpara, Palukachimala, Vagamon, Malappuram, and so on. They not only formulate packages not only for the families but also for adventure lovers by providing immense opportunities such as trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering, rafting, paragliding, and so on. To clarify your queries regarding their services and packages without any hesitation communicate with their customer support team. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book the packages either through the online or offline mode and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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