Factors that made Kerala tourism so popular in the world

It would really be a difficult task for me if someone asks me which factor that propels the tourist from various corners of the world to visit the southernmost state of India, Kerala. For me, there would be only a few factors but for them, it would be infinite. The foremost factor that attracts each and very non-Keralite is the scenic nature and calm ambience. The state is always said to be the iconic destination for rejuvenation. Kerala offers a plethora of opportunities for visitors to explore nature and its resources. Studies reveal that until 1960 the state was unknown to the world. No one knew the state was abundantly blessed with natural resources. But it was the Col. Govardhan Raja that took the initiative and started an enterprise called Kerala torus limited and popularized Kerala’s beauty to the outer world. Later several reformations took place and the tourism sector got its present shape. There are many factors that make the state most popular in the world. And it is briefly explained in the following paragraphs.


Just like every nation, India is also known for its spectacular serene nature. But what makes each nation different is the presence of unique resources. For instance, consider Kashmir and Kerala. They both have houseboats and backwaters but the facilities they give to enjoy the beauty of backwater are entirely different. Houseboats in Kerala do not remain stationary. It floats in the water and helps the travellers to enjoy the beauty of water and nature and this is what attracts the travellers across the globe. Sailing in an expensive cruise will not enable a person to dwell in the arms of Mother Nature. Therefore to understand and enjoy the beguiling beauty of the environment one has to visit the serene locations like Kerala. The houseboats in Kerala, not only helps the travellers to enjoy the power of water but provides space to spend quality time such as playing games like antakshiri, carroms or chit-chatting with your group of best friends. Nowadays newly married people love to consider houseboat as their honeymoon destination. The houseboats were initially used for trade purposes and it was previously known as ‘kettuvalloms’. But with the increasing demand for houseboat tours, forced the travel planners to focus on houseboat tour packages. Houseboat tours do not mean that travellers should spend their whole time in the boat itself. If you sailing through Alleppey district. You can visit the Kumarakom bird sanctuary, Krishanpuram palace, ancient churches and other historic places.


The other factor that helped tourism to flourish is the hill stations. Hill stations in Kerala are considered to be known as an ‘escapade from scorching heat’. The soothing climate of the hill station enables people to rejuvenate. The place offers a wide of adventurous activities like trekking to lofty hills to see the clouds murmuring, exploring hidden caves, catching the amusing images of fauna from tall tree huts, jeep safari to densely populated areas to spot the images of wild animals, to enjoy the fun time in the waterfalls cascading from hills and many more. Hill stations are not only a paradise for the international tourist but also for locals who come in groups and pluck the tea and coffee leaves after clicking amusing pictures of them in the green meadows. The famous hill stations in Kerala that captivates travellers to purchase the tour packages are the Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom and so on, after touring the place when you return back to your hometown do not forget to carry homemade chocolates with you that are available in cheap prices.

Historic monuments

Historic monuments in every nation help the present and future generation to understand the ancient lifestyle in depth. The museums and monuments are the prominent tools for people to unveil various incidents occurred in the past. Everybody knows that the nation was once divided into princely states and reach region were ruled by kings, chieftains and local rulers. The kings were used to reside in places. The places could also be known as a storehouse for keeping precious stones like diamonds, pearls, gold, ruby and so on. Also, they hide some powerful weapons and also constructed small and big tunnels to escape if enemies attack them. The utensils, weapons, artefacts, machinery tools, earthen pots, ornaments and etc. that were used by them are considered to be precious because such items cannot be found or made in the present days. The museums and monuments are not only visited by nature enthusiasts but also by many archaeology and architecture students for studying their outstanding style and architecture.

Low expense and big fun

Kerala is famous for its standard of living. When compared to other states the standard of living and expenses are low. Therefore travellers find it cost-effective to spend their family trips in the state so that in the limited amount one could traverse the state and imbibe their hearts with fascinating beauty of nature. With the limited amount, travellers could not only enjoy the charm of nature but also could relish the taste of scrumptious delicacies prepared in traditional Kerala style in plantain leaves. The 14 districts of Kerala are well-connected with good roadways and airways and hence the expense of transportation is comparatively cheap and effective. Classy accommodations are available at cost-effective rates for both national and international travellers.

There are many more fascinating factors that attract people from various corners of the world to visit iconic places. To learn more about it travellers will have to avails of tour packages from Gogeo Holidays. They plan the packages at cheap rates by inculcating important tourist destinations. Every month hundreds of travellers visit the state therefore there may be chances to get trapped or face any kind of vigorous situations. If so, without wasting time you can seek help from the police department of Kerala. They are working 24 x 7 to ensure safety to the public. So without wasting time purchase the packages before it expires.


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