Factors that made Kerala tourism so popular in the world

It would really be a difficult task for me if someone asks me which factor that propels the tourist from various corners of the world to visit the southernmost state of India, Kerala. For me, there would be only a few factors but for them, it would be infinite. The foremost factor that attracts each and very non-Keralite is the scenic nature and calm ambience. […]

A Complete Guide to Visit Vilangankunnu of Thrissur in Kerala

A typical man needs to take a break from their usual stressful everyday life to make a refreshing comeback and prosper later in their lives. Here, in the cultural capital of Thrissur in Kerala is located the peaceful picnic spot of Vilangankunnu and a random visit to this hillock in your leisure could provide a positive drastic effect in you. Moreover, the calming destination is […]